Friday, February 27, 2009

'Honeymoon's Over' Says Coach utvol27

Associated Press - Clemson, SC

As #2 Clemson prepares for it's highly anticipated matchup with #3 Florida State, the buildup could not possibly be raised higher. The war of words between these two ACC powerhouses will undoubtedly result in a slugfest on Saturday.

At a post-practice press conference earlier in the week, Clemson coach utvol27 fired at FSU coach cjohnchavis by saying, "Honeymoon's over now! FSU may be undefeated now, but it's time for them to be put in their rightful spot, in second place in the division! Honeymoon's literally over for cjohnchavis too! This isn't Rome, so he won't be doing as the Romans do anymore. I'm coming to Tallahassee to do as the old saying goes 'when in Tallahassee, beat FSU.' He's coming crashing back down after the game!"

FSU coach cjohnchavis responded modestly, saying, "My nemesis to the north can talk all they want. My team will be ready. This year will be different. I gameplanned over my honeymoon while taking breaks from other activities."

Clemson coach utvol27 has had success in boasting before the big game. Recall the verbal he had with brother and LSU coach UTVOL54 before what was also a #2 vs. #3 game. Clemson came out on top in that game 17-14. This tactic by coach utvol27 has lit a fire under his players before, and its obvious he is hoping for the same again.

Cjohnchavis seems relaxed and stress-free coming off his honeymoon, and that calm demeanor could take the pressure of this monumental matchup off of his team.

Only time will tell.

RUTS Dynasty All-Name Team

In no particular order, here is your RUTS Dynasty All-Name Team (for seasons 1-3):
(if I've left anyone off, just add them in the comments)

Willy Korn (QB, Clemson)- RUTS season 1-3
Da'Quan Bowers (DE, Clemson)- RUTS season 1-3
Crezdon Butler (DB, Clemson) - - RUTS season 1 & 2

Wondy Pierre-Louis (DB, Florida) - RUTS season 1 & 2
Percy Harvin (WR, Florida)- RUTS season 1 & 2
Major Wright (DB, Florida) - RUTS season 1-3
Maurkice Pouncey (OL, Florida) - RUTS season 1-3

Mister Alexander (LB, Florida State) - RUTS season 1-2
A.J. Ganguzza (OL, Florida State)- RUTS season 1-3
Preston Parker (WR, Florida State) - RUTS season 1-2
Ochucko Jenjije (DB, Florida State) - RUTS season 1-2
Roosevelt Lawson (DB, Florida State) - RUTS season 1
Neefy Moffett (DE, Florida State) - RUTS season 1

Darius Dewberry (LB, Georgia)- RUTS season 1-2
Mohamed Massaquoi (WR, Georgia)- RUTS season 1
Knowshon Moreno (RB, Georgia)- RUTS season 1-2
Vince Vance (OL, Georgia) - RUTS season 1-2

Richard "Dick" Dickson (TE, LSU) - RUTS season 1-2
Harry Coleman (DB, LSU) - RUTS season 1-3
T-Bob Hebert (OL, LSU) - RUTS season 1-3
Bo Outlaw (RB, LSU)- RUTS season 2-3
Ernie Underwood (RB, LSU) - RUTS season 3
Sterling Sparks (QB, LSU) - RUTS season 3

Ray Ray Armstrong (LB, Miami)- RUTS season 2-3
Bryce Brown (RB, Miami)- RUTS season 2
Hank Hankerson (WR, Miami)- RUTS season 1-3
Knox Knunley (QB, Miami) - RUTS season 3
Demarcus Van Dyke (DB, Miami) - RUTS season 1-3

Hoon Sung Choi (OL, Nebraska) - RUTS season 3
Faron Klingelhoefer (DE, Nebraska) - RUTS season 3
Pierre Powers (WR, Nebraska)- RUTS season 3
Eric Hagg (DB, Nebraska) - RUTS season 3
Prince Amukamara (DB, Nebraska) - RUTS season 3
Luke Linginfelter (DE, Nebraska) - RUTS season 3

Captain Munnerlyn (DB, South Carolina) - RUTS season 1
Jasper Brinkley (LB, South Carolina)- RUTS season 1
Quanopheus Earls (DB, South Carolina) - RUTS season 1
Foxy Foxworth (TE, South Carolina)- RUTS season 1
Ryan Succop (K, South Carolina) - RUTS season 1
Stoney Woodson (DB, South Carolina) - RUTS season 1
Ladi Ajiboye (DT, South Carolina) - RUTS season 1

Foswitt Whittaker (RB, Texas)- RUTS season 3

The MVP of the RUTS Dynasty All-Name Team goes to:
*****Eric Hagg (DB, Nebraska)*****

Also, Vice Commisioner Nunley and I will be working on an All-RUTS Team after season 3, which will name the best RUTS players (no offensive linemen, sorry) at each position for seasons 1-3.

Some Inside Info

Here is some really cool info about NCAA '10, which will be coming out in mid/late July. You can read the EA Sports blog post here.

Some of the cool new features they've announced so far:

  • Cameras flashing in the crowd for big games

  • Field goal nets (not sure how cool this is!)

