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Sports Illustrated Week 2 Recap

(correction---the RUTS Dynasty staff mistakenly listed the #1 Ohio State vs. #3 USC for week 2, but instead, those teams face off against each other in week 3.)

Epic Tiger Fight Goes To Clemson
Late FG Gives Clemson Lead, Defense Makes Crucial Stop To Preserve Victory

#3 Clemson - 17
#2 LSU - 14
Player of the Game:
Andre Ellington (RB) - 22 carries, 111 yards, 1 TD; 2 receptions, 15 yards
Game Highlights:
- Jarrett Lee hooks up with Terrance Toliver for a 100 yard TD pass to give LSU a 7-0 lead in the 1st quarter.

- With the game tied 7-7, LSU drove inside the Clemson red-zone with less than 2 minutes remaining in the 1st half. However, Clemson OLB, S. Hunter intercepted a Jarrett Lee pass to set up a late 1st half TD that would put them ahead 14-7.

- LSU true freshman WR Mark Ford takes a Jarrett Lee pass 60 yards to the end zone with 6 seconds ledt in the 1st half, tying the game at 14-14 going into the locker room.

- With less than 3 minutes remaining, Clemson kicker, R. Jackson, knocks in a 49 yard FG, giving Clemson a 17-14 lead. The Tigers defense held LSU, and this FG turned out to be the game winner.

It's Good! Florida Upsets Miami On Game Winning 66 Yard Field Goal
Sturgis A Perfect 4/4 On FGs, Sends Miami Home Empty Handed

#11 Florida - 26
#8 Miami - 23
Player of the Game:
Caleb Sturgis (K) - 4/4 FGs, Game winning 66 yard FG as time expired

Seminole Wind Blows Through Texas
FSU's Reed Goes Down With Injury, But Noles Offense Keeps On Keepin' On

#6 Florida State - 56
#18 Texas - 10
Player of the Game:
Christian Ponder (QB) - 15/17, 261 yards, 3 TDs, 0 INTs

Eat That TCU! Huskers Pound Horned Frogs Into Submission
Nebraska's Power Running Game Sends Tremors Across The Heartland

Nebraska - 35
#16 TCU - 17
Player of the Game:
Pierre Powers (RB/WR) - 12 carries, 109 yards, 2 rushing TDs; 16 receptions, 179 rec. yards

Hulkamania Heisman Watch

1. Ponder (QB, FSU)
2. Reed (WR, FSU)
3. Butler (RB, VA Tech)
4. Lee (QB, LSU)
5. Mark Ford (WR, LSU)

Thursday, January 29, 2009

A Brotherhood Torn

I have heard enough of this brother match-up.  "The Million Dollar Man"- Ted Dibiase, The U's weight trainer, would destroy the competition in a cage match.  He doesn't give drugs, but requires hours of wall sits with the Refrigerator Perry on you lap and thousands of squat thrust!

You may or may not know the story between Florida's head coach, robtheblob51, and StuBucksman, the head coach of Miami.  So here it is:

In a land far far far away called Hendersonville, there 
was a middle school football team called the Hawkins Commandos.  StuBucksman was the head coach and robtheblob51 was the defensive coordinator.  They were a very successful team with a 3 year combined record of 6-18!  The two coaches got along like Simon and Garfunkel, or Thelma and Louise.  They enjoyed the same tv shows, movies, food, favorite foot
ball player, PS3, and even music!  Here is a video showing there first win together which was a last minute victory.  They were they best of friends.  Watch the bottom of the screen and you will see them.  The background music is an example of the music they shared.  StuBucksman is the dark hair and heavier one.  robtheblob51 is the one with less hair and lighter hair.  Enjoy this trip into the past.  

But this fairy tale friendship ended in tragedy!  One night after their 16th loss, robtheblob51 showed his true colors.  Although they had so many things in come, StuBucksman's love for rap became to much for rob.  They were planning for the next season, in which they were going to win the county championship.  In the background was "My President" by Young Jeezy and Nas.  

Rob stood up and threw his chair and said I hate Rap.  "Rap is Crap!!!"  I tried to stay calm but inside I wanted to shoot him like 50 Cent would in his new video game, "50 Cent Blood on the Sand."  So I said it is ok what about Run DMC, Heavy D, LL Cool J, Lil Wayne, Jay -Z, N.W.A., Eminem, House of Pain...... "Shut Up" Rob said.  Then he said "I hate Run CMD, Fat A, LL Stupid J,   Lil Wussy, Jay-Gay, Not Wreal Artist, M & M, House of Pansies.  

I still tried to remain calm.  I then said "Well what do you want to listen to?"  He then named Yo-Yo Ma, Fleet Foxes, Brandy, Zombie Nation, and Michael Buble.  I then punched him in the gut and then in between his ears.  The next day South Carolina called me and I took the job which sucked.  Go Canes!  He then 2 days later (sucker) took the Head Coaching job in Florida.  Two guys once blood brothers now mortal enemies.  So this rival is one of great hatred.  So might call it the "Battle of Two former friends in Florida."  BOTFFIF!!!!  or "2 Former Middle School Football Coaches that Hate Each Other and the Canes Rule!"  TFMSFCTHEOATCR!!!!  It will be a blood bath and the blood is gator blood.  HPT!  I will never forgive you robtheblob51, unless you ask nicely.

Shenanigans Continue, coach utvol27's lucky cowbell is missing!

It appears the LSU coaching staff took a little midnight excursion to the Clemson football complex after arriving yesterday afternoon. The Clemson student newspaper, "TIGER NEWS" is reporting that coach utvol27's lucky cowbell, which he has been his lucky football charm for 10 years, was missing this morning from the office of the head coach.
"I came in early this morning for my traditional pre-game marathon of "The Hills" and "Girls Next Door" when I discovered my cowbell, 'Senor Sparkles,' wasn't sitting in its normal location beside the toilet," said utvol27. "I know the perpetrator, and vengeance will be mine!"
Security cameras in the Clemson football complex identify this man as a possible suspect:

Family Feud: Hold it Tigers

Has it gone too far?
Clemson, SC - Clemson head coach utvol27 added fuel to an already raging fire at his weekly Tuesday press conference. The Tiger coach circulated an old family photo of his older brother, and the man he affectionately called "Uncle Dusty." While no direct allegations were made, coach utvol27 insinuated that Strength Coach Goldust may have other photos which he is using to blackmail coach UTVOL54 into keeping him in his current position on the LSU staff. "You see coach Moffitt, who got fired, and then you see this freak sideshow clown. Something's just not right." has not reached Goldust for comment, and coach UTVOL54 refused to answer questions about his strength and conditioning staff during the SEC Media Conference Call.

Clemson Under Investigation Before Crucial Match-Up

Associated Press - Clemson, SC

Controversy has landed in Clemson. The back-to-back RUTS dyansty national champs are in deep water over allegations of use of performance enhancing drugs. According to police reports, Clemson strength coach Scott "Big Papa Pump" Steiner has provided players with steriods and HGH for the past two seasons. The report also states that he obtained the drugs from a Cuban drug lord, thus making this a huge federal matter.

Police stormed into the Clemson athletic facility earlier today and apprehended Papa Pump. Witnesses say Papa Pump was yelling 'I am being framed' as he was shoved into the police cruiser. It appears Papa Pump either wronged the Cubans he was in deep with, or he is being framed by the jealous opponents of the RUTS dynasty.

