Monday, February 28, 2011

The Road to Pasadena...Huge Conference Title Games to Decide BCS Title Matchup

We've said it before here on the blog...but this time, it's no exaggeration. As conference title week looms, never before has there been this much uncertainty and power at the top of the BCS standings. Entering week 14, a week before conference title week, 7 of the 8 RUTS teams are in the top 8 of the BCS. The lone outsider is #7 Penn State.

The nation's top 2 teams, #1 Ohio State and #2 Oklahoma, remained steady, setting us up for an epic battle at Cowboys Stadium next week. The winner of that game will be Big 12 Champions and will lock up a spot in the BCS title game. After that, the picture gets murky.

Will the loser of that game still be alive for a rematch in the title game? Or will another RUTS team claim the #2 spot? Let's examine...

If #3 Florida defeats LSU, many experts predict the Gators will have done enough to leap frog a 1-loss Big 12 team (the loser of Oklahoma/Ohio State) and earn a trip to play for the crystal ball. Even though the Gators lost to Ohio State 38-0 earlier this season, look for Florida to have enough momentum and BCS support to pass even the Buckeyes with a victory over LSU. However, if the Gators lose....things could get dicey.

As predicted last week, Miami was this week's biggest winner, and find themselves smack dab in the middle of the national championship race. The Canes, ranked #9 last week, pounded previously unbeaten Maryland, and vaulted all the way to #4 in the BCS (and #3 in the AP/Media Poll). Miami could easily sneak its way into the National title game if LSU knocks off Florida in the SEC Championship. Miami will be rooting hard for the Tigers to defeat Florida and then hope it can hold off the Tigers for that coveted #2 spot. If they do, it will be an all-Big 12 title game in Pasadena.

Alabama, currently ranked #5 in the BCS may have a harder time getting into the title game. The Tide will sit anxiously and wait, and be forced to root for rival LSU to beat Florida. Even if that happens, Alabama will still have to leap frog #4 Miami, and being .03 points behind the Canes, that might be difficult to accomplish with no game on the schedule. No matter what happens in the SEC title game, Alabama has probably locked up an at-large BCS bowl bid, which will force the loser of the SEC title game to the Capital One Bowl.

LSU enters the SEC Championship game for the first time in RUTS3, and you've got to think that Coach cjohnchavis will be chomping at the bit (pun intended) to beat the Gators after Florida upset LSU in week 7. Florida will rely heavily on Mack Brown, and if the Tigers can slow him down, they'll be able to send the kitchen sink at UF QB Trey Burton. The Tigers blitz pressure is relentless, and they will have to be on top of their game to beat surging Florida. If the Tigers get the win, will they gain enough strength in the BCS voters eyes to jump past Miami, Alabama, and the loser of the Big 12 title game to land at the #2 spot?

#7 Penn State and #8 North Carolina are hanging around in the BCS, but with no games remaining before bowl selections are made, will find themselves out of contention for a national title game spot. 

With so much uncertainty, it's impossible to accurately predict what will happen in the conference title games or how the bowl games will shake out, but we'll take a stab at it.

Big XII Championship Game Prediction
The big showdown between #1 and #2 happens in the Jerry-Dome / Cowboys Stadium. Ohio State enters the game as a 1 point favorite, but Vegas lines are trending toward the Sooners over the past dew days. Ohio State has had a lot of success running the football against the Sooners over the past few seasons, but in this game, it might be the arm of Heisman candidate Kenny Guiton that the Bucks have to rely on. Oklahoma's defense will be focusing on shutting down the talented RB duo of Jamaal Berry and Jordan Hall, which might open some passing lanes for Guiton to target a plethora of fast and reliable WRs and TEs.

The Sooners enter the game touting the best running attack that Coach utvol27 has enjoyed in RUTS3. With Heisman front-runner JurMuriquan James putting up unearthly numbers on the ground, look for the Sooners to ride the James train out of the station. The question is, can they run the football against OSU's stout and fast defense. Look for QB Drew Breezy to mix in some option runs and some short/medium passes to WRs Kenny Stills and Sheldon Ochoquatro to keep the Bucks guessing, but we think the Sooners will be forced to pass the football a lot in order to win this game. One thing that won't be of question is James' endurance. After the RB carried the ball 38 times in the Sooners final regular season game, he proved that he has the toughness to carry the load should the Sooners choose to pound the rock.