  • Team Specific End Zones for bowl games (thank goodness!)

Click the link above for more photos and details.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Week 11...RUTS Excitement Returns!

Week 11 sees some big-time excitement return to the RUTS gridiron. The ACC game of the year headlines this week, along with a Big 12 rivalry game that could propel a RUTS team into the national spotlight once again. Before we preview the games, some breaking news has just come over the RUTS Dynasty wire...

***Texas Coach ZeeJayDee Resigns Head Coaching Position***
Effective immediately, Texas Head Coach ZeeJayDee has resigned from the Longhorns program and RUTS Dynasty. Adding to the mysterious resignation, zeejaydee cannot be found or located for comment. But, Longhorns players have stated that their former leader had been acting different for weeks, speaking about "returning to the island" and "completing his destiny."
"We were playing really well," said QB Sherrod Harris. "Then Coach just started acting odd. He shaved his head and kept telling us he needed to turn the donkey wheel and go back to the island. What island?"

Inside sources in the Texas athletic department have confirmed that zeejaydee had been turned in for secondary violations for illegally recruiting/contacting recruits before their junior year of high school. The two players in question are named "Aaron" and "Walt," but little else is known about the two. Since zeejaydee's resignation/disappearance, the two have not been seen. Could they have returned to the island too?

Also gone missing from Austin are Texas players who were the jersey #s 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, and 42.
Before his departure, Zeejaydee confimred that his time away from RUTS Dynasty would be temporary, mentioning a likely return the "the real world" when NCAA 2010 hits store shelves. The last thing his players remember him saying was that he would be doing some (time) traveling.

So, the mystery has seemingly just begun regarding the whereabouts of Coach ZeeJayDee. Where is he? When is he? And why had been singing "You All Everybody," a song by the one-hit wonder Drive Shaft.

Now, onto the week 11 preview:

#2 vs. #3
The 2nd ranked Clemson Tigers travel to the Sunshine State for one of the biggest games of the season. The 3rd-ranked Seminoles await Clemson's arrival and are tomahawk-chopping at the bit to avange their season 2 loss to the Tigers. A loss that Coach Cjohnchavis is determined to avenge.

This is Clemson's second #2 vs. #3 matchup of the season. In week 2, the Tigers came from behind to beat LSU 17-14. The Clemson offense has improved a great deal since then, and QB Willie Korn has provided the Tigers with a passing game to compliment their always powerful running game, led by speedster Blake Miller.

Florida State is undefeated and have yet to be tested in a close game this season. The Noles enter this game healthy and ready to test Clemson's All-American loaded secondary through the air. Record-setting QB Christian Ponder will look to get the ball to star WRs Beck and Reed early and often.

This game has huge ramifications on the Season 3 national title race. The winner all but locks up the ACC Atlantic division title and secures its place as one of the nation's top 2 teams for another week. The loser, however, is not out of the title race by any means, as several big matchups over the next few weeks could launch them back into the top 2.

I think the speed advantage in this matchup goes to the Seminoles, but Clemson's coaching staff seems to always rise to the challenge to game plan accordingly to off-set any disadvantage their team might be facing.

Look for a surprisingly low scoring game in Tallahassee. Both offenses are capable of putting up huge numbers, but the RUTS staff thinks this one could be a defensive struggle, with turnovers and key defensive stops proving to be the difference. Can the Seminoles contain the Clemson running game, as they try to control the clock and move the chains? Will Clemson's talented defense be able to slow down the air-it-out attack of Chirstian Ponder and Company? Until they prove otherwise, we're not betting against the Tigers. Against all odds, Clemson made enough plays to defeat a faster, more talented LSU team and their big-game experience will provide the difference in this game.

We predict Clemson wins a close one, 24-20, on the road. Florida State won't be satisfied with a moral victory, but with huge games in the coming weeks against Florida and #1 USC, the Noles chances of landing in the BCS title game will still be alive.

#25 Nebraska @ #4 Oklahoma
After narrowly escaping with a victory last week against Iowa State, the Cornhuskers march into Norman with a chip on their shoulder and victory on their minds. This game is a likely preview of the Big 12 title game, but both teams have a lot at stake in this late-season, rivalry game. The Sooners have BCS title on their minds, while the 7-2 Cornhuskers look to continue their quest to bring Nebraska football back as an elite program in college football. With recruiting going outstanding and victories coming again, Coach ccut's team is taking aim to jump a huge hurdle against the Sooners. Look for Huskers star Pierre Powers to get huge numbers in this game, as Nebraska states its claim for Big 12 supremacy. Nebraska surprises the Oklahoma home crowd and rains on the Sooners BCS title parade....Huskers win 38-17.

The other RUTS team in the BCS title chase, the #5 LSU Tigers, will enjoy an off-week this week. And Coach UTVOL54 is looking forward to grabbing his new Snuggie, curling up on the couch, and watching some good football.