Coach utvol27 seems to think the latter, saying, "What happened earlier today is ridiculous! Coach Steiner is not that kind of person, and this program does not engage in any improper activity! This enrages me beyond belief! My gut tells me the scoundrals in the RUTS dynasty that are tired of losing to Clemson are out to ruin us. And who can blame them....two national titles, recruiting prowess, and those intimidating purple jerseys! They are trying to distract my team from the next task at hand, dismantling the bayou bengals! AND WE WILL DO JUST THAT! Free Papa Pump!"

Coach utvol27 could have a point, as LSU strength coach GoldDust (hired because of his love for the color gold, the representation of the color purple to his personal lifestyle, and his love of drag) has been immensely jealous of his former WWF coworker's success at Clemson. GoldDust was seen in public last year with a shirt reading "Big Papa Chump." Whether police follow this lead will be an interesting story to follow.

One thing's for sure, this only adds fuel to the already burning fire of perhaps college football's biggest regular season game of the season. Kickoff is Thursday night at 7:45pm ET.

Recruting Update

Rivals 100 Sees a Handful of Commits

Committing early is not a common practice for top prep prospects in the current culture where many of the young stars drag out the process for attention, and in the case of the Alabama Crimson Tide, a few extra dollars. However, Eight selections to the Rivals Top 100 list have decided to dispense with the practice of lining up ball caps on a table, and have called five of the Nation's top coaches to give their commitment. Due to NCAA rules, coaches were not available for comment.

* Nicholas Parker - #1 (#1 OLB) - The Nation's top player committed Friday night after head coach UTVOL54 made the 4 1/2 hour drive from Baton Rouge to Bastrop, LA. Parker canceled his visit to Texas A&M and affirmed his pledge to the Tigers. Parker is expected to headline an epic class for the Tiger, who currently lead on many 5-Star prospects.

* Eric Benjamin - #6 (#2 ATH) - In a surprise move, Eric Benjamin, an Orland Park, IL native decided to leave the state and commit to the Missouri Tigers. Benjamin was one of only 2 top 10 player that did not list a RUTS team in their top 3.

* Cole Marshall - #8 (#3 ATH) - A raw talent, the North Naples, FL native ended the suspense for the nearby Hurricanes, and called coach Stubucksman to let him know of his commitment to the Gators.

* Sam Carey - #9 (#1 T), Charles Gonzalez - #12 (#1 DE), Ben McIntire #63 (#4 FS) - The talented trio marked an early recruiting coup for coach CJohnChavis, who traveled across the country to secure these commitments. Rumor has it that coach CJohnChavis is planning on a trip to Rome during the off week, so he wanted to get much of his recruiting effort out of the way early.

* Brodie McClaine - #27 (#2 FS) - The Boise State Broncos are currently riding an impressive 4 year undefeated streak on their home Blue Turf. A commitment from the nation's #2 FS could help them maintain that record.

* David Woods - #100 (#12 OLB) - Recently rehired coach Mark Richt struck the first blow in his rivalry with departed coach zeejaydee. Georgia brings in the final commitment of Preseason recruiting and some much needed help on defense.

Week 2...Seperation Saturday!

Week 2 shapes up to be what could be the most exciting week of the season. There are huge matchups galore, and in an unprecedented occurrence, the top 4 teams in the nation all face off against one another, as the top-ranked Ohio State Buckeyes face the #4 Trojans of USC, and the #2 LSU Tigers travel to the "other" Death Valley to face RUTS powerhouse, 3rd-ranked Clemson. The #8 Miami Hurricanes, who for the first time in RUTS history have climbed into the Top 10, will travel north on Interstate 95...destination Gainesville, FL...Ben Hill Griffin Stadium...THE SWAMP! The Seminoles of Florida State travel out of state this week and head to Austin, TX for a Fiesta Bowl rematch with a revived Longhorns team, and the Nebraska Cornhuskers will undoubtedly be "AMERICA'S TEAM" this week, as they host the most hated team in RUTS Dynasty history, the TCU Horned Frogs.

#2 LSU @ #3 Clemson

This game of Tigers, no short for nicknames, has been dubbed "The Game of the Century," "Sibling Rivalry," and "The Battle of the Death Valleys," and pits the two RUTS teams that have finished #1 and #2 in each of the first two dynasty seasons. In a rivalry that exceeds the competitiveness of Venus/Serena, Peyton/Eli, Belichick/Mangini, or Coke/Pepsi, UTVOL54 leads the 2nd ranked Tigers into Clemson to face younger brother utvo27.
"This is a game that will be won on the field, not with trash talk," said LSU Coach UTVOL54. "Although...I'm the brother with the capitol letters in my coaching name, which is clearly a sign of dominance and confidence."
These teams, which seemed destined to meet in last season's national championship game (thanks TCU!), haven't faced off on the field since week 2 of season 1. On that day, an underdog Clemson team made its statement that would propel its team to RUTS supremacy with a 56-9 win in Baton Rouge. LSU, with 3rd string QB Jarrett Lee sitting idle on the bench, threw 9 interceptions that day, leading for an easy win for Clemson. Since then, Lee has commanded the Tigers offense to a 24-2 record, throwing 93 TDs and only 12 INTs. Clemson has a plethora of dominant defenders who are sure to test an LSU offense that has emerged as one of the highest scoring units in the nation.
In week 1, Clemson was held to no offensive touchdowns, but its defense came through by returning 2 interceptions for touchdowns in the 20-7 win at Florida. The Tiger offense will have to get back on track if it hopes to knock off LSU this week.
ESPN Gameday will be on campus, and Clemson has opened as an early 2 1/2 point favorite.
However, late breaking news has come out of the Clemson camp that blazing fast tailback Blake Miller is out for the game with an injury, which he suffered in the win against Florida. Miller, who will be out for two weeks, will be tough for the Tigers to replace.
The RUTS staff is conflicted on its pick for this game...LSU seemingly has more speed, more talent, and better uniforms, but playing on the road at Clemson is never easy, and utvol27 will have his team geared up and ready to make a statement yet again. With only 1 loss on its RUTS Dynasty career record, we predict a hard fought matchup that will go down to the wire...but the Tigers in purple and orange will come out victorious.

#8 Miami vs. #11 Florida
In another huge rivalry game, Miami swoops into The Swamp with its patented "Hurricane Pain Train" looking to continue its climb back to national prominence. The Canes will be facing off against a Gator team that touts perhaps the best defense in RUTS, which will make it very difficult for Miami's running game to control the line of scrimmage. Florida's offense, however, has been in a recent slump. Dating back to last season, its offense has been held out of the endzone in 2 of its last 3 games. The Gators are looking to JUCO transfer Carlos Phillips to lead the team this season. Phillips got the nod in the season opener, but threw 3 INTs and 0 TDs. Could another QB change be looming in Gainesville?
Miami's defense held 9th ranked Illinois scoreless in week 1, so this game could be a grind-it-out, defensive slobber-knocker. Forecasts in Gainesville are predicting heavy rain, as Tropical Storm Condoleeza takes aim on central Florida.
"I hope it rains cats, dogs, mice, and men," said StuBucksman. "The HPT thrives in wet conditions, and we will do whatever it takes to win this game...whatever it takes!" When asked to clarify his statement, StuBucksman shoved the tv reporter and camera man and exclaimed "DID I STUTTER?"
Yes, the intensity in the Miami/Florida rivalry runs deep. Both teams enter this game at a crossroads...a Miami win means a further climb up in the polls and much needed momentum before heading to Baton Rouge to face LSU in week 3. A Florida win puts the Gators back in the national title picture with only 1 loss and provides them with the confidence they need to make a run through a difficult season 3 schedule.
Coach StuBucksman has never beaten Coach robtheblob51, and Stu will certainly have his game face on for this game. There is no secret to Miami's game plan...POUND THE ROCK. If Miami can control the line of scrimmage, protect the football, and play sound defense, they will have the upper hand. Florida has the mental advantage heading into this tussle though, and we have to believe that in the back of StuBucksman's, Graig Cooper, and Robert Marve's mind, they know they have never beaten the Gators, let alone beaten them in THE SWAMP. This one is almost too close to call, but this is why we get paid the big bucks....Miami's running game will be limited, but its defense will force a turnover at a critical time...and in a close, hard fought game, Miami will defeat the Gators 20-14.

