Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Merry Christmas from Coach StuBucksman and the Arizona Cardinals

Monday, December 7, 2009

RUTS Midseason Report

After a rather lengthy delay, the RUTS blog is back with a new post. We enter Week 8 of the second RUTS2 season, and as expected, every RUTS team leads their respective division.

Heading into week 8, the standings in the AFC and NFC are:

1. Titans (6-0)

1. Patriots (6-0)

3. Chargers (5-1)

4. Raiders (4-1)

5. Steelers (3-2)

6. Dolphins (3-2)


1. Cowboys (6-0)

2. Cardinals (5-1)

2. Vikings (5-1)

4. Panthers (3-2)

5. Saints (3-2)

6. Redskins (3-3)

Week 8 features a huge match up between the 6-0 Titans and the 6-0 Patriots. The two teams met twice last season, with Tennessee winning both games, including one in the AFC title game. This year's Pats team has a much different look though, as RB Frank Gore and rookie skat-back D. Sanders give the Patriots a much needed punch in the running game. Tom Brady continues to hit WRs Randy Moss, rookie Brandon Trammel, and slot man Joe 'Tequila Sunrise' Walsh to give the passing game its usual potency.

The Titans, behind comeback player of the year candidate Vince Young and NFL MVP candidate Chris Johnson, continue to rely on their running game. However, Vince Young's ability to get the ball down field with the passing game has been much improved and he gives the Titans a viable passing threat at the Qb spot. Teams will continue to be on guard against Young's scrambling ability, which gives the Titans an extra source of weaponry in their offensive arsenal.

This game, which kicks off tonight at 7:30 pm ET, reunites two of Madden '10's biggest surprises...Titans RB Shagg Makino and Patriots WR Joe Walsh. These two players were picked up in free agency before season 1 and have given both teams a lot of productivity. Look for both Walsh and Makino to be difference makers in tonight's game.

The winner of this game is the definite front runner to be the AFC's #1 seed and get home field advantage in the playoffs. However, the losing team will still have a lot to build upon in the final 1/2 of the season. We like New England's chances in this one, especially given their recent resurgance in the running game. The Swami Sez...New England 34, Tennessee 32 in another classic game between Coach UTVOL54 and Coach cjohnchavis. In their RUTS head-to-head games dating back to RUTS1, coach UTVOL54's teams have never lost to Coach cjohnchavis's teams, despite every game seemingly coming down to the wire. We look for that to change tonight, and New England gets a leg up on locking in the AFC's top spot.

In other RUTS news:

- Due to some PS3 malfunctioning, Coach Rob-A-Dob was unable to coach his Chargers in week 7. The team has a BYE in week 8, but play the defending Super Bowl Champion Arizona Cardinals in week 9. Will Coach Rob-A-Dob be back with his team by then? We can't imagine the thought of him missing that game, against co-worker, friend, and Bingo-partner Coach StuBucksman, but only time will tell.

- The Vikings lost a hard fought battle against the Cowboys in week 7. QB Tim Tribow cried...a lot..which runied his eye-black.

- Michael Vick looks to have taken over at Qb full time for the Cardinals. In week 6, Vick "barked" his way to 315 passing yards in Arizona's 31-10 victory over the Rams.

- Coach cjohnchavis and Randy Moss have expressed remorse over their recent spat over Moss's beard. Coach cjohnchavis has stated that he will allow the WR to grow out his beard until the nesting bird's eggs hatch.