Week 10 Recap

Clemson Beats Duke - Slugfest With Noles On Deck
#2 Clemson - 70
Duke - 27
Player of the Game: T. Ashe (WR) - 5 receptions, 95 yards, 3 TD receptions


Yadda Yadda...Noles Win Big! But Clemson Comes To Town Next Week
#3 Florida State - 80
NC State - 17
Player of the Game: Christian Ponder (QB) - 45/54 passing, 623 yards, 11 TD passes

Tigers Whistling Dixie In Rebel Rout
#6 LSU - 56
Ole Miss - 10
Player of the Game: Harry Coleman (SS) - 14 tackles, 1 TFL

Holy Blowout Batman! Gators Set RUTS Scoring Record, Snag 11 INTs
#12 Florida - 122
Georgia - 0
Player of the Game: Florida Defense - 11 INTs
It's a Twister! It's a Twister! Cyclones Scare Huskers
Nebraska Escapes With Last Minute TD
Nebraska - 49
Iowa State - 45
Player of the Game: K. Spano (QB) - 29/34 passing, 358 yards, 4 TDs

Upstart Canes Take Control Of ACC Coastal Division
Miami - 27
#8 VA Tech - 20
Player of the Game: Graig Cooper (RB) - 30 carries, 145 yards, 2 rushing TDs; 4 receptions, 94 yards, 1 TD reception
BSC Standings
1. USC
2. Clemson
3. FSU
4. Oklahoma
5. LSU
11. Florida
20. Miami
24. Nebraska
1. Reed (WR, FSU)
2. Ponder (QB, FSU)
3. Rainey (RB, FL)
4. B. Miller (RB, Clemson)
5. D. Murray (RB, Okla)

Monday, February 23, 2009

Week 9 Recap

Clemson Stings Yellow Jackets
#2 Clemson - 83
Georgia Tech - 7
Player of the Game: Willie Korn (QB) - 25/33 passing, 442 yards, 5 TDs

LSU Wins Battle of Tigers
#6 LSU - 52
Auburn - 17
Player of the Game: Bo Outlaw (RB) - 14 carries, 112 yards, 3 TDs; 3 receptions 29 yards

Mizzou No Match For Underrated Huskers
Nebraska - 48
Missouri - 27
Player of the Game: Roy Helu, Jr (RB) - 23 carries, 100 yards, 1 TD

HPT Is Back! Tarheels Are Canes' Appetizer For Week 10 Showdown With Hokies
Miami - 49
North Carolina - 10
Player of the Game: Graig Cooper (RB) - 23 carries, 213 rushing yards, 3 TDs; 4 receptions, 78 rec. yards, 1 TD rec.

Buffoloes Beat Longhorns, Keep Pace With Nebraska In Big 12 North
Texas - 28
#24 Colorado - 37
Player of the Game: n/a

BCS Standings:
1. USC

2. Clemson

3. FSU

4. Oklahoma

5. Oregon State

6. LSU

10. Florida

HULAaMANIA Heisman Watch

1. Reed (WR, FSU)

2. Ponder (QB, FSU)

3. Ryan Williams (RB, VA Tech)

4. D. Murray (RB, Okla)

5. Beck (WR, FSU)


What's on Tap for week 10:

  • Miami Looks To Get Back in the Top 25 next week as it faces off against ACC rival Virginia Tech. The winner of this game will seemingly lock up a trip to the ACC title game.

  • #1 USC hits the road to face #5 Oregon State in a battle for Pac 10 supremacy.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

SI Week 8 Recap

LSU's Lee Unstoppable Through The Air
Tigers Bury 'Cocks Early
#7 LSU - 67
South Carolina - 24
Player of the Game: Jarrett Lee (QB) - 28/34 passing, 485 yards, 5 TDs
Gators Make Hogs Squel After Slaughter
QB Phillips Improving Each Week
#16 Florida - 76
Arkansas - 3
Player of the Game: Carlos Phillips (QB) - 15/19 passing, 195 yards, 4 TD passes; 9 carries, 47 rushing yards, 2 rushing TDs
Husker Power(s)! Pierre Powers Leads Big Red To Big 12 North Lead
Coach Ccut's Under-rated Huskers Remain Unranked
Nebraska - 42
#12 Kansas State - 21
Player of the Game: Pierre Powers (WR/RB) - 7 carries, 108 yards, 1 TD; 12 receptions, 170 rec. yards
I'm Gonna "Knox" You Out, Mama Said "Knox" You Out
Canes Bench Marve, Freshman QB Knunley Steps In And Shines/Woos Ladies
Miami - 35
Georgia Tech - 3
Player of the Game: Graig Cooper (RB) - 25 carries, 114 yards, 2 rushing TDs; 9 receptions, 72 yards, 1 TD rec.
Ouch! Longhorns Can't Stop Red Raiders Passing Game
Texas - 17
Texas Tech - 42
BCS Standings
  1. USC
  2. Clemson
  3. Florida State
  4. Oklahoma
  5. Oregon State
  6. LSU

11. Florida


HULKAMANIA Heisman Watch
1. Bert Reed (WR, FSU)
2. Christian Ponder (QB, FSU)
3. Noel Devine (RB, West VA)
4. Blake Beck (WR, FSU)
5. Demarco Murray (RB, Oklahoma)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

RUTS Dynasty All-Name Team Nominations

The RUTS Dynasty league office has been in the process putting together its "All-Name Team." Please submit your suggestions in the comments section below or through email. Players must be only from the RUTS teams, but can be players that have played in seasons 1, 2, or 3 (it's not limited to players from this season). The RUTS Dynasty "All-Name Team" will be revealed after long deliberation by the league office.