#6 Florida State @ #18 Texas
This game is a rematch of last season's Fiesta Bowl. In that game the Seminoles cruised to an easy victory, but this year's group of Longhorns has a decidedly different look and attitude. Although they came up short in week 1 at LSU, the Longhorns showed a propensity for making big plays on offense. Lead by senior QB Sherrod Harris, the Longhorns passing attack is a force to be reckoned with, especially when a defense has to take into account Harris' mobility. Playing at home this week will be a big confidence booster for the Longhorns, as Coach zeejaydee looks to earn his first ever win over another RUTS coach.
Florida State Qb Christian Ponder is the favorite to win the season 3 Heisman Trophy and will look to build upon the strong showing he put on last week against Nebraska. However, Ponder will need to avoid the dreaded Sports Illustrated cover jinx if he hopes to lead the Noles to victory.
All signs in this one point to a big Seminole victory, but look for this one to be closer than the experts think. Florida State will come out on top, but Texas will solidify itself as a force to be reckoned with by giving the Noles all they care to handle.

TCU @ Nebraska
On behalf of the entire RUTS Dynasty league office, its sponsors, its television affiliates, and anyone with a clear conscience....GO HUSKERS!!!
TCU brings its ugly mascot and uniforms into Lincoln this week, and new Nebraska Coach ccut has been given strict and win big. The Cornhuskers feature one of the nation's best backfields, lead by strong tailback-fullback combo Roy Helu, Jr. and Quentin Castille. Look for Nebraska to use its balanced, hard nosed offense to wear down the Horned Frogs.

Sports Illustrated Week 1 Recap

Tigers Start Strong, Finish Stronger Against Texas
Lee Sets LSU Career TD Pass Record, Throws No Incompletions

#2 LSU - 56
#12 Texas - 24
Player of the Game: Jarrett Lee (QB) - 19/19 passing, 249 yards, 3 TDs, 0 INTs

Tiger Defense Claws Through Gators
No Offensive Touchdowns For Either Team In Season Opener

#4 Clemson - 20
#7 Florida - 7
Player of the Game:
Marcus Gilchrist (CB) - 7 tackles, 2 Tackles for loss, 1 INT returned 80 yards for TD

Noles, Ponder Sling Through Tough Huskers
Nebraska Racks Up Rushing Yards But Can't Stop FSU Aerial Attack

#6 Florida State - 56
Nebraska - 31 (cpu team)
Player of the Game: Christian Ponder (QB) - 32/37 passing, 502 yards, 7 TDs

Hurricanes Defense Takes Fight Out Of Illini
Miami's Two Red Zone INTs Thwart Illinois' Comeback Attempt

#11 Miami - 21
#9 Illinois - 0
Player of the Game:
Graig Cooper (RB) - 25 carries, 60 yards, 1 TD; 3 receptions, 51 yards, 1 TD reception

The Hulkamania Heisman Watch

1. Ponder (QB, FSU)
2. Reed (WR, FSU)
3. Butler (RB, VA Tech)
4. Lee (QB, LSU)
5. L. Thomas (WR, Ohio State)

Monday, January 26, 2009

Welcome To Jungle! Week 1 Is Here!

And so it is...Week 1 has officially kicked off. ESPN cameras were on and ready for the network's Thursday night, season-opening telecast. Guns 'N Roses lead singer Axl Rose sang the Star Spangled Banner at Dolphins Stadium in Miami, and the 11th ranked Hurricanes kicked off Season 3 of the RUTS Dynasty against the 9th-ranked Illinois Fighting Illini.

Miami, a 10-game winner in Season 2, captured a big win, 21-0 against the Illini and will likely crack the Top 10 for the first time in RUTS history next week. The Hurricanes relied heavily on their strong running game, but the tough Illini defense held star tailback Graig Cooper in check, to the tune of 60 yards rushing. Nonetheless, the Hurricanes talent and speed on defense sominated the game, forcing two red-zone turnovers. Miami gets a few extra days of preparation before its week 2 game in Gainesville against the Gators. One thing is certain though, Miami, an ACC doormat in RUTS season 1, is back on the map as a college football powerhouse. But with huge rivalry games on the road against Florida and LSU in the next two weeks, can they sustain their momentum?

Showdowns Galore in Week 1

#4 Clemson @ #7 Florida
In a rematch of last season's dramatic week 1 game, the two-time defending national champion Tigers hit the road and make their first visit to Ben Hill Griffin Stadium. Last season, Clemson earned a 32-22 win over the Gators, but Florida had the ball driving for the win before a Clemson defender stepped in fron tof a Cameron Newton pass and took it back for a touchdown. The big storyline in this game is how will each team replace its superstars from last season - CJ Spiller and Percy Harvin. The Rowdy Reptiles will be ferocious and will make it difficult for Tiger Qb Willie Korn to audible. Look for this game to go down to the wire and be potentially low scoring, but with only 1 loss in RUTS history, it's hard to pick against the Tigers.

#12 Texas @ #2 LSU
The Longhorns and their new Coach zeejaydee travel east to Baton Rouge to open the season. It's a night game in Death Valley, which is never an easy task, but the Longhorns are as talented as any team in the country, especially on the defensive side of the ball. Coach zeejaydee also is excited about the leadership and playmaking abilities of his star QB, Sherrod Harris. Harris spurned the NFL draft last April to return for his senior season in orange and white, and his scrambling abilities will be a force for LSU to reckon with. LSU returns 8 starters on defense and has what some consider to be the finest secondary in the country, with 5 defensive backs rated 91 or higher. On offense, LSU returns veteran Qb Jarrett Lee and star WR Terrance Toliver, but lost 3 senior RBs from last year's team. The big storylin in Baton Rouge has been the battle for the starting tailback position. Coach UTVol54 has stifled those rumors by stating that all four of LSU's dynamic running backs (Murphy, Underwood, Outlaw, and Osborne) will split carries early on. This game is difficult to predict, as we're not exactly sure what to expect from Texas. Will coach zeejaydee use the same playcalling style he used at Georgia (pound the rock), or will the Longhorns use Harris' elusiveness and strong arm to spread the Tiger defense out?

Nebraska @ #6 Florida State
This could be one of the most intriuging games of week 1. The Cornhuskers roll into Tomahawk territory with a new coach, a new attitude, and a pair of explosive RBs that look to test the man-hood of the Seminole defense. The fans in Lincoln will be traveling in full force to Tallahasse this week and look to give their team a home away from home feeling. Although the game time forcast calls for tempeartures in te upper 90s, Coach ccut has promised to wear his new white tuxedo/red bow tie on the sidelines and says he will "sweat profusely with his players," the mark of a true player's coach. Coach cjohnchavis laughed at the notion that the Black Shirts defense of Nebraska would make its return this week, stating that his offense will be his most explosive and fast since coming to FSU. Heisman candidate Christian Ponder has a plethora of talented WRs to throw to, especially Bert Reed, who joins Ponder on the pre-season Heisman watch list after a record setting season last year. Conventional wisdon says to pick the Seminoles in this matchup. They have more speed, more talent, and are playing at home. But don't count out the Huskers' toughness and desire to prove the critics wrong. This game pits two old coaching rivals from the ACC, and anything can happen. One thing is for sure though, with that tux on, Coach ccut will be sweating...profusely!

