Monday, September 21, 2009

Week 7 Scoreboard

Pats Rebound Against Struggling Bucs
Brady Continues Record Setting yardage pace
Player of the Game: T. Brady (QB) - 22/37, 351 yards, 4 TDs

Big Ben Gets Coach ZeeJayDee A Monumental Win
Coach's First RUTS User Win "Tear Jerking"
Player of the Game: B. Roethlisburger (QB) - 21/30, 357 yards, 4 TDs, 0 INTs

Jones-Drew's Break Out Game Dominates Giants
RB Finally Earns Season High Rushing Yards as Cardinals Roll
Player of the Game: M. Jones-Drew (RB) - 23 carries, 165 yards, 3 TDs

Swine Flu Contains, But Doesn't Stop Cowboy Victory Train
Dallas Remains Undefeated

Player of the Game: M. Barber (RB ) - 2 rushing TDs

Chargers Cruise Past Kansas City
Stingy Defense, Efficient Rivers Lead the Charge
Player of the Game: P. Rivers (QB) - 20/28, 214 yards, 4 TDs, 0 INTs

Maurice Jones-Drew (Cardinals, RB) - 23 carries, 165 yards, 3 TDs

Week 6 Scorebaord

Titans Stay Undefeated with Big Win at New England
Efficient Collins and Speedy Johnson Control Clock in Big Win
Player of the Game: K. Collins (QB) - 14/19 passing, 216 yds, 2 TDs, 0 INTs
Fight to the Finish
Cards Come From Behind To Nip Division Rival Seattle
Player of the Game: M. Vick (QB) - 4/5 passing, 88 yards, 2 TDs; 1 rushing TD Super Chargers Pound Denver
Jacobs Dominates Broncos' Defense
Player of the Game: B. Jacobs (RB) - 21 car, 74 yds, 1 TD; 9 rec, 115 yds, 1 TD rec

Winless Cleveland Shocks Steelers
Steelers Have No Answer to Browns Stingy Defense

Vikings Continue To Grind Out Tough Wins
Team Feels Confident Heading Into Week 7 Game Against Steelers


Brandon Jacobs (Chargers, RB) - 21 car, 74 yds, 1 TD; 9 rec, 115 yds, 1 TD rec

Thursday, September 17, 2009

This Has Nothing To Do With RUTS or Football...

but it's too hilarious not to pass along...we DVR'd the "Ellen" show yesterday b/c DMB was performing live on the show. At the beginning of the show they featured this new workout "contraption" just can't make this stuff up!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Week 5 Scoreboard

Steelers Inch Past Stafford and the Lions
Passing Game Continues to Lift Steel City
Player of the Game: S. McDonald (WR) - 3 rec., 43 yds, 1 TD, 1 KO return TD

Patriots Rout Denver
Set Sights on Week 6 Showdown Against Titans
Player of the Game: T. Brady (QB) - 26/43, 401 yds, 4 TDs

Titans Defense Makes Stand Against Peyton
Defense Hasn't Allowed a TD in 9 consecutive Quarters
Player of the Game: C. Johnson (RB) - 13 carries, 132 yards, 1 rush TD, 1 TD reception

Cowboys Continue To Run It Up Against AFC
Defense and Offense Hitting Stride
Player of the Game: M. Barber (RB) - 30 carries, 103 yds, 2 TDs; 4 rec. 56 yds

Cardinals Offense Takes Flight Against Texans
Cards Getting Comfy With Two QB System
Player of the Game: L. Fitzgerald (WR) - 6 receptions, 192 yds, 2 TDS

Vikings Survive and Advance
Close Wins Will Benefit Team Come Playoff Time, Says Coach
Player of the Game: B. Favre (QB) - 18/30 passing, 224 yds, 3 TDs

Tom Brady (Patriots, QB) - 26/43, 401 yds, 4 TDs

Monday, September 14, 2009

Week 4 Scoreboard

Chargers Deny Steelers' Late Comback Attempt
Player of the Game: A. Gates (TE) - 7 rec, 152 yds, 1 TD

Cowboys Smash Previously Unbeaten Broncos
Player of the Game: T. Romo (QB) - 22/27, 344 yds, 5 TDs, 0 INTs

Brady Remains On Fire in Patriots' Route
Player of the Game: T. Brady (QB) - 24/34, 350 yards, 4 TDs, 0 INTs

Record Setting Day For Finnegan, Titans Defense
Player of the Game: C. Finnegan (CB) - 9 tackles, 8 sacks (NFL record), 1 INT
Titans