Here are a few of my nominations for RUTS, along with some photos to celebrate some of the sports worlds all-time greatest names.
Pierre Powers (Nebraska)
Bo Outlaw (LSU)
Ray Ray Armstrong (Miami)
Knox Knunley (Miami)
Willie Korn (Clemson)

Dick Trickle - NASCAR

Shavodrick Beaver (2009 Michigan QB recruit)
God Shammgod (NCAA & NBA player)

No explanation needed!

De'Kody Fagg (FSU WR)

Usain Bolt - Fastest Dude Ever

Chubby Cox - Old School Hoopster

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Corndog Pizza: LSU's Meal of Champions

If the story behind LSU and their love of corndogs (The smell, the taste, and the overall idea of a corndog) is new to you...please do your self a favor and read this!! These poetic words were penned by an Auburn fan in 2005, and it has become the stuff of SEC legend. Take a whiff or a corndog, then an LSU will see for yourself! Credit to Clay Travis's awesome website for the corndog pizza photo!

Monday, February 16, 2009

It's That Time Of Year...

Hitting news stands this week is the new SI swimsuit edition. Congratulations to RUTS coaches StuBucksman and utvol27 for being selected as cover models. You can't deny pure talent when you see it!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Week 7 Recap


Tigers Steamroll Wolfpack
Plan To Get Some R&R During Open Week
#2 Clemson - 65
NC State - 3
Player of the Game: Blake Miller (RB) - 2 carries, 66 yards, 2 TDs; 4 receptions, 81 yards

Defense Wins Championships? Noles Defense Rocks Canes
Ponder and Coach cjohnchavis Stay Mum On New SI Cover

#3 Florida State - 31
#21 Miami - 8
Player of the Game: Kendall Pleasant (RB) - 17 carries, 72 yards
Eugene's Big Plays Help Tigers Win 4th Straight Against Gators
Late Florida Comeback Falls Just Short
#6 LSU - 38
#10 Florida - 24
Player of the Game: Jai Eugene (CB) - 3 rushes, 36 yards, 1 rushing TD; 1/1 passing on 2 point conversion attempt; 1 interception

Game Highlights:

5. On the following drive, LSU faces a crucial 4th and 5 at the Florida 47 yard line with around 3 minutes to play. Always the riverboat gambler, coach UTVOL54 sends CB Jai Eugene. Eugene looks to pass, but decides to scramble for a 22 yard gain and a Tiger 1st down. LSU would score again to cap the scoring at 38-24.

Huskers Hang On
Bears Almost Pull Off Huge Upset

Nebraska - 35
Baylor - 30
Player of the Game: Pierre Powers (WR) - 11 carries, 38 yards, 1 rushing TD; 9 receptions, 127 yards, 2 TD receptions

Longhorns Rebound For Big 12 Victory
Texas Still Needs 2 Oklahoma Losses
Texas - 55
Missouri - 29
Player of the Game: M. Webber (WR) - 7 receptions, 181 yards, 4 TD receptions

HULKAMANIA Heisman Watch
1. Bert Reed (WR, FSU)
2. Christian Ponder (QB, FSU)
3. Blake Beck (WR, FSU)
4. Chirs Burns (RB, Pitt)
5. Noel Devine (RB, West VA)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Week 7 Preview - Sunshine State Showdowns

After a few weeks of down time, the RUTS rivalries are back and better than ever this week. The #6 Tigers of LSU roll into Gainesville to take on arch-rival and 10th ranked Florida. This rivalry game, possibly the fiercest in all of RUTS, marks the 5th time that the Gators and Tigers have locked up on the gridiron. The State of Florida also is playing host to another fierce rivalry game between the #3 Florida State Seminoles and the #21 Miami Hurricanes. The Noles are looking to continue their climb back to national prominence with another high scoring victory, while Miami Coach StuBucksman has guaranteed a Hurricane victory at Dolphins Stadium. Buckle your seat belts!!

#6 LSU @ #10 Florida

It seems that every time we blink, these two teams are facing off against each other. The Tigers boast a 3-1 all-time record in the RUTS series, but that 1 loss was handed to them in Jortsville USA, aka The Swamp, the site of this week's showdown. While boasting arguably the finest defense in RUTS, the Florida Gators are also starting to show signs of life on offense for the first time all season. The past two weeks, new QB Carlos Phillips has been injured, and Cameron Newton, the season 2 starter has filled in admirably. At press time, we are unsure as to which QB Coach robtheblob51 will send out for the Gators' first snap. As long as the talented Gator RBs take the lead, the pressure will be off of whichever QB starts for Florida. The Gators suffered a major setback in week 6 however, as star RB Chris Rainey went down with an injury that will keep him out for this week's game.