Season 3 Team Schedules

(Click on image to enlarge)

NCAA Football 2011 Cover Athlete Announced

Congratulations to season 2's Heisman Trophy Winner, C.J. Spiller of Clemson, who is the cover athlete for NCAA Football 2011. Spiller, a first round draft pick of the Seattle Seahawks, will be honored at Clemson's "National Champioship" banner unveiling in week 2 before the Tigers' game against LSU.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Sports Illustrated Preseason Preview

SI's Top 10

1. LSU
2. Ohio State
3. Texas
4. Clemson
5. Florida
6. Oklahoma
7. Florida State
8. Illinois
9. Virginia Tech
10. Wisconsin

All American Picks Snub Ponder, Lee

The latest Sports Illustrated Issue to hit the stands saw the release of their Pre-season All American team. In somewhat of a surprise move, the magazine picked Jimmy Clausen as their choice at QB. However, at least one player from each RUTS team made the list, with both LSU and FSU having 2 choices

QB - Jimmy Clausen, Notre Dame
HB - Demarco Murry, Oklahoma
FB - Quentin Castille, Nebraska
TE - Kyle Rudolph, Notre Dame
WR - Terrance Tolliver, LSU
WR - Lance Kendricks, Wisconsin
OT - Butch Lewis, USC
OT - Ramone Johnson, Tennessee
OG - Michael Huey, Texas
OG - Markice Pouncey, Florida
C - Ryan McMahon, Florida State

DE - Allen Bailey, Michigan
DE - Eric Latimore, Penn State
DT - Dexter Larimore, Ohio State
DT - Jarvis Jenkins, Clemson
OLB - Kelvin Sheppard, LSU
OLB - Ross Human - Ohio State
MLB - Nigel Bradham - Florida State
SS - Eric Berry, Tennessee
FS - Major Wright, Florida
CB - Donovan Warren, Michigan
CB - Boubacar Cissoko, Michigan

K - Kai Forbath - UCLA
P - Rob Long - Syracuse

LSU, Clemson Picked to Repeat

SI also Ranked its top teams in each conference, and to no one's surprise, a pair of of Tigers topped the tally for the ACC and the SEC. The Magazine also expects Oklahoma to upset RUTS teams Texas and Nebraska to take the Big12 title.

ACC - Clemson
Big 12 - Oklahoma
Big East - Pittsburgh
Big 10 - Ohio State
Pac 10 - USC

Freshmen Impress in Two-a-Days

The rumor around campus is that a few newcomers will be appearing in the starting lineup this week for our RUTS teams. OT Jon Dodson may get the start for the Florida Gators against the 2-time defending National Champion Clemson Tigers. He will have a tough matchup as he immediately draws last season's Lombardi award winning DE DaQuan Bowers. Bowers seemed ready to welcome the JUCO Transfer to RUTS, stating "This ain't no **** tea party, brah. That boy ain't seen my speed."

Much was made of coach zeejaydee's haul of Defensive linemen is last years recruiting class. Texas brought in 5 Defensive linemen ranked in the Rivals top 100. The group has been dubbed by one local reporter as the "Rio Grandes." In his Tuesday press conference, coach zeejaydee told the media that Freshman Richard Leonard would get the start at DE, and that it was possible that all five newcomers could avoid the redshirt. He stated, "we saw what happened with Clemson, LSU, and Miami. We want to send a message here at Texas that the youngsters will get a chance to play right away."

Word has also spread that LSU may be starting a couple of true freshmen on offense. RB Ernest Underwood has split time with Richard Murphy, and may push the senior to FB. At the WR spot, true freshman Mark Ford has been lining up in the slot, and returning kicks. WR Marcus Medlock, a JUCO transfer with 3 years of eligibility, could lineup opposite preseason All American Terrance Tolliver. Redshirt Freshman Eric James has also taken snaps with the first unit at Left Tackle.

At Florida State, two talented Freshmen receivers will see playing time as targets for Heisman hopeful Christian Ponder. Blake Beck and Greg Talley will take over at WR for coach CJohnChavis who stated "we hope we can get a level of production from the two new guys to match, well come close to matching, what Parker did for us."

Most reports out of Nebraska and Miami have coaches ccut and StuBucksman leaning on veteran players coming out of two-a-days. However, Freshman RT Dave Quinn may have earned a starting job for the Hurricanes. Recruiting Report

Preseason Recruiting Outlook has released its preseason recruiting rankings. The news is good for the Texas Longhorns as 8 of the top 100 are listed at Texas leans. Only USC, which has nine leans, bests Texas in this category. Other RUTS schools FSU (3 leans), LSU (2 leans), Florida (2 leans), and Nebraska (1 lean), also are hoping for a fast start. Coach CJohnChavis got the ball rolling for the Seminoles by securing commitments from 5-Star prospects Sam Carey (OT) and Charles Gonzalez (DE), along with 4-Star prep star, Ben McIntire (FS). LSU made waves one day later by securing an early commitment from the nation's top ranked player, Nicholas Parker. Rivals also released an early outlook for its top 10 prospects:

1. Nicholas Parker, OLB - Bastrop, LA (Committed to LSU)
2. Kyle Bonds, ATH - Athens, AL (Florida, FSU, Auburn)
3. Marcus Robinson, WR - Timberlane, LA (Texas, LSU, Clemson)
4. Mike Evans, OLB - Batavia, NY (Penn State, Pittsburgh, Texas)
5. Danny Scott, SS - Brownwood, TX (Texas, LSU, Texas A&M)
6. Eric Benjamin, ATH - Orland Park, IL (Mizzouri, Louisville, Illinois)
7. Keith Freeney, FS - Rancho Cucamonga, CA (USC, Fresno State, Ohio State)
8. Cole Marshall, ATH - North Naples, FL (Florida, Miami, Auburn)
9. Sam Carey, OT - Cottonwood, AZ (Committed to FSU)
10. Quinton Holt, CB - Palestine, TX (Texas, Texas A&M, LSU)

Friday, January 23, 2009

Pre-Season Magazines Hit Store Shelves

(special thanks to Chavo for creating this gem of a prognostication!!..although the coaches poll ranks LSU #2 to start the season)

National Signing Day Brings Best HS Players to RUTS Teams

National Signing Day has come and gone, and it's safe to say that the RUTS Dynasty cleaned up on the best and brightest high school talent in the nation. RUTS teams dominated the recruiting rankings, which should provide for some great matchups on the field in the seasons to come.

Here are how each of the RUTS teams finished in the Rivals recruiting rankings:
1. LSU
2. Texas
3. Florida
4. Clemson
5. Florida State
7. Miami
26. Nebraska

The RUTS Dynasty PR staff tracked down some of the very best recruits from each team, all of whom were excited to arrive on campus and start 2-A-Days for the upcoming season, so we could learn just a little bit more about them.