This game is tough to predict. On one hand, Ohio State has the talent advantage on paper, an explosive offense and a defensive unit that Coach UTVol54 claims to be one of the best he's ever coached. The Buckeyes have reeled off an impressive resume of wins, defeating the nation's #3, #5, #8 teams handily early in the season. But, with that said, when the going gets tough, in the past, Coach UTVol54 has NOT gotten going. This not only disappoints 80s singer Billy Ocean, but also the legion of Buckeye fans, longing for the program's first RUTS3 National Championship. Coach utvol27's Sooners seem to always find a way to make a play when they need one, and with a running game to go along with the deadly "Crossing Routes All Day" spread offense, we think the Sooners will find a way to be the team holding up the trophy at midfield after the game.

In a low scoring fight to the finish, we say Oklahoma 20, Ohio State 16.

SEC Championship Game Prediction
Who would have predicted this matchup at the beginning of the season? A young, fiery, RUTS newcomer leading a rag-tag bunch of jorts wearing forgotten-about athletes and a RUTS veteran who, despite a very successful and stats-producing coach, had yet to guide his team to a RUTS conference championship. Yes, these two coaches and programs may have been underdogs to reach this game at the beginning of the season, but after fighting through some adversity and hard knocks, here they are. They have certainly proven to be the best two teams in the SEC this season, having earned their spot in this game on true grit and poise on both sides of the ball. The winner of this game, however, will need to muster up enough big plays to get one more win, with the chance at PASADENA on the line.

Florida defeated LSU earlier this season 16-14, marking Coach Gump's coming-out-party to the nation. With that win, he went from RUTS rookie, to RUTS elite...and finishing off the regular season on a 9 game winning streak and with only 1 loss, Gump's vision and leadership have the Gators believing that no one can stop them. It's no secret what Florida plans to do...turn the Daddy of the Mack loose, and let him run. QB Trey Burton has done a tremendous job of keeping defenses guessing with a solid, yet unspectacular passing game, but the Gators offense revolves around Mack Brown. Florida's only loss of the season came in a game against Ohio State, where Brown was injured for the game after starting with 3 carries for 33 yards. Who knows how that game would have turned out with Brown on the field, mackin' on the Buckeyes defense and cheerleaders. If LSU is to win this game, they will have to keep Florida's offense from manageable 3rd down distances where they are forced to pass the ball instead of giving it to Brown.

LSU's star DE Sam Montgomery, the NCAA's all-time leader in sacks must have an impact on this game early and make his presence felt. If Monty can get some pressure on Burton and force the Gators into some 3rd and longs, Florida will have a tough time moving the ball and controlling the clock. However, should the Gators offense have success running the ball early, and often, they'll be able to control the clock, setting up another dramatic finish.

LSU's offense is led by QB Cameron Treangen. After missing the Tigers' final 2 regular season games stuck on a mission trip in Columbia, Treangen looks to get the start for the Tigers in this game. He will rely on RBs Spencer Ware and Will Chase to truck defenders and speedy WR Brian Abrams to get open in space. But, his not-so-secret weapon my be his do-it-all TE, Erik O'(my goodness) Neal. O'Neal can block like a guard, run routes like a leopard, jump like a leaping NCAA '11 Defensive Lineman/LB, and catch like one too. If O'Neal is able to make an impact in this game in the areas listed above, LSU will be tough to stop on offense.

The Gators defense has been stout all season. They rarely give up a big play and force offenses to slow and methodically march down the field. Then, they force a turnover. It's been Gump's recipe for success on defense all season...can he find the ingredients to complete one final recipe against LSU?

