Wednesday, April 27, 2011

NCAA 12 Tennessee Video

Thursday, April 21, 2011

NCAA 12 Videos Show Visual and Gameplay Improvements

Auburn in Blue Pants and More Awesomely Sweet NCAA 12 Images

2 huge thumbs up on Auburn's (new?!) blue pants!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

NCAA Football 12 Cover Art Revealed

Some other cool new photos:

3 Teams Clinch Division Crowns

The Alabama Crimson Tide defeated the LSU Tigers 35-28 last week, giving the Tide their fourth SEC West title in 5 seasons of RUTS3.

The game was a close battle, with the Tide scoring the game winning TD with 16 seconds left. Alabama remained at #5 in the BCS polls this week, and despite its 2 early-season losses, has a great chance of ending up in the BCS National Title Game should they be able to win out and defeat the SEC East Champ in the SEC title game.

The SEC East Champion is #6 North Carolina. The Tarheels are one of the hottest teams in RUTS, reeling off 7 straight victories after losing in Week 2 to Oklahoma. Coach ChrisHicks21's team might have enough momentum to give Alabama a run for their money in the SEC title game this year. It will be the 4th time in 5 seasons that the Heels and the Tide have locked horns in Atlanta with the SEC championship on the line.

#7 Ohio State has clinched the Big 12 North title and awaits the winner of this week's Miami/Oklahoma game to see who it will face in Dallas.The #2 Sooners are a 6 point favorite over #8 Miami, but you can't rule out the Canes. Miami has defeated Alabama and Florida this season, and Coach stinvol has knocked off Coach utvol27 before (in season 1). This one could be interesting.

Oklahoma faces #1 USC in week 13, and Florida battles #4 Georgia Tech. #3 Cincinnati lost this week to South Florida. 

Once again this season, we predict that the SEC Champion and the Big 12 Champion will be matched up in the BCS National Title Game. Making for a 5th consecutive user vs. user game for all the marbles!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Here Come the Tarheels

Out of nowhere, the North Carolina Tarheels have jumped into the forefront of the SEC & National Championship mix. Coach ChrisHicks21's squad has reeled off incredible upset victories over then #4 LSU (27-21) and #10 Florida (28-17) to vault to #6 in the BCS.

The Tarheels still need to defeat the #15 Tennessee Volunteers to claim a return trip to the SEC title game to face the winner of Week 11's game between LSU and Alabama. The Crimson Tide, despite having 2 losses on the season, are ranked #5 in the BCS and, if they defeat LSU, would be favored to reach the national title game again.

Like last season, the SEC title game winner will likely match up against the winner of the Big 12 Championship, which will feature #7 Ohio State vs. #2 Oklahoma/#8 Miami.

Friday, April 8, 2011

The Miracles of NCAA 11 (A Rant by Coach UTVol54)

In the aftermath of #3 Oklahoma's 36-29 victory over #1 Ohio State in Week 7, Ohio State Coach UTVol54 submitted this editorial in the Columbus, Ohio newspaper:

 Some things are just NOT meant to beer for life, Chick Fil-a open on Sundays, and Coach utvol27 ever having bad luck in RUTS football. I am of the opinion that EA Sports and Coach utvol27 have collaborated on some quasi-paranormal scam that ensures luck, Heisman winners, and National Championships whenever he plays. 

I accept that my team came up short in Norman, Okla this week. It was a close, 7 point, game...and we came up short. We're still aiming high and gunning for a rematch in Dallas for the Big 12 title. 

The way the loss occurred is darn near impossible, and re-affirms my belief that Coach utvol27 may indeed Mr. EA Sports himself. See for yourself below...

This pass was surely knocked down by OSU LB Buster Russell's helmet right? Wrong....77 yard TD completion for Oklahoma!

More evidence of the shenanigans...

Maybe the best picture of I said....TD Oklahoma??!!

The best player in season 5 may be Oklahoma SS Dave "Eric Berry" Thomas...forced a fumble and sealed the game with a late INT...more on that later.

Despite the tomfoolery, OSU RB Roderick Smith gave the Bucks a 29-21 on this 3 yard TD run with 1 second left in the first half.
Oklahoma tied the game at 29-29, and on the ensuing kickoff, Ohio State fumbled the kickoff and the Sooners returned it for SIX!

The straw that broke the camels back...Driving to tie the game with under 3 minutes left, OSU QB Michael Cade threw a pass to intended target, WR Ayers Jordan. The pass, which was thrown with zero pressure in Cade's face, sailed 10 yards to the right of the WR, right into the waiting arms of Oklahoma SS Dave Thomas, who seemingly stood in one place for 3 seconds waiting for the ball.

Thomas, camped out.

Yes, I'm bitter...

But, there is a day of vengeance on the horizon...

Big 12 title game....


I will definitely...

Come up short, yet again....

Or...will I ????!!!


Coach UTVol54

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Week 6 Recap

Week 6 was a big week for RUTS and featured two prominent head-to-head matchups.

#1 Ohio State hosted #4 Miami in Columbus. All signs pointed to this game being a low-scoring, close game, but, thanks to a dominant defensive effort, including forcing 4 turnovers, the Buckeyes defeated the Canes 56-9. The Buckeyes remain #1 in both polls and are looking ahead now to a clash with #3 Oklahoma in week 8. Can they finally end utvol27's winning streak? Two words....Roderick Smith!
Senior RB Roderick Smith has emerged as the starting RB for OSU, jumping past Junior Cyrus Jones on the depth chart.

This interception by CJ Bryant was returned for a TD with just 1 second remaining in the 1st half, giving OSU a 28-3 lead heading into the locker room.

OSU's defense forced a fumble on the Canes' first drive of the 2nd half, which was also returned for a TD.

#2 LSU defeated #5 Florida in The Swamp 28-14. The Tigers scored 21 points in the 2nd quarter, fueled by 2 forced fumbles and a great performance by veteran RB Spencer "Tupper" Ware.
LSU thinks it should still be ranked atop the polls, over Ohio State. "We're the original 'wear white jerseys at home team in RUTS'" said coach cjohnchavis. "The voters need to take into consideration that Ohio State is copying our style. End of story."

And, in other RUTS news...Oklahoma backup RB Cowboy Kyle Ryan is roping broncos (and defenders) in a quest to become the best football playing cowboy of all-time.

He's got the look!

He's got the hops!

He's got the hands!

Will he have the Heisman by season's end?