LSU ~ RB, Ernie Underwood

"I'm so excited to get down to the bayou and clean up on some of that gumbo," said Underwood, the Tigers' projected starter at tailback. "The great LSU fans will like what they see outta me, believe that!"
Favorite Number: 6
Favorite Movie: Breakfast at Tiffany's
Sports Hero: Eric Berry

Texas ~ DE, Casey McNeal

"The Longhorns were always my #1 team," said McNeal, who will be joining fellow #1 ranked DT Jamal Weis on the Longhorns D-Line this season. "We're young up front, but our coaches and the veteran leaders will show us the ropes, although I don't appreciate them telling us that Jimmy Superfly Snuka didn't invent the "Hook em Horns" sign."
Favorite Song: Mariah Carey "Hero"
Favorite Food: Beef Jerky & Chitos Sandwich
Pre-Game Ritual: Naked Lunges and Jumping Jacks

Florida ~ RG, Sheldon Williams

"It's an honor to be joining the best program in the country," said Williams. We've got so much speed it makes me sick, so I know it makes our opponents sick."
Favorite fashion statement: Jorts and Flip Flops
Favorite Gator Highlight: Tim Tebow jump-pass
Reason He Chose Florida: Rivalry games with Miami, LSU, Florida State

Clemson ~ RB, Gabe Coles

"The first thing I wanted to do when I got to campus was got pet Howard's Rock," said Coles. "Then we all got pre-fitted for our season 3 national championship rings before finishing our day by getting a lesson from the sports information staff on not providing bulletin board material for our opponents."
Most Prized Possesion: My Mind
Dream Girl: Mix between Carrie Underwood and Katy Perry, I'm a little bit country and little bit rock 'n roll
All-Time Favorite TD Dance: The Icky Shuffle

Florida State ~ WR, Blake Beck

"Even though I was the #1 rated player in the nation this year, I have to prove myself to myself every practice and game," said Beck. "Although, I don't particularly like practice and think I'm really too good to improve, I will make it impossible for C-P (Christian Ponder) to not throw me the ball."
Number of gold Teeth: 3 1/8
Favorite Love Song: Bump & Grind by R. Kelly
What Attracted You to Tallahassee: The Ladies, The Tomahawk Chop and The Hat

Miami ~ QB, Knox Knunley (the artist formerly known as Mike Hester)

"The U is back baby!" said a fabulous Knunley at his press conference at his high school, The Derek Zoolander Center For Kids Who Can't Read Good And Wanna Learn To Do Other Stuff Good Too Academy. "I mean, with those stylish school colors, this rocket arm, and my knack for the South Beach lifestyle, it's money, honey!"
Favorite Number: 911, cause it's an emergency when I touch the ball
Favorite StuBucksman recruiting memory: Playing Rock Band 2 with him and my grandma. He can sing a mean "Living On A Prayer."
What he's looking forward to most: Sitting the bench this year while Marve and Cooper lead us to the ACC title

Nebraska~ RB, John Doe

"It's business time in Lincoln baby," said Doe, the highlight of Coach ccut's first recruiting class at Nebraska. "The Big Red is back like never before and we will take on anyone, any place, at any time...except for Clemson, the 1992 Dallas Cowboys, or the prisoners team in "The Longest Yard."
Favorite Food: Corn
Favorite Snack: Corn Dogs
Favorite Candy: Candy Corn

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Bike Athletic "Miami Hurricanes All-Access Extravaganza Insider Locker-Room Report"

Miami was inadvertently left off of last week's NFL Decisions/Player Transfers report, so the RUTS Dynasty has teamed with Miami's official team sponsor, Bike Athletic, and Miami team songwriter/choreographer Lil Wayne to bring you the "Miami Hurricanes All-Access Extravaganza Insider Locker-Room Report."

The Canes took a team vacation and coaches retreat to Winter Park, Colorado last week, and in between hitting the bunny slopes and sipping hot chocolate around the fire in the ski lodge lounge, six players held press conferences to announce their decisions to stay in school, leave for the NFL, or transfer out of South Beach.

Miami had 6 players considering moving on, but Coach StuBucksman received good news as star (DE) A. Bailey, (CB) D. Van Dyke, (RB) Graig Cooper, (OLB) Ray Ray Armstrong, and (WR) T. Streeter announced they will stay at Miami. Although Cooper will return for his senior season in the Miami backfield and likely be a Heisman Trophy candidate heading into season 3, the Canes depth took a big blow when star freshman RB Bryce Brown announced his plans to transfer to Mississippi State and their new head coach Dan Mullen. Brown struck up a great relationship with Mullen while Mullen was coaching at Florida and recruiting Brown for the Gators. Mullen reportedly called Brown after season 2 and told Brown "misery loves company're coming with me to Starkville!" Thus, Brown will be leaving South Beach and Miami will be faced with looking for a suitable backup to Cooper in the backfield. With experience coming back at QB, WR, and RB, finding depth at RB should be a hurdle that Miami should easily overcome.

Miami finished season 2 with a 10-3 record after starting 0-2. StuBucksman rallied his troops, changed his offensive philosophy and ended the season as one of the hottest teams in the nation. If Miami can cap off this recruiting class and keep the young talent coming on, look for Miami to return to its glory days sooner, rather than later.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Official RUTS NFL/Transfer Decisions

Today was the deadline for underclassmen to declare for the upcoming NFL Draft and for transfers to make a final decision on staying at their current school. After each player's press conference, it's mostly great news for each of the RUTS Dynasty teams.
(Remember, talking players into returning takes away from off-season week 1 recruiting time!)

Here is the list, then we'll conclude with some analysis on each team's players and the impact they can make in Season 3.

M. Cloy (Center) - RS Soph. - NFL Draft - STAYING AT CLEMSON
B. Maxwell (CB) - JR. - NFL Draft- STAYING AT CLEMSON
M. Gilcrhist (CB) - JR. - NFL Draft- STAYING AT CLEMSON
C. Harris (TE) - Fresh. - Transfer to FAU- STAYING AT CLEMSON
T. McFadden (SS) - Fresh. - Transfer to Memphis - TRANSFERRING TO MEMPHIS
M. Chavis (DT) - Fresh. - Transfer to Memphis- STAYING AT CLEMSON

J. Barrie (Center) - Jr. - NFL Draft - STAYING AT FLORIDA
J. Haden (CB) - Jr. - NFL Draft - STAYING AT FLORIDA

Florida State
C. Ponder (QB) - Jr. - NFL Draft - STAYING AT FSU
B. Paul (RB) - RS Soph. - Transfer to Duke - STAYING AT FSU

T. Toliver (WR) - RS Soph. - NFL Draft - STAYING AT LSU
J. Eugene (CB) - Jr. - NFL Draft- STAYING AT LSU
C. Hawkins (CB) - Jr. - NFL Draft- STAYING AT LSU
K. Sheppard (OLB) - Jr. - NFL Draft- STAYING AT LSU
A. Montoya (K) - Fr. - Transfer to Arkansas- STAYING AT LSU
B. Outlaw (RB) - Fr. - Transfer to Arkansas- STAYING AT LSU
N. Fifita (MLB) - Fr. - Transfer to FAU- STAYING AT LSU

A. Bailey (DE) - Jr. - NFL Draft - STAYING AT MIAMI
G. Cooper (RB) - Jr. - NFL Draft- STAYING AT MIAMI
D. Van Dyke (CB) - Jr. - NFL Draft- STAYING AT MIAMI
B. Brown (RB) - Fr. - Transfer to Miss. State - TRANSFERRING TO MISS. STATE
R. Armstrong (OLB) - Fr. - Transfer to LSU- STAYING AT MIAMI
T. Streeter (WR) - Soph. - Transfer to Miss. State- STAYING AT MIAMI

R. Hill (TE) - RS Soph. - Transfer to Boise State - STAYING AT NEBRASKA

S. Harris (QB) - Jr. NFL Draft - STAYING AT TEXAS

All in all, it was outstanding news for the 7 RUTS Dynasty teams today. Only 1 team had a player declare for the NFL Draft (Texas) and two teams (Clemson and Miami) have players transferring.