Like the other title game, we're torn on who to pick here. LSU is a surprise 4 point favorite (perhaps because of a rested, Cameron Treangen?) and that can't sit well with the Gators, who are unabashedly out to gain respect and and quiet the critics who say beating LSU twice in one season can't be done. The element of surprise is gone in this matchup, and we look for LSU's defense to have a game plan to at least contain Mack Brown. If that happens, can Florida survive? They didn't score an offensive TD in the week 7 victory over LSU, and we think that could spell doom this time. Steve Hand, Florida's great kicker, can only do so much, and the LSU defense will be tough to score on. We predict another low scoring game, but this time, LSU's purple and gold will get the win and possibly march on to Pasadena!

Final score...LSU 17, Florida 12

So, with those predictions in are the Bowl Projections as of today:

BCS National Championship Game
Oklahoma vs. LSU

Sugar Bowl
Alabama vs. Pittsburgh

Fiesta Bowl
Miami vs. Virginia Tech

Orange Bowl
Maryland vs. West Virginia

Rose Bowl
Penn State vs. Stanford (cpu teams)

Capital One Bowl
Florida vs. Missouri

Cotton Bowl
Ohio State vs. Tennessee

Outback Bowl
North Carolina vs. Nebraska

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Week13 BCS Rankings Enrage Some Fans/Coaches

The week 13 BCS rankings were released this afternoon. Upon seeing the rankings, college football fans across the country were shocked, joyful, angry, and downright irate.

In no surprise, Ohio State vaulted to #1 after defeating previous #1 Penn State in week 12. Oklahoma remained at #2, and Maryland jumped to #3. Then...the fun starts.

Florida jumped to #4 after knocking off lowly Duke, and Coach Gump finds his team in control of its own BCS title destiny. Alabama, possibly with the help of an NCAA conspiracy or Coach Stu's sweet talking, jumped all the way to #5 after beating formerly #5 West Virginia. This move jumped the Tide past LSU, which beat the Tide a few weeks ago, sending the Bayou Bengaled fan base into a drunken frenzy.

In addition, an unbeaten Colorado State team, who has climbed the rankings the past few weeks jumped to #6 in the BCS, leaving LSU at #7. Penn State fell all the way into a tie for #7 with LSU and #9 Miami and #10 UNC round out the top 10.

Miami plays undefeated #3 Maryland this week! Could the Canes pull a "Bammer" and defeat Maryland and vault all the way into the top 5? Bama jumped from #10 to #5 after defeating #5 West Virginia, so it's easy to imagine a scenario where Miami vaults into the top 5 with a win this week. With that said, it's very possible that a 2-loss Miami teams makes a BCS Bowl game over the loser of the #1 Ohio State vs #2Oklahoma in the Big 12 title game, should the Canes remain ranked highly.

We think LSU Coach cjohnchavis and their fans can relax though. If the Tigers manage to win out and defeat Florida in the SEC title game, we have a hunch that LSU will jump back up, and possibly vault into the #2 BCS position to get a shot at the winner of the Buckeyes/Sooners slugfest.

At this point, we can't even begin to make bowl projections. Just sit back and watch the drama unfold!

Recent Photo Highlights

Here are some of the best photo snapshots of the past few weeks:


#2 Ohio State and #1 Penn the trenches

Hello Mr. Buckeye

You mean someone besides Mack Daddy scores for the Gators?!
Purple People Eaters!

Bama Cruises Past #5 West Virginia

Miami contending for a Top 5 finish

Jump Around 

Sooners and their elegant white helmets

Still in contention? LSU revitalized by its upset over Alabama

Drew Breezy says 'Take this ball and shove it'

Tarheels sporting some of the sweetest unis in RUTS

Tennessee is a scoring machine!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Treangen Delayed in Return from Mission Trip

Bogata, Columbia - Visa problems have delayed the return of LSU quarterback Cameron Treangen from Columbia. Treangen was given permission by coach cjohnchavis to take the trip with a group from "Cribs-4-Kids." However, political unrest in the capital city of Bogata has caused the country to ground flights to capitalist nations such as the United States. "I told him that if we beat Bama, he could go down there during the off week. We've been talking to the embassy and some lawyers, we plan on getting him back before we leave."

The #6 LSU Tigers travel to Oxford, MS to face the Ole Miss Rebels this Saturday. If Treangen does not return RS-Jr. Zach Lee and True Freshman Gary Johnson would split time at Quarterback.