The LSU offense, has been moving the ball at will against teams, but the Gators defense will test the strength of the Tigers explosive offense. The Tiger defense boasts possibly the finest secondary in the nation, with 5 players rated 91 or higher. The LSU DBs have the speed to go toe to toe with Florida's speedy WRs and RBs, so this game will likely come down to those players being in the right place and the right time to make a big play.

Both of these teams are smack dab in the middle of the national title race. They've both lost to #2 Clemson (LSU lost 17-14; Florida lost 20-7) and both have beaten #20 Miami (LSU 42-13; Florida 26-23), so they have common opponents this season.

These teams aren't strangers, they know what to expect from each other, and we're certain that this game will be a battle. We predict a low scoring game with both teams' defenses forcing some punts and/or turnovers. The Rowdy Reptiles will be ferocious from the opening kickoff and will make it difficult for Jarrett Lee to make checks and audible at the line of scrimmage. Look for the Gators to try to establish a running game against the LSU defense as well.

ESPN Gameday will be having a split crew this week. Erin Andrews and Kirk Herbstreit will be in Gainesville, while Holly Rowe, Lee Corso, and Chris Fowler will be in Miami.

You know Erin Andrews will be rooting for her alma mater, but Herbie says this one will belong to the Tigers, who will continue their quest to return to the BCS title game.

#3 Florida State @ #20 Miami

On-lookers beware! The venom being spit from the mouths of Miami Coach StuBucksman could poison even the likes of Chief Osceola. In an attempt to spice up what has become a semi-stale rivalry, Stu lashed out at FSU in a verbal assault not seen since Muhammad Ali was in his hay-day. To this point, FSu Coach cjohnchavis has been mum on the subject, only saying that he's "too busy scoring 91 points on opponents and trying to figure out a way to have the entire top 5 of the HULKAMANIA Heisman Watch consist of Seminole players" to worry about petty trash talk. But this writer knows cjohnchavis's blood is boiling and he will be out for pay back at Dolphins Stadium.

Miami's potent running game is back. Senior leader Graig Cooper torched the Duke defense last week for more than 200 rushing and 200 receiving yards, so look for the Canes to give it to Cooper early and often. Also, look for Miami backup Qb Knox Knunley to flash the Degeneration X "suck it" sign to FSU players, coaches, and fans at least 36.8 times per quarter.

The Noles look to come out heaving the ball around the yard, as QB Christian Ponder has two of the nation's best targets in WRs Bert Reed and Blake Beck. Tailback Kendall "Don't Expect My Breath To Smell" Pleasant also offers a nice counter punch to the Noles' passing attack.

Florida State's weak schedule to this point has been attacked by Coach StuBucksman, saying that "the Seminoles have played JV caliber opponents" compared to Miami, and that the Noles' #3 ranking is "a travesty and an injustice to sports fans everywhere."

Florida State's offense has been nothing short of spectacular this season, as they have ripped through all would be advesaries. Coach cjohnchavis is confident that his team will suffer no let-down in Miami.

However, a new controversy has ingulfed the rivalry recently. Cjohnchavis has taken the high road, but Coach Stu has been using the skills he honed at the LLKTTA in week 5!

"It's obvious that Christian Ponder's small ding dong is a major problem for their team," exclaimed Stu. "They are trying to hide the truth, but just like A-Rod and the steroids scandal, the truth shall set them free...and Ponder will be made a laughing stock on national tv, and then Holly Rowe will interview him after the game and laugh at him some more. She told me that she's seen CP's wiener and that it's not that big---if it was an iPod, it would be a Shuffle! FSU is for losers! Big gulps, huh? Well, see ya later!"

StuBucksman's comments, while strange and rambling on the surface, may hold a deeper philosophical meaning about the state of our economy, Aaron Neville's mole, and the hidden secrets about the tv show LOST. You be the judge.

One thing is certain, this game will be one for the ages. Miami claimed a groundbreaking 38-21 win in Tallahassee last season, which started the Canes' mid-season surge. Can they repeat last season's triumph? A loss for the Noles wouldn't crush their national title hopes, but the Canes desperately need a win to stay in the hunt.

Holly Rowe is a closet Hurricanes fan and she will be doing everything in her power to distract Ponder, Reed, and Beck on the Seminoles sidelines. Will it work? Who knows, only time will tell. But the Canes are playing at home, have a potent running game, and this one will be close.

The RUTS Dynasty PR staff predicts the first ever user vs. user OVERTIME game in Miami tonight!! In 3 overtimes, the Miami Hurricanes upset the 3rd ranked Seminoles 44-41. Pandemonium reigns on South Beach and Crockett and Tubbs have to separate Coach StuBucksman from an irate Cjohnchavis at the end of the game. This rivalry could be continued in the conference title game, in a no-disqualification steel cage match!