Here we'll anayze each team's outlook after today's decisions.

Back to back national champion Clemson received great news that three of its season 2 All-Americans will be back to make a run at a 3-Peat next season. Having Gilcrist and Maxwell back as lock-down corners will be huge, but can they replace Heisman winner C.J. Spiller in the backfield. When Season 1 Heisman winner James Davis graduated, Spiller was waiting in the wings, but the Tigers have no such back waiting for season 3 and will look to an experienced but talented stable of backs to carry the load in the Tiger's balanced attack. Clemson lost one player, CB T. McFadden, to Memphis. But, Coach utvol27 insinuated that McFadden had become a "cancer" to his team, adding that he (McFadden) would "fit in nicely at Memphis."

The Florida Gators were delighted to get word that All-America, team leader and starting Center J. Barrie will return to Gainesville for season 3, along with speedy shut down cornerback Joe Haden. With yet another dynammic recruiting class coming in, you have to wonder, will the Gators ever drop off, or just continue to reload?

The most surprising announcement came from Florida State signal caller Christian Ponder, who was the top rated QB on NFL Draft boards. Ponder, who is sure to be the Heisman favorite entering season 3, opted to return to FSU for his senior season. Ponder had been projected to be the top pick in the upcoming draft, but Ponder's best friend's sister's uncle's 2nd-cousin's roommate told RUTS reporters "ain't no way Christian was going to play ball in Detroit! It's cold up there and they suck!" Nevertheless, Ponder's return will sure to create a stir in the ACC race.

LSU Tigers Head Coach UTVol54 breathed a huge sigh of relief, then lead the attending coaching staff, teammates, and Baton Rouge media in a stirring rendition of Naughty By Nature's "Hip Hop Hooray" after 7 Tigers players stood together at the podium and announced they would return to Baton Rouge next season. Defensive players Jai Eugene, Chris Hawkins, Kelvin Sheppard, and Nick Fifita stated the chance to play for incoming defensive coordinator John Chavis was too much to pass up. Starting Freshmen, Kicker Aaron Montoya and RB/WR Bo Outlaw, were mysteriously contemplating transferring to SEC rival Arkansas, but decided to stay Tigers at the last minute. Coach UTVol wondered aloud if there were some sketchy recruiting tactics going on in Fayetteville saying that "the Hogs will pay for messing with my team!" Perhaps the biggest victory on this day for the Tigers was the news that star WR Terrance Toliver, only a red-shirt sophomore, would be back in purple and gold next season catching passes from QB Jarrett Lee. Lee, a RS soph as well and 2nd team All-American, had surprisingly not even considered turning pro.

The Nebraska Cornhuskers, new to RUTS in season 3, received word that TE R. Hill has decided to remain in Lincoln. Hill, a backup on the depth chart was considering a transfer to Boise State. Although coming off a few down years by Cornhusker standards, new head coach ccut has vowed to return The Big Red to its glory days. Look for Nebraska to make a lot of noise in the Big XII in season 3 and be a darkhorse to win the conference outright.

Texas Longhorns new head coach zeejaydee received good and bad news. Star running back Vondrell McGee couldn't turn down the chance to play on Sundays next season and declared himself eligible for the NFL draft. On the bright side, playmaking QB Sherrod Harris has decided to return to school for his senior season. Harris will join an unbelievable recruiting class and a laundry list of returning talent to challenege Nebraska, Oklahoma, and Texas Tech for supremacy in the Big XII next season.

RUTS Dynasty Top 10 Pre-Season Heisman Watch
1. Christian Ponder, QB, FSU
2. Graig Cooper, RB, Miami
3. Jarrett Lee, QB, LSU
4. Bert Reed, WR, FSU
5. Terrance Toliver, WR, LSU
6. Willie Korn, QB, Clemson
7. Chris Rainey, RB, Florida
8. Sherrod Harris, QB, Texas
9. Kody Spano, QB, Nebraska (no relation to Jessie Spano of Saved By The Bell fame)
10. Clemson's Starting RB, whoever it may be! History is on his side!

Also...please note for this coming up off-season's recruiting...I did some searching online and found out the reason why some freshmen (who play a lot for our teams) want to transfer after their 1st season. If you make a promise to a recruit that he will get "Significant Playing Time" in his 1st year, it translates to meaning that that player WILL START for your team all season. Thus, even if they play a lot for you and have great stats, they will be unhappy and consider it a "broken promise" if they don't start. Even though I can talk them into staying, it's still worth considering to NOT PROMISE SIGNIFICANT PLAYING TIME TO YOUR RECRUITS unless you know for certain they will be a starter. See Clemson's, LSU's, Miami's list below as an example.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Bowl Game Recap

Back-To-Back! Clemson Caps Off Another National Championship Season
Tigers Pound Horned Frogs In Pasadena

#1 Clemson - 56
#2 TCU - 10
Player of the Game: Cj Spiller (RB) - 16 carries, 128 yards, 2 rushing TDs; 9 receptions, 189 yards, 3 rec. TDs

Tigers Take Out Title Game Snub Frustrations On Beavers
LSU's New Black Shoes/Socks Look To Stay For Season 3

#3 LSU - 63
#6 Oregon State - 7
Player of the Game: Jarrett Lee (QB) 18/20, 286 yards, 3 TDs, 0 INTs

Gators End Season With A Bang
Cap Off Another 10-Win Season In Style Against Nittany Lions

#21 Florida - 38
#8 Penn State - 21
Player of the Game: Game Simmed

Hokies Dominate Rematch Against West Virginia
VA Tech Players Irate At Coach ccut's Departure, Put Ex-Lax In His Pre-Game Meal

#14 Virginia Tech - 70
#15 West Virginia - 28
Player of the Game: Charles Butler (RB) - stats not available

Seminoles Dominate Texas, Get Mack Brown Fired!
QB Ponder To Decide Soon on NFL Draft Status, But Speed Galore Returns For Noles

#16 Florida State - 58
#11 Texas - 14
Player of the Game: Christian Ponder (QB) - stats not available

Canes Cap Off Remarkable Season With Chicken Sandwich Feast
StuBucksman Sets New World Record For Amount Of Chick-Fil-A Sauce Eaten In One Sitting

#24 Miami - 35
Tennessee - 7
Player of the Game: Graig Cooper (RB)- stats not available

ZeeJayDee Leaving UGA "Sooner" Than Later
Coach Accepts HC Position At Texas, Will Face Sooners Again in Season 3

Georgia - 25
#9 Oklahoma - 28
Player of the Game: n/a

Ole Miss - 26
#12 Illinois - 57
Player of the Game: n/a

Recruiting Update

Post Season Recruiting Update.

The recent changes in the RUTS coaching fraternity have left the nation wondering if any team will be able to put together a challenge for the mighty Clemson Tigers. A few teams are putting together some solid classes, with a handful of players that may make an immediate impact, a la Charles Butler.