The Mack Daddy Show! Gators Previal, Set sights on rematch with LSU

In a game that will be remembered for a long time in Gainesville, Coach Gump and his Florida Gators team defeated the North Carolina Tarheels 38-10. With the victory, the Gators clinched a birth in the SEC Championship Game and will get a rematch with the LSU Tigers, whom they defeated 16-14 in week 7. But, after last night's win, a Gatorade drenched Coach Gump only wanted to focus on his team's accomplishment.

"It was a huge win for this program," he said. "Daddy just dominated this game, and our team fed off of his energy.We threw 5 passes all game, so there was no denying the fact we were riding Daddy to the win."

Brown practicing his Heisman pose in high school
Of course, Gump was referring to Gators star RB Mack "Daddy" Brown, who reeled off 251 rushing yards, 164 receiving yards, and 5 total TDs to propel the Gators to the victory. The UF students all wore white "iMack with Daddy" tshirts to the game, and that seemed to really fire up the junior RB.

"It was cool to see them do that," Brown said. "Daddy like!"

The Gators still have an SEC matchup with Duke and a rivalry battle with Florida State, but on this night, all eyes were focused on what this victory meant...a chance to claim the Gators first SEC title since 2008.

Just getting to this game as a first year RUTS Coach is remarkable for Coach Gump. Experts have ranked his team's upset of LSU right up there with Miami's thrilling upset of Oklahoma in season 1 as the top surprises of RUTS3. The question everyone will be asking is, can they do it again in Atlanta!? This time, with a BCS National title shot on the line.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Winner Takes All! Tarheels/Gators Set for SEC East Showdown

Week 11 sets the stage for one of RUTS3's most anticipated, late-season matchups, as #7 North Carolina travels to Gainesville to battle #8 Florida. The Tarheels have won the SEC East for the past three seasons, and it can be argued that the Heels are the more experienced team with the more experienced coaching staff. But this season, the arrival of Coach Gump on the scene in Gainesville has turned the SEC East upside down and revitalized a UF program which had seen a downturn in recent seasons.

"Coach Gump has brought energy, charisma, work ethic and sex appeal back to our program," said star RB Mack "Daddy" Brown. "He's fun to play for."

Under Gump's leadership, Brown has vaulted to the lead in the NCAA rushing statistics and has seen his NFL draft stock rise dramatically. Gump's legend grew even more after the Gators went into Death Valley and shocked the LSU Tigers in week 7. After that win, the first year head coach knew his team was capable of big things.

"They saw what they are capable of," said Gump, speaking of the win at LSU. "Now, we've been taking it one week at a time to get to this big matchup with UNC. This is our game of the year, and a chance to meet our first goal, which is winning the SEC East."

To accomplish that feat, the Gators will have to contend with a feisty bunch of Tarheels (8-1) who have reeled off 8 straight wins. With veteran QB Bryn Renner under center, senior star RB Giovanni Bernard toting the rock, and junior WR Shawn Tapley climbing the Heisman polls, Coach ChrisHicks21 has his club playing perhaps its best ball of the season. Getting a win over the Gators (who enter the game as a 4 point favorite) won't be easy though.

"We have got to go into The Swamp knowing we can win," said Coach ChrisHicks21. "We've done it before and we can do it again. We truly feel like our team is built for a championship this season. This is just the next step for us."

When asked about the mystery of the "Ground 'Em Pound 'Em" Offense that Coach Gump has brought to Gainesville, Coach ChrisHicks21 remained confident. "Our defense has got to play sound fundamental football and contain Brown on the outside," he said. "No big plays, no long runs. I am confident our offense can put up enough points to win if our defense plays well."

This game could be one for the ages. Can Coach Gump do something that no one predicted at the beginning of the season and lay claim to the SEC's top record and an SEC East title? It's "experience" vs. "been there done that," and it could come down to the game's final drive.

Both teams only defeats of the season came at the hands of #3 Ohio State in Columbus early in the season, with UNC losing 38-10 and UF losing 38-0. With that said, both teams have improved immensely since early on.

