Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A First Look at the Online Dynasty Website

EA Sports has posted the BETA site for Online Dynasties. It looks like it will be pretty in-depth. We're now less than 2 weeks away until the game is other words....Preseason Camp/2-a-days start soon!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Teambuilder Site & Great Price on Preordering the Game

The new NCAA Football 11 Teambuilder site is up and running now :

Also, today at you can preorder the game for $40 with free shipping (a savings of $20). Here is the link.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Preseason Top 25

I'm not sure if this is final, but as of now, based on the videos and team ratings on the game, here is the RUTS3, Season 1 Top 25:

1 Alabama
2 Ohio State
3 Texas
4 Oregon
5 Boise State
6 Florida
7 Virginia Tech
9 Nebraska
10 Iowa
11 Wisconsin
12 Georgia Tech
13 USC
14 Miami
15 Oklahoma
16 Pittsburgh
17 LSU
18 Penn State
19 Oregon State
20 Arkansas
21 Florida State
22 North Carolina
23 Utah
24 Cincinnati
25 Houston

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Preliminary Team Ratings

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

First Look at New Recruiting Phone Calls

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

NCAA Football 11 Demo Hits PS3

After about an hour and a half of download time, I finally got to play the demo last night. I played one half (2 min Qtrs) with FL @ FSU, using the Gators. My first impressions...

  • The graphics and lighting are amazing...the best I've ever seen in a football video game.
  • The player movement is different...more fluid, I think
  • Jeff Demps (FL, HB) is fast...I ran the opening kickoff back for a TD with him
  • If you scroll to "Play Now" on the menu, then scroll all the way to the right on the game selection screen, you can choose to "Invite Others" to download the demo. Doing this gives you access to 3 additional Nike Pro-Combat alternate uniforms (for LSU, VT, and 1 other one I can't remember) on the actual game when it's released
  • Overall, I am very impressed with the game, after only 4 mins of playing it. It looks great and has an energy about it...not sure what it is, but the atmosphere just feels more like a real college game.

Friday, June 11, 2010

BREAKING NEWS: RUTS3 Heading 'Back To School'

This week's issue of Sports Illustrated says it all...confirming what has been speculated for weeks. RUTS3 is headed Back To School!

Here are some news breaking exerpts from the feature article...

"In all the craziness that is going on in college football today, our member coaches felt it was necessary for the RUTS brand to rejoin the NCAA," said RUTS Founder Coach UTVol54. "We're happy to be back to our roots."

While this announcement wasn't a complete surprise, sources close to the situation tell S.I. that Coach UTVol54 is stepping down from his full-time role as RUTS Commisioner and will be naming his nemesis and brother, Coach utvol27, to Co-Commisioner for RUTS3. The magazine has learned that Coach StuBucksman will retain his title as Lead Cheer Coordinator and Coach cjohnchavis will be named General Council for RUTS, which is unofficially the top Online Franchise in the world, if not the galaxy.

Speculation is that UTVOL54 will retain his duties as RUTS President and Chief Blog Updater, but that the timing just seems right to name utvol27 as Co-Commisioner of the league, especially since RUTS3 will be back in the college game, where utvol27 dominated in RUTS1.

News on NCAA 11 Demo and Nike Pro Combat Uniforms

This was posted on the NCAA Football 11 Facebook page today:
Both the Xbox 360 and PS3 demos will be released on Monday, June 14th. By playing each of the 4 match ups, you will unlock those teams Pro Combat uniforms for use in the full retail version of the game. By sharing the demo with a friend, you will unlock 3 more uniforms: VT, LSU, & TCU.

The 4 matchups available for play in the demo are:
- Texas vs. Oklahoma
- Miami vs. OSU
- Missouri vs. Clemson
- Florida vs. FSU

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Huge Online Dynasty News for NCAA 11

This is some amazing news for the improvement of Online Dynasty, and will help make RUTS3 even better. Check out the latest from this Gaming Interview.

This was my favorite part from the NCAA 11 designer...RUTS has been doing this for two years, and you guys deserve the credit for making our dynasty as awesome as it is, 2 years before this was even implemented in the game!

Jon Robinson: Another big improvement I keep hearing whispers about is something called the Dynasty Wire. Can you explain how this will work?

Ben Haumiller: Dynasty Wire is essentially a hub for all stories that are happening in your dynasty. To us, this is one thing that really helps give dynasty a life of its own and helps blur that line between fantasy and reality. When you're in a dynasty and you're heavily invested in a dynasty, the ones that last the longest and are the most fun to be in are the ones where we're all communicating with each other. It's the dynasty where once that game gets done, we're sending e-mails talking about how I just beat you to everyone else in the dynasty, and by the way, here are some highlights to back it up. But this was all legwork that you had to do on your own before. You had to manually do all this. You had to save all of your highlights and manually upload them on your own. You had to compose the e-mail.

Now, we're doing all of that for you. With Dynasty Wire, it's a collection of all of these stories that have happened in your dynasty. So every game that gets played by a user, you have five photos that automatically get uploaded by the game as well as all of the stats for the game including player stats, team stats and the scoring summary. All of this gets uploaded and a story gets created about that game. You can then go in and not only edit the story however you want, you can add additional photos as well as up to five videos. Those will all be uploaded to the game as well, so when somebody wants to see what happened in the game, they can view all the stats, they can check out the photos and even watch the highlights of the game you just played. Then on the website, you can go in and edit the headline, the captions and the body so you can tell your side of the story. And that's really where the meat of this is. Now you have the ability to basically go in and play the role of journalist for your dynasty and talk about everything that happened.

And this is now available for everyone to see, both on the Web and on the console. Every member of the dynasty can then comment on the story. So you will have these long discussions going back and forth and it's a great way for everyone to be in constant communication.

And when the week advances, there's also a week advance story that gets created at the start of every new week that tells you who won last week, who is playing this week and any prospects who have committed, whether they commit to your school or to another school. Say I was going after the No. 1 quarterback in the nation and I'm playing as Alabama, but that kid signs with Tennessee who is not any of the user controlled teams. Now that story will say he signed with Tennessee, so I will finally know what happened to that kid now that he's no longer on my board.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

New NCAA 11 Screenshots

These photos confirm that last year's Nike Pro-Combat uniforms are in the game...they look sweet! The lighting and graphics for this year's game are the best I've ever seen for a football game.

Ohio State vs. Miami
Florida vs. FSU

Friday, June 4, 2010

And the winner is...

Ladies and Gentlemen, the official logo for RUTS3 is....

The ESPN/Retro logo won the contest (with 5 votes) and the EA font logo came in a close second with 3 votes. Thanks for voting...and be on the lookout for more RUTS news in the coming days.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

NCAA Football 11 Demo Coming June 15th

The demo for NCAA Football 11 will be released for download on PS3 two weeks from today, Tuesday, June 15th.

I'm not sure what teams will be available in the demo yet.