The case for our current number one class is an interesting one. New Coach Zeejaydee walks into a great situation. Mack Brown led Texas to another Big 12 Title and had put together the nation's best recruiting class, bar none. However, after losing to a four loss Florida State team in the Fiesta Bowl by the score of 58-14, the administration decided to make a change.

The Longhorn class inherited by coach Zeejaydee includes commitments from 8 5-Star players: FS Johnny Coley, DT Jamal Weiss, DE Casey McNeal, OT Carl Medlock, WR Gary Hall, Ath Richard Leonard, DT Billy Lewis, and P Jared Sanders. The Commitments from Weiss, McNeal and Lewis, along with 4-Star DE Matt Gibbs could give Texas one of the most fearsome Defensive Lines in school history with the proper development. If coach Zeejaydee can secure a committment from 4-Star OLB Michael Rich the Longhorns would most likely finish with the top ranked class. What isn't certain is whether Zeejaydee will assume Mack Brown's title of Mr. February.

The Florida Gators are also putting together a solid group. Gator coach robtheblob51 has commitments from 7 5-Star prep prospects, headlined by the nation's top Offensive Line recruit Jon Dodson. Dodson, along with 5 star commits Sean Madsen and Sheldon Williams at guard should help the Gator running attack which had trouble late in the season against Florida State and LSU. Carlos Phillips is talent to be reckoned with at QB, but may need a little developement time.

Two other RUTS coached teams are currently in the Top10 of our Rivals rankings. LSU comes in at 5th with commitments from 5-Stars: Ernest Underwood (HB), Shaun Rucker (CB), Marcus Medlock (WR), and Keith Amos (CB). Medlock was a big win for the Tigers. His commitment solidified their class, and also kept Florida State from signing 3 5-Star WR's in one class. The Seminoles boast the #9 class currently, highlighted by WR's Blake Beck and Greg Talley, along with OLB Curtis Rankin. It appears that this seasons performances by Trindon Holliday and Preston Parker have impressed the kids.

Some more work is needed from our other RUTS schools. Clemson is outside of the top 10, and hasn't seemed to build well off Back-to-Back Crystal Balls and Heismans. However, the Tigers closed very well last season and are in the mix on a good number of the remaining 4-Star players. New Defensive Coordinator Kevin Steele is a former recruiter of the year, so watchout for Clemson to end up with a solid class. Coach ccut looks to rebuild the Huskers after failed regiems under Callahan and Pelini, however the job change may have occured too late to affect the 2010 signing class. Miami rounds out our list, and seems to be struggling this year. But after finishing the season strong, the Hurricanes recently beat out the rival Seminoles for the services of speedy QB Mike Hester. Hester indicated that he was impressed with the Hurricane ground game in thier upset of top-ranked LSU. RECRUITING RANKINGS

1. Texas
2. Florida

3. Tennessee
4. Penn State
5. LSU
6. Texas Tech
7. Ohio State
8. Texas A&M
9. Florida State
10. Alabama
14. Clemson
23. Nebraska
29. Miami


There are some late commits still remaining that could round out some RUTS classes. Only one 5 star player remains on the board for our RUTS coaches, FS Joe Anderson is leaning towards signing with the Florida Gators, who lead USC and North Carolina. Several 4-Star players ranked in the Top 100 are still up for grabs.


Four Prep stars made it to the Finals in the High School Nationals Track and Field Competition in the 100m event. WR Blake Beck (FSU Committ) edged out WR Mark Ford (LSU, Texas A&M or Texas Tech) with both clocking times under the 10 second mark. Just two years ago Florida WR/RB Jeff Demps posted a 10.01 time at this event, finishing second to Olypian Tyson Gay. It's believed that Beck and Ford may even be a little faster than Demps. Terrance Gray, a Texas A&M commit and Ed Simmons, who is leaning toward Miami, also made the final heat.


Our rankings take into account potential and ability, but there are some prep stars that can have an immediate impact. Charles Butler of Virgina Tech was able to post BMOC worthy performace in his first game for the Hokies, and also helped in the upset win over Clemson. With that in mind, we've looked at the tape once again, and have picked five players who may be next season's Chuck Butler.

1. WR Blake Beck - Florida State
2. HB Tim Reed - Penn State
3. HB Ernest Underwood - LSU
4. Ath Richard Leonard - Texas
5. LB Curtis Rankin - Florida State

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Ch-Ch-Ch-Cha-anges! Coaching Moves Expand Reaches Of RUTS Dynasty

The past 24 hours have seen the RUTS Dyanasty further solidify itself as the preeminent organization in college football. In its quest to overtake the evil-empire (NCAA), RUTS Dynasty Coaches ccut and zeejaydee have resigned at their former schools and have relocated to the Big 12.

In a dramatic news conference, Coach ccut told his Hokie players and the Blacksburg media that he would "under no circumstance be leaving the Hokie nation." Then within a flash, ccut slipped away into the night on the Tom Osborne Express and was whisked away to the middle of nowhere, (aka Lincoln, Nebraska). When he was finally seen hours later, it was on campus at Nebraska, dressed in a white tuxedo, red bow tie, and the infamous Cornhusker hat. With Husker's Athletic Director Tom Osborne standing by, new head coach ccut confirmed what Hokie fans had feared...his love of all things corn and the many ways you can eat it (creamed, buttered, on the cob, in salsa, corndog, high fructose corn syrup, & mooshine) was too much to overlook. "My heart belongs to the Big Red now," said ccut. "The notorious "black shirts" defense and the "children of the corn" will once again reign supreme! Now...where can I get some of that liquid 'corn-in-a-jar?'"

At the same time, Coach zeejaydee accepted the head coaching position at Texas. Zeejaydee, who will be walking into a dream-job situation, will likely be inheriting the #1 overall recruiting class next season. The Longhorns blowout loss to Florida State in this week's Fiesta Bowl was the boiling point that forced the TX Athletic Director's hand to fire former Coach Mack Brown and hire zeejaydee. Although his record at Georgia hasn't been what he'd hoped, zeejaydee brings a myriad of talents to the table in Austin. He's a world renown bull rider, a tambourine player in the band "Obama Nation" (which will certainly be a hit in the wonderful Austin music scene), and looks dead-sexy in a pair of cowboy boots and Wrangler jeans. Plus he doesn't get hat hair, so bring on those long hours of cowboy hat wearing!

Rumors circulated throughout the RUTS organization on Monday that Florida State head coach cjohnchavis would follow his colleagues to the Big XII conference. But at the end of the day, his secret (or now, not-so-secret) "man-crush" on FSU's all-star QB Christian Ponder, and the thought of having potentially one more season with the junior QB, was too much to turn down. CJohnChavis, for season 3, will remain a Seminole.

RUTS commissioner UTVOL54 and Vice-Commissioner StuBucksman issued a joint statement:
"We at RUTS are pleased with this recent news that the RUTS empire has expanded to the southwest. It will fun to travel to Lincoln and Austin in season 3 to see some good football games. We will miss UGA and that weird looking Hokie bird, but Bevo and Herbie Husker are way cooler and tougher."

***Is it coincidence that the 3 engaged RUTS Dynasty coaches either left town or tried to leave town? You can run, but you can't hide, guys!***

Monday, January 12, 2009

Bowl Week...presented by the "Conspiracy To Get a Non-BCS team in the BCS Title Game Committee"

Season 2 of RUTS Dynasty was awesome! Thanks to all of you for making it so much fun again. As some of you know, there will be some changes coming to RUTS in Season 3 that will, all in all, make the league even better. Full details coming soon.