In a game that should come down to the wire, Lee Corso predicts:

BCS Standings - (entering Week 11)

Entering Week 11, here are the BCS Standings. Three of the four computer teams ranked in the Top 10 still have RUTS teams on their schedules (Penn State vs Ohio State; Maryland vs. Miami; West Virginia vs. Alabama)

Monday, February 21, 2011

Fortunate Sons

Tuscaloosa, AL - The third time was the charm for coach cjohnchavis today. The LSU coach took yet another gamble, this time on 4th and 3 with a three point lead. A pass from Cameron Treangen was caught by WR Al Thorne, giving LSU a first down, and ending any chance of Alabama recovering the football for one last drive.

What proved to be a hard fought defensive battle first appeared to be another Bama rout. The Crimson Tide forced a punt after holding the Tigers to one first down on their initial drive. Alabama soon took control when Eddie Lacy took an option pitch, broke a tackle, and scampered 43 yards for an early 7-0 lead. That drive and scored was followed by a quick interception by Alabama LB Tana Patrick. At that point it looked like Bama would ride early momentum to a two score lead. However, Tiger G Clay Spencer leveled the Crimson clad defender, working the ball loose, and allowing G Evan Washington to recover. The play occurred on 3rd down and 5, and gave the Tigers a fresh set of downs. "There is no doubt that the ball bounced our way on that play," said coach cjohnchavis "had we gone down two score in the first quarter, we may have not been able to dig out of that hole."

The Tigers capitalized on the good fortune and were able to tie the game. Treangen led the Tigers down the field passing the ball. The Tigers converted a 4th and 4 play when Treangen found sophomore wideout Bryan Abrams on a crossing route. That play was followed by a 5 yard pass to TE Erik O'Neal.

The Crimson Tide got the ball back with 5:51 remaining in the half and was able to answer the Tiger score. Alabama again relied on Senior HB Eddie Lacy, running on nearly every play of the drive. Coach Stubucksman also looked to Backup QB Phillip Sims to pick up a 4th and 3 from their own 25. "We saw Sims come in, we knew it was their 'Star' package from last season," said LB Donnie Whitaker "I screamed 'Check Cheese! Check Cheese! I'm trying to alert my DE that they are running that option play to his side." The Tigers failed to stop the play as Sims turned the corner and picked up the first down. However, Whitaker's hit knocked Sims out for the remainder of the game and forced them to use Andy "I'm not Star" Jackson in the Star package for the final three quarters. It only took three more gives to Lacy for the Crimson Tide to regain the lead as the senior found the endzone on a 43 yard touchdown rush. The score occurred with 4:52 remaining giving the Tigers plenty of time to answer.

"The mindset for us there was ball control, ball security and score late." said coach cjohnchavis. That is just what the Tigers did, running the clock all the way down to 19 seconds before HB Spencer Ware punched in a 1 yard run to cap off the drive and tie the game. At this point in the rivalry coach Stu usually runs his trademarked "Stubucksmanscorerightbeforehalftime" offense. However freshman Andy Jackson mistimed an option pitch and put the ball on the ground, allowing the Tigers to gain possession in prime field position. The Tigers were not able to capitalize with even a field goal as Treagen was hit during a throw and the ball fell into the waiting arms of Miller Nunley. The score would remain deadlocked at 14, and Alabama would have a chance to regain the lead following the second half kickoff.

The Crimson Tide would lean on Lacy once more driving to the LSU 31 yard line before the drive stalled and coach Stu was presented with a decision on 4th and 8. A quick huddle allowed QB AJ McCarron to launch a strike into the corner of the endzone, but the pass was swatted by S Eric Reid. The stop gave LSU the ball with 4:41 to go in the 3rd quarter and a chance to take their 2nd ever lead in the series. The Tigers mounted a drive that took the clock down to 6:26 remaining in the game, but were stopped at the Alabama 5 yard line. Derek Helton hit a 22 yard field goal (after missing big field goals in prior losses to Oklahoma and Florida) and the Tigers led 17-14.

