Friday, July 30, 2010

NCAA 11 Update from EA Sports

It's a great article...Read the full post here!

Here are a few highlights....

"I'm happy to report that a title update is coming soon. Look for this in about two-to-three weeks or so (currently estimating mid-August). We'll communicate the official dates as soon as they're locked in." (Hopefully this will fix all the recruiting progression bugs, but if not, we will forge ahead!)

More details on the client update to come, but here are three of the big ones we've solved:
-- RANDOM PLAY ACTION CRAZINESS - Sure it looks funny, but annoying as heck when it costs you a drive or a game. We're sorry we missed this one as well and apologize for the issue.
-- SEASON SHOWDOWN STATS REPORTING - The season showdown warning is harmless right now and this issue and related lobby problems ultimately get fixed with the update.
-- UNIFORMS THAT NEVER NEED WASHING - This is one of the more painful ones for us given all the work on visuals this year. The game actually does degrade uniforms; unfortunately we broke something in a final build that made the impact way too subtle. Consider this one solved with the update.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Team Draft Order

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Sources: Coach ZeeJayDee Seriously Considering Potentially Thinking About Finding A Way To Grab #1 Pick in RUTS3 Draft

Sources at RUTS headquarters received credible evidence that Coach zeejaydee is scouring old crime novels and various gangster's Wikipedia pages to find a way to steal the #1 pick in the RUTS3 draft next week.

Phone calls to RUTS3 President E. Haag, Vice-President and Lead Cheer Coordinator A. Nunley, and Co-Commisioner A. Haag all went unanswered late Tuesday night. But, there is no doubt that this rumor has riled up some other RUTS3 coaches.

"Look, it's obvious that Coach zeejaydee has his eyes set on that Alabama job," said a RUTS3 Coach who refused to be named for this story. "We all have an interest in coaching the Crimson Tide, and it looks like zee will do anything in his power to get it."

This rumor comes on the heels of a feature write up on Coach zeejaydee in Esquire Magazine, touting him the 'Next Big Thing in Video Game Athletics.' He was quoted in the story as saying "his time has come to dominate" and that his improvement in RUTS2 "was just the tip of the iceberg that will sink the other elite RUTS coaches." He even went as far as to call out Coach StuBucksman for not devoting enough time to football since his band, Sensual Barbecue's debut album was released. "Coach Stu is losing his passion for the game, and I will be the one to step on his face in my path to the top and on his spiral downward," said zeejaydee. He later retracted those comments, citing bad cell phone reception on his new iPhone4.

While this rumor has yet to be denied, nor substantiated, one thing is clear: the battle for the #1 pick in the RUTS3 team draft is on! While coaches and fans will be awaiting the release of the draft order video next week, all we can do is speculate.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

RUTS3 Draft Just Days Away

As the RUTS3 Draft Order Announcement Video and Team Draft-o-rama Extravaganza-Galore draws closer, the national media and internet message boards are all speculating as to where the talented crop of 8 free agent video-gamers will be coaching this season.

RUTS3 coaches have been frantically scouting each interested team, looking for the right mix of style, substance, and number of uniform options.

National media and internet message boards have been buzzing for two weeks now, desperate for any inside information on where these coaching legends will be headed.

Rumor of the Day: Coach UTVOL54 to replace Joe Pa??!!

Coach utvol27, who led Clemson to 4 consecutive national titles in RUTS1, was rumored to have been considering a return trip to the Tigers. However, as early as yesterday, sources close the situation confirmed that Clemson is not in the mix and that Coach utvol27 wants a new challenge.

Coach StuBucksman, who grew up an Alabama fan, has said on record that he'd certainly listen to any offer from Alabama Athletic Director Mal Moore, but that he will go where the money is. The Iowa State Cyclones reportedly offered Stu the richest coaching contract in the history of the world, at 5 years $1.6 billion, but Stu has not accepted the position yet, leading many to believe that he's A) crazy for not taking the $$, and B) wanting to head to a campus that has a legit shot at winning from day 1.

There are some definite wildcards in the coaching shuffle. Coach ZeeJayDee improved his stock drastically in RUTS2, and if he is able to secure a high draft pick, he could be headed to a team that could make a lot of noise from day 1. In addition, RUTS newcomer Coach StinVol's talents are a definite unknown. Does he have what it takes to motivate a team and contend with the constant trash talking that is sure to transpire in RUTS? Coaches EBDial and ChrisHicks21, who made their RUTS debut last year in the NFL, have never coached in the college game, and their recruiting abilities, as well as their tolerance of dealing with annoying "helicopter parents" will be tested early.

Here is the official rundown of events for the RUTS3 Team Draft:

Tuesday, August 3 - Release of Team Draft-Order Video (released on the blog and youtube)

Immediately after the draft video airs, the draft begins, and users will select their teams by email. Be sure to REPLY ALL on your emails, so that all of us can see who you selected.

Here are the 8 coaches we have as of today:
  1. Coach UTVOL54 (Eric H.)
  2. Coach utvol27 (Andrew)
  3. Coach StuBucksman (Adam)
  4. Coach cjohnchavis (John)
  5. Coach zeejaydee (Zach)
  6. Coach EBDial (Eric D.)
  7. Coach ChrisHicks21 (Chris)
  8. Coach stinvol (Hunter)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

RUTS Coaches NCAA 11 Reviews

The game is out! Let the College Football coaching free-agency period begin, as we all begin to practice with various teams and see exactly which campus is the best fit for each of our coaching styles.

After 1 day, NCAA 11 has received rave reviews from RUTS Coaches. I particularly love that I crushed USC with the Vols 34-14 on All-American, behind a stellar running attack (Tauren Poole!) and great passing by freshman Qb Tyler Bray. What do you like best about the game so far?

Also, be tweaking with the Auto-Sprint button and see what you think. Also, give me some ideas of Qtr. length. I think in RUTS1 we used 7 or 8 min Qtrs.

Monday, July 12, 2010


It's "NCAA Football 11 - Eve" .... GET YOUR GAME FACE ON! Starting tomorrow, the 'free agency' period begins in what will change the landscape of the college football world. RUTS veteran (and future hall of fame) coaches and newbies, alike, will be testing the waters to see which university/team they will be leading in RUTS3. Speculation is running rampant among the college football world, and experts and analysts have been speculating for weeks.

- Will Coach CJohnChavis make the trip down south to the bayou to join forces with his father, Coach CJohnChavis'sDad at LSU?

- Will Coach UTVOL54 choose to take over a struggling Tennessee program and lead the Vols back to their glory days?

- Will one of the young RUTS3 whipper-snappers like Coach EBDial, StinVol, or ChrisHicks21 be able to secure an early team-draft position and snap up one of college football's powerhouses? Will Coach Zeejaydee keep building on the momentum he built in RUTS2?

- Will Coach utvol27 shock the world and head to Southern Cal after former Trojans Coach Lane Kiffin resigned over allegations he'd never earned his high school diploma?

So many questions...but all will be answered in the coming weeks. The game comes out tomorrow, and certainly signals the beginning of the college football season!

Coach StuBucksman has been camping out for weeks...and his band, Sensual Barbeque (currently on tour promoting their debut album, "Grill Or Die") is headlining the game release festivities in NYC's Times Square...(LIVE coverage on the Lifetime network, 10 pm ET)

In the meantime, chime in and make a comment...what are your favorite "game release day" traditions?

Saturday, July 10, 2010

NCAA 11 Gets Rave Reviews

NCAA 11 gets a 9/10 review from Operation Sports...this was fun to read and added to the excitement of the game coming out in just 3 more days (July 13).

You can read the review HERE!