Also, Vice Commisioner Dr. Adam James StuBucksman Nunley has received a verbal reprimand and a 25% paycut from his $1.2 million RUTS salary for making it possible for TCU to be in the national title game by beating LSU in Week 14! DOH!!

Coach StuBucksman, Lil Wayne, and the Chick Fil-A cow party hard at bowl week festivities in Atlanta!

Conference Title Results & RUTS Season 2 Awards

ACC Championship Game
Revenge Of The Tigers! Clemson Routs Hokies

6 INTs Leads Tigers Back To BCS Title Game

#1 Clemson - 55
#3 VA Tech - 7
Player of the Game:
Willy Korn (QB) - 11/12 passing, 169 yards, 4 TDs, 0 INTS

SEC Championship Game
LSU Wins Defensive Battle Over Gators

Tigers Claim Back-To-Back SEC Titles, But Left Out Of BCS Title Game

#4 LSU - 20
#12 Florida - 3
Player of the Game:
Trindon Holliday (RB/WR) - 10 carries, 79 yards, 2 rushing TDs; 4 receptions, 19 yards

Florida forces LSU to punt in the 2nd Qtr, but LSU's Jai Eugene picks off a Cameron Newton Pass on the next snap. (score is LSu 7, FL 3)

Two plays after Eugene's INT, Florida's Dustin Doe picks off an LSU pass to swing momentum back to the Gators. (score is LSU 7, FL 3)

Trindon Holliday busts a 51 yard TD run midway through the 3rd qtr, giving LSU a 17-3 lead.

Heisman Winner: CJ Spiller, RB Clemson
Runner Ups: Preston Parker, Trindon Holliday, C. Ponder, Bert Reed

BCS Standings:
1. Clemson
2. TCU
3. LSU
12. Florida State
15. VA Tech
19. Florida
20. Miami

1st Team
QB - Ponder, FSU
HB - Spiller, Clemson
HB - Holliday, LSU
WR - Parker, FSU
WR - Reed, FSU
RG - Humphries, Clemson
DE - Bowers, Clemson
DE - Sapp, Clemson
DT - Mincey, FSU
CB - Butler, Clemson
CB - Maxwell, Clemson
FS - Chancellor, VA Tech
SS - Coleman, LSU
Returner - Brown, Miami

2nd Team
QB - Lee, LSU
HB - Butler, VA Tech
WR - Toliver, LSU
WR - Harvin, Florida
LT - Brown, VA Tech
C - Barnie, Florida
MLB - Conner, Clemson
CB - Gilcrest, Clemson
CB - Eugene, LSU
FS - Adams, Clemson
SS - McDaniel, Clemson
K - Jackson, Clemson
Returner - Van Dyke, Miami

EA Sports Award Winners

Maxwell Award (Best off player)- Spiller, Clemson
Bednarik (best def player)- Butler, Clemson
O'Brien (best QB) - Ponder, FSU
Walker (best rb) - Spiller, Clemson
Best WR - Parker, FSU
Lombardi (best D-lineman) - Bowers, Clemson
Thorpe (best DB) - Butler, Clemson
Best Returner - Holliday, LSU


Best QB Rating - Lee, LSU, 238.7
Passing Yards - Ponder, FSU, 6,050
TD Passes - Ponder, FSU, 75
Fewest INTs - Korn, Clemson, 9 & Lee, LSU, 9
Rushing Yards - Butler, VA Tech, 1243
Rushing TDs - Spiller, Clemson, 34
Receiving Yards - Parker, FSU, 2698
Receiving TDs - Parker, FSU, 41
Pancake Blocks - Brown, VA Tech, 23
Tackles - Finch, Florida, 91
INTs - Butler, Clemson, 9
INT TDs - Butler, Clemson 6
FGs Made - Stugis, Florida, 14 & Keys, VA Tech, 14
Kick Return Avg. - Brown, Miami, 42.4 yards
Kick Return TDs - Brown, Miami, 5
Punt Return Avg. - Holliday, LSU, 31.8 yards
Punt Return TDs - Holliday, LSU, 6

Game of the Year (as voted on by RUTS members)
Week 14
Miami - 31
#1 LSU - 29

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Conference Championship Week...presented by

This season's conference championship matchups feature re-matches both from last season's title games and from games earlier this season. BCS National Championship stakes are on the line, all four teams are ranked in the BCS top 10, and each game could be seen as somewhat of a BCS semifinal.

#1 Clemson vs. #3 Virginia Tech

Previous RUTS matchups~
Season 1 ACC title game: Clemson 27, VA Tech 14
Season 2, Week 8: VA Tech 42, Clemson 31


#4 LSU vs. #12 Florida

Previous RUTS matchups~
Season 1, Week 7: Florida 38, LSU 28
Season 1, SEC title game: LSU 41, Florida 35
Season 2, Week 6: LSU 37, Florida 7

Week 14 Scoreboard...Huge Changes At The Top

Wow! What a week of RUTS football - perhaps the biggest week of changes ever in the dynasty. Week 14 saw #1 LSU, #2 USC, #5 Penn State, #6 Texas, and #8 Oklahoma all take a tumble. This means that the conference title week will determine who plays for the National Title in Pasadena! Check out the BCS Standings below...buckle your seat belts for a wild finish!

"Cane" U Dig It? Miami Upsets Unbeaten Tigers
Dominant Rushing Game/Time of Possession Too Much For LSU To Overcome

#1 LSU - 29
Miami - 31
Player of the Game:
Graig Cooper (RB) - 21 carries, 155 yards, 2 TDs; 5 receptions, 35 rec. yards, 723 broken tackles!

Tigers Steamroll Rebels
March On To ACC Title Game Rematch

#3 Clemson - 65
Ole Miss - 3
Player of the Game: CJ Spiller (RB) - 16 carries, 86 yards, 4 TDs; 6 receptions, 137 yards, 3 TD rec.

Hokies Survive Scare In Norman
Advance to ACC Title Game With National Title Bid On The Line
#7 Virginia Tech - 30
#8 Oklahoma - 27
Player of the Game: Tyrod Taylor (QB) - 15/28, 286 yards, 3 TDs

Seminoles Make A Statement Against Nittany Lions
#20 Florida State - 70
#5 Penn State - 7
Player of the Game: Christian Ponder (QB) - 55/74, 628 yards, 8 TDs

Dawgs Take A Bite Out Of Longhorns
Last Second FG Lifts UGA To Victory
Georgia - 25
#6 Texas - 23
Player of the Game: Matthew Stafford (QB) - 25/37, 212 yards, 1 TD

BCS Standings:
1. Clemson - 1.000
2. TCU - .994
3. Virginia Tech - .989
4. LSU - .983
10. Florida
12. Florida State
21. Miami

Heisman Watch:
1. CJ Spiller, Clemson RB
2. Preston Parker, FSU WR
3. Trindon Holliday, LSU RB/WR
4. Christian Ponder, FSU QB
5. Bert Reed, FSU WR

Bowl Projections:

Chick Fil-A Bowl ~ Miami vs. Tennessee
Outback Bowl ~ Ole Miss vs. Illinois
Capital One Bowl ~ Florida vs. Penn State
Gator Bowl ~ Florida State vs. West Virginia
Sugar Bowl ~ LSU vs. Ohio State
Cotton Bowl ~ Georgia vs. Oklahoma
Orange Bowl ~ Virginia Tech vs. Pitt
BCS Championship ~ Clemson vs. TCU