Alabama kept the ball on the ground and mixed in a long pass to TE Christian Davis to drive the ball to the LSU 20 yard line with just over 3 minutes remaining. The Tide looked to Eddie Lacy on the counter play, who appeared to have the corner, before senior CB Tyrann Matthieu knocked the ball loose with a diving stop. "I was running over to back up the tackle for Tyrann and I just saw the ball on the ground," said S Craig Loston "my eyes got as big as softballs when I saw that." Loston recovered the fumble and returned it 21 yards to the Tiger 39 yard line.

A big play would follow on the subsequent play as Senior HB Will Chase took a pitch and broke free for a long run taking the ball all the way to the Bama 21 yard line with just 2:57 remaining. Bama was able to hold firm and force a 4th and 3 from the 14 yard line. With his third "fight or flight" decision of the season, coach cjohnchavis once again rolled the dice. Cameron Treangen found Al Thorne on the 3 yard line for the first down, sealing the victory.

The victory puts the Tigers into the drivers seat for coach cjohnchavis's first ever Conference Championship game. If the Tigers do not slip up at Ole Miss or against Arkansas, they will face the winner of next week's matchup between Florida and North Carolina.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Playoffs?! Playoffs?! Yes Indeedy Doo!

Looking ahead, season 4 is shaping up to be a fight to the finish in a way that RUTS1 or RUTS3 (the college years) has ever seen. Because every RUTS3 team is having a successful season thus far, and with the way the schedules have shaken out, a scenario that mirrors a 7-team and possibly 8-team playoff began in week 8. See for yourself below...

It seems evident that once again the winner of the Big 12 and SEC Championship Games will meet in Rose Bowl Stadium in Pasadena to fight for the right to party and be declared season 4 national champions.

So, to answer the unasnwered question, posed by former Indianapolis Colts Head Coach Jim Mora..."PLAYOFFS??!! PLAYOFFS??!!" ...... YES!

*side note -- Ohio State is listed as having a BYE because of its 3-0 record in user games and not having another user game until the Conference Title Game

Stern Warning Issued to Coach Stu and Alabama Fans

Slive has "had it up to here" with Bama fans
In an unprecedented move, the NCAA, SEC Commissioner Mike Slive, and RUTS headquarters laid the smack down on Coach StuBucksman and the entire Alabama football fan base. In a written statement, the three parties sternly warmed Coach Stu to let Alabama fans know that there is a "zero tolerance policy" on killing the houseplants, bermuda grass, shrubbery, fake flowers, or weeds in the yard of any RUTS team or coach.
Stu says, "Yo, Yo...get off my case."

"Killing plants will not be tolerated," said Slive. "Coach Stu will be held accountable for each and every one of his deranged, lunatic fans. He has fostered the culture of silliness and trouble making amongst his fans, and he is partially to blame for this warning."

In case you've been living under a rock for the past 24 hours, this warning was issued in direct correlation to longtime Alabama fan and nutjob Harvey Almorn Updyke Jr.turning himself into police for placing urine in Coach EBDial's sprinkler system in the days leading up to this week's big Tennessee/Alabama game. Updyke was arraigned and charged with negligent tomfoolery and inappropriate use of urine on a football coach's lawn. The urine, apparently used in mass quantities caused EBDial's lawn to smell like urine for hours and angered neighbors, dogs, and cats.
Bama fans, thank him for the zero tolerance policy!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Cameron Treangen makes a promise

Baton Rouge, LA - "To the fans and everybody in Tiger nation: You know what? I’m sorry, extremely sorry. We were hoping for a championship season, that was my goal. It’s something coach cjohnchavis has never done here. But I promise you one thing. A lot of good will come out of this. You have never seen any player in the entire country,play as hard as I will play the rest of the season. And you will never see someone push the rest of the team as hard as I will push everybody the rest of this season. And you will never see a team play harder than we will the rest of this season. God bless.''

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Bayou Shocker! Gators "Hand" LSU an upset loss

Florida Coach Gump entered the game with Bieber Fever & Hair...he left the game giving the Florida Gator fans Gump-itis. In an upset that no one saw coming, the #15 Florida Gators defeated the #5 LSU Tigers 16-14 in Baton Rouge. The teams traded turnovers in the first quarter before LSU notched the game's first touchdown. Florida quickly answered with a field goal. On LSU's next possession, Gator CB Justin Gordon picked up a fumble and raced 54 yards to paydirt. The Gators lea would not last long though, as Coach cjohnchavis orchestrated a long touchdown drive to close out the first half. LSU lead 14-10, but it was clear that this game would come down to the wire.
The loose ball that led to a Gators TD.