SI Week 6 Recap


Tigers Make Short Work of Cavs
#2 Clemson - 49
Virginia - 19
Player of the Game: Willie Korn (QB) - 30/42, 388 yards, 4 TDs

Seminoles Crush Wake
Battle With Miami On Deck

#3 Florida State - 91
Wake Forest - 20
Player of the Game: Christian Ponder (QB) - 35/43, 642 yards, 7 TDs

Good News, Bad News For Gators
Gators Win, But Lose Rainey For LSU Game
#7 Florida - 37
Ole Miss - 10
Player of the Game: Carolos Phillips (QB) - 17/25 passing, 330 yards, 5 TDs

Longhorns Upset Bid Is Picked Off
Sooners End Comeback Attempt With Late Pick Six

#20 Texas - 34
#4 Oklahoma - 45
Player of the Game: n/a

Cooper Racks Up Impressive Numbers, Canes Dominate
Despite Turnovers, Miami On A Roll Heading Into Seminole Showdown

#21 Miami - 49
Duke - 7
Player of the Game: Graig Cooper (RB) - 26 carries, 202 yards, 4 rushing TDs; 7 receptions, 205 rec. yards, 2 TD receptions

Huskers Fight Back Against Red Raiders
Coach ccut Pleased With Big Red's Toughness

Nebraska - 35
Texas Tech - 28
Player of the Game: Pierre Powers (WR) - 13 receptions, 214 yards, 1 TD

HULKAMANIA Heisman Report
1. Bert Reed (WR, FSU)
2. Christian Ponder (QB, FSU)
3. Blake Beck (WR, FSU)
4. Chirs Burns (RB, Pitt)
5. Carson Coffman (QB, Kansas State)

Monday, February 9, 2009

SI Week 5 Recap

The feature article from this week's SI can be seen on the post below. Let the hype begin for FSU/Miami!!

Tigers Pounce On Wake
Clemson Players Reprimanded For Make Fun Of Deamon Deacon Mascot

#2 Clemson - 84
Wake Forest - 23
Player of the Game: Willie Korn (QB) - 28/39 passing, 369 yards, 8 TD passes

Noles Riding Momentum into ACC Stretch Run
Can Ponder Surpass Season 2's Stats?

#3 Florida State - 63
Georgia Tech - 21
Player of the Game: Christian Ponder (QB) - 46/59 passing, 555 yards, 6 TDs

Tigers Hand Bulldogs First Loss
LSU Grinds Out SEC Win in a Physical Game

#5 LSU - 45
Mississippi State - 10
Player of the Game: Mark Ford (WR) - 9 receptions, 175 yards, 2 TD receptions

Longhorns Hook Bears
Red-River Rivalry, #4 Sooners Up Next

#20 Texas - 29
Baylor - 7
Player of the Game: DeSean Hales (RB) - 24 carries, 116 yards, 1 TD

Canes Back In The Win Column
StuBucksman Gets 8 Personal Foul Penalties For Trash Talking To Wolfpack Coaches, Players, Cheerleaders, Band Members, and Fans

#22 Miami - 49
NC State - 10
Player of the Game: Graig Cooper (RB) - 22 carries, 111 yards, 1 TD

Husker Mania Sweeps Through Jayhawks
Coach Ccut Doesn't Let Wedding Showers Affect Team's Effort Or Focus

Nebraska - 35
Kansas - 24
Player of the Game: Roy Helu, Jr. (RB) - 38 carries, 184 yards, 3 TDs

HULKAMANIA Heisman Watch
1. Bert Reed (WR, FSU)
2. Christian Ponder (QB, FSU)
3. Blake Beck (WR, FSU)
4. Mark Ford (WR, LSU)
5. Burns (RB, Pitt)

Sunday, February 8, 2009


Coaches of RUTS the certificate proving that during my bye week, I attended LLKTTA.  
I believed he proved with his comments this past week (if you haven't seen this then
look it up on, b/c you have been living under a rock) he can hang with the 
best of us coaches.  

Here are the 3 Rules of LLKTTA:

1. Don't think just speak.
2. Always point with your fingers when accusing others (accusations can be false or true
just say them, who cares you can always give a fake apology)
3. When in doubt give the suck it sign from Degeneration X!

I have a few things I would like to say, in the area of recruiting,after completing this weekend course:

1. First off you all cheat in recruiting and I don't!  
2. I don't compete with you all heavily, but anyone not in the state of Florida sucks at 
recruiting! Yeah you suck it! I said it and I will issue an apology that I am forced to do latter,but I don't 
meaning it.
3. LSU smells!
4. Clemson has purple in their uniforms, which is equal to Pansies.
5. Nebraska plays like the corn that comes out in your pooooo!
6. Texas- Beef it's what's for dinner!  
7. Florida- 66 yard field goal....BS! You don't even recruit. You just send girls in Jorts out with money!  
8. But the most trash talking I have is for you cjohnchavis and FSU!  We play week 7 and I want to give you 
some bulletin board material. First what is up with Christian Ponder and his unreal stats! I think his is 
You have already got some big recruits, cjohnchavis. Probably by giving the Free Shoes, right Free Shoes U! Well 
I am here to change that image to the Nerd U. You guys heard of that Rolle guy who is skip the NFL for some scholarship.
He is a Nerd like the rest of the FSU players. See if you get any recruits now. It doesn't matter after the smack down the HPT  
puts on FSU in week 7, no one will want to go to the Nerd U (look out duke here comes FSU)! cjohnchavis after this game
you will be wishing you took those job offers in the Big 12!
Let's just say "If you smell what the Rock is cooking?" Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson has promised to give the pregame speech
and come on as the new strength coach. So good luck FSU and sorry you will lose all your recruits just like Miami lost Bryce Brown.

Always remember FSU "Shut your mouth and know your Role!"

Here is the apology, which I do not men: "I state my regret"

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Week 4 Scoreboard


Tigers Beat Down BC
Korn Leads Clemson Passing Game In Win
#2 Clemson - 66
Boston College - 7
Player of the Game: B. Miller, 5 receptions, 171 yards, 3 TDs

War Chant Echoes Through Hokies
Noles Embaress VT; Former Coach Ccut Accused Of Giving Away Hokie Signals

#3 Florida State - 84
#5 Virginia Tech - 7
Player of the Game: Bert Reed (WR) - 13 receptions, 279 yards, 4 TDs

Tigers Drown Dawgs In Baton Rouge Downpour
Lee Throws for 100th Career TD Pass In Win

#6 LSU - 52
#23 Georgia - 3
Player of the Game: Jarrett Lee (QB) - 23/27 passing, 385 yards, 4 TDs

Hot Gators Carve Through Rocky Top
Offense Comes Alive For Surging Gators

#9 Florida - 51
#15 Tennessee - 14
Player of the Game: Chris Rainey (RB) - 8 receptions, 94 yards, 1 TD reception

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Sports Illustrated Week 3 Recap


Tigers Roar Past Terps
Clemson Passing Attack Is Back In Business

#2 Clemson - 44
Maryland - 3
Player of the Game:
Willie Korn (QB) - 28/34 passing, 380 yards, 4 TDs, 0 INTs

Seminoles Topple Eagles
Move Up To #3 In Latest Rankings; But Nightmare Schedule Looms

#4 Florida State - 76
Boston College - 24
Player of the Game:
Christian Ponder (QB) - 49/62 passing, 665 yards, 9 TDs

Death Valley Strikes Again
Tigers Get Revenge On Canes, Extend Home Win Streak To 13

#7 LSU - 42
#14 Miami - 13
Player of the Game: Bo Outlaw (RB) - 10 carries, 62 yards, 1 rushing TD; 4 receptions, 79 yards, 1 TD reception
- LSU takes the lead 7-0 on its opening drive on a 58 yard TD pass to Bo Outlaw.

- LSU's freshman phenom Mark Ford hauls in a 57 yard reception with only 15 seconds left until halftime. LSU would score on its next play to take a 21-7 lead into the locker room.

- Qb Jarrett Lee hits a wide open Marcus Medlock for a 43 yard TD score to give the Tigers a commanding 28-7 lead.


Huge Road Win Gives Gators Confidence
Surprising Running Game Lifts Gators, But QB Phillips Goes Down With Injury

#10 Florida - 28
Nebraska - 21
Player of the Game:
Chris Rainey (RB) - 11 carries, 70 yards, 1 rushing TD; 6 receptions, 90 yards, 1 TD reception

Upset Special! Longhorns Nail Badgers In Austin
Harris To Irby Connection Is Lethal

#24 Texas - 42
#8 Wisconsin - 35
Player of the Game:
Blaine Irby (TE) - 7 receptions, 124 yards, 1 TD

HULKAMANIA Heisman Watch
1. Ponder (QB, FSU)
2. Reed (WR, FSU)
3. Butler (RB, VA Tech)
4. Mark Ford (WR, LSU)
5. Blake Beck (WR, FSU)

Monday, February 2, 2009

Week 3 Preview: Tigers - Canes Part Duex, The Sequel, Again, II

Week 3 is off and running. While it will has big shoes to fill to match Week 2's drama, this week features some big games and is being touted as "Bounce Back Saturday." The Gators/Cornhuskers and LSU Tigers/Hurricanes all have 1 loss and getting wins in their big matchups will be crucial to staying in the national title race. #24 Texas looks to notch its first win of the season against #8 Wisconsin.

#14 Miami @ #7 LSU
Last season, an undefeated and #1 ranked LSU Tigers team traveled to South Beach for the final week of the regular season, squaring off against an un-ranked, un-respected Miami team who entered the contest at 8-3. A pre-game fight between the two teams only added to the drama. The Canes used a creative offense featuring FB Dives and Off-Tackle hand offs to pound the Tigers into the ground and knock off the nation's #1 team, keeping them out of the national title game. Since then, the Canes have surged into the national spotlight, and climbed as high as #8 in the national polls last week before losing a heart breaker to Florida.

LSU enters this week still smarting from a 3 point defeat at Clemson. Both teams feel as if they should have won their games, and it will be interesting to see which team bounces back this week.

LSU is riding a RUTS Dynasty leading, 12 game winning streak at home and have not lost in Tiger Stadium since week 2 of season 1. They have also been at their best when their backs are against the wall, following up their previous 3 RUTS defeats with huge wins (35-21 @ FSU, 63-0 @ S. Carolina, and 20-3 vs. Florida). The same kind of mindset will be needed tonight when the Canes come to town.

Will the Canes Emerge from Death Valley alive?