"At halftime, I had to refocus my team," said Coach cjohnchavis. "We came out a little sluggish, but that score before the half really gave us a lot of momentum, or so we thought."

The Gators took the second half kickoff and ate some clock before settling for a 51 yard Steve Hand field goal, which cut the lead to 14-13. That's the way the quarter ended, and heading to the 4th, it was a doozy of a game.

Both defenses tightened up in the game's final quarter. Up by 1 point, LSU drove inside the Florida 5 yard line, but were faced with a 4th and goal from the 1 yard line. Coach cjohn"riverboatgambler/kennyrogers"chavis lined up and went for it. The Gators 'bend but dont break' defense found a way to penetrate the line and made a huge tackle, just short of the goal line.

"That's twice this season that we have come up short on the goal line, in what would have amounted to the game winning points," said Coach cjohnchavis. "It's a game of inches."

Florida, with the game on line and backed up deep in its own territory, turned to Heisman front-running RB Mack "Daddy" Brown. Brown, who finished the game with 22 carries and 170 rushing yards forced his down the field, getting into LSU territory. 

With the clock ticking inside 2 minutes, LSU forced a stop at its own 28 yard line. Gump turned to his trusted kicker Steve Hand, yet again, to give the Gators the lead. Hand drilled the 45 yard field goal, giving Florida a 16-14 lead with 1:46 remaining in the game. "Our 'Hand Job' package is one of our most trusted packages in our entire special teams package. Package, Package Package!" said Coach Gump in his middle school humorous tone after the game. "Steve literally 'handed' me some Gatorade, told me to relax, and then 'handed' us the lead."

But not the win...yet! With 1:46 remaining, and needing only a FG to win, LSU's talented QB Cameron Treagen drove the Tigers to midfield, and even into LSU territory. But, the Gators had one more big play up their sleeve. MLB Matt Elam stepped in front a pass and reeled it in the INT to secure the game for Florida. The Gators sideline went into a frenzy, and stunned LSU fans filed out of the stadium. One LSU fan, who was obviously reminiscing on past LSU chokings (thanks Coach UTVOL54) was overheard saying this would have never happened "if Coach cjohnchavis ate grass like former LSU Coach Les Miles.We should have just stuck with our original plan and hired our head-coach-in-waiting after RUTS1."

The win sent Florida to #8 in the media poll, but the Gators still are on the outside of the top 10 in the coaches poll, at #11. The loss sends LSU to #12, but the Tigers are not eliminated from SEC title contention, and can possibly even climb back into the national title race by winning out this season. That would require defeating Alabama and either Florida, UNC, or Tennessee in the SEC title game.

With the win, Coach Gump and the Gators find themselves in a place they haven't been since a position to lay claim as the best team in the SEC. Back then, Coach robtheblob and Coach StuBucksman led the Gators to SEC titles...could Coach Gump do the same in his first season in RUTS? With Mack Brown toting the ball, anything is possible. The SEC race looks like it will be decided in week 11, when #4 North Carolina travels to The Swamp to face the Gators. "He really is the Daddy of the Mack," said Coach Gump after the game, embracing his star player.

Week 8 Look-see
Week 8 features a mega-game with #9 Miami traveling to #2 Oklahoma. The winner should easily win the Big 12 South division and face #3 Ohio State in the Big 12 title game, barring an unforeseen loss. All signs point to the winner of the Big 12 championship making a trip to the BCS National title Game in Pasadena! The Canes/Sooners showdown will likely eliminate one team from contention.

Top 25 Coaches Poll heading into Week 8
#1 - Penn State
#2 - Oklahoma
#3 - Ohio State
#4 - North Carolina
#6 - Alabama
#9 - Miami
#11- Florida
#12 - LSU
#23 - Tennessee