Miami's rise back to national prominence has been fast and impressive. The Canes boast one of the nation's stingiest defenses and have 2 defensive ends (rated 99 and 97) that would make LSU Defensive Coordinator John Chavis salivate! The Canes bread and butter, however, is its running game and star tailback Graig "Don't Call Me GREG" Cooper." In last season's game against the Tigers, Cooper and freshman Bryce Brown (who has since transferred to Cow Bell University) racked up a boat load of rushing yards and dominated the time of possession. At the end of the day, Miami had upset #1 LSU, and the Canes had run 55 plays on offense, compared to only 24 for LSU.

The book is out on Miami though, literally, as a former Hurricanes graduate assistant reportedly faxed the LSu coaching staff a copy of Miami's offensive playbook. The Graduate Assistant has since been terminated. Here is a copy of the entire playbook:

The biggest story has been the shocking dismissal of Miami strength coach Ted DiBiase. Dibiase, a former WWF pro wrestler, was mentioned in week 2's preview of the Miami/Florida game. The problem was, while he was working at Miami, not only was he paying Miami athletes with his "millions" of dollars, but he was also taking Miami players Knox Knunley, Larry Chambers, and Ed Simmons with him on the weekends to be his "managers" on the local pro-wrestling circuit, "South Beach Wrestling Club For Former Legends of the WWF." In his heart, DiBiase knew taking players with him was wrong, but he claimed that he has been trying desperately to fill the void in his heart that was left by his former manager/male-lover, Virgil. After years of verbal abuse, the two had a falling out, which ended in violence at WWF Summer Slam in 1991. No matter though, Dibase knew the rules, as NCAA Bylaw 23.4657836283 1/2 clearly states that:
"No university employee shall request a student athlete to attend a pro wrestling event with him/her, and it is not only frowned upon, but illegal, to ask said student athlete to serve as a manager for said university employee/wrestler."

Former Miami strength coach Ted Dibiase announces he is stepping down from the position, effective immediately.

As if Miami Coach StuBucksman didn't have anything else to worry about, he now has to replace his strength coach the week of one of the biggest games of the season. After much debate, Stu promoted "Chubby," the Hurricanes team yoga instructor to fill the void on an interim basis. Although unavailable for comment, Coach StuBucksman said this in the official press release:
"Although I am saddened about the departure of the Million-Dollar Man from our program, I like what Chubby brings to the table. His yoga moves are stellar, and our players really respond to the way he infuses aerobics and dance steps into their workouts." (On a side that whole video and try to not laugh out loud!)

No matter how much internal drama there is in the Miami camp, the game will be won between the white lines, and this game should be a dandy. These two teams have two very different offensive and defensive philosophies. Miami's plan is clear and simple...pound the rock, eat the clock, and wear down the LSU defense. LSU touts a more balanced attack with speed galore at the skill positions, but will strength win out over speed again? It will be interesting to see which style comes out on top.

The LSU crazy Cajun fans will be rowdy and ready for this one, and it will be tough for Miami QB Robert Marve to audible at the line of scrimmage. This game is a toss-up, and Las Vegas oddsmakers have listed LSU as a mere 1 point favorite. The RUTS Dynasty staff is torn as to who to pick in this one. When Commissioner and Vice-Commissioner meet on the field, it's anyone's game. However, we think that Miami will be driving for a late, game winning score, when Robert Marve will throw and interception. LSU will have one play left, and attempt a 67 yard FG for the win. The snap is down...the kick is up...........and it's
d) BLOCKED, MIAMI RECOVERS BUT FUMBLES (Leon Lett style) and LSU returns it for a TD

#10 Florida @ Nebraska
The Gators are back in the top 10 this week after squeaking out a miraculous victory over Miami last week. However, they have little time to celebrate, as they head to Lincoln to tangle with up and coming Nebraska. The Big Red Machine rolled through TCu last week, and have found a dynamic player to compliment their already potent running game. Pierre Powers, who undoubtedly will be on the RUTS Dynasty "All-Name team" dominated the Horned Frogs and will look to do the same again at home this week.
Nebraska is well coached and it will be interesting to see what scheme ccut comes up with to negate the Gators' speed advantage. The season is young, but whoever wins this game takes a huge step in national spotlight. If the Gators can win on the road, they will likely march into the week 7 game against LSU in the top 10, while a Nebraska win would mean the Cornhuskers would be favored to enter their week 14 game at an astonishing 10-1.
The heat is on for both teams, but the RUTS staff is predicting a shocking upset. The Cornhuskers will use the ground game to keep Carlos Phillips and the Gators offense on the sidelines. Nebraska wins a hard fought game 24-20 and sends shock waves throughout the RUTS Dynasty nation.

Other games this week -

Maryland @ #2 Clemson - Will the Tigers have a hangover after last week's triumph over LSU?

Boston College @ #4 Florida State - Will the Noles let their first top 5 ranking in RUTS history get to their heads?

#8 Wisconsin @ #24 Texas - After two tough defeats, the Horns get another huge test with the 8th-ranked Badgers. Will this be the week Texas breaks through to topple a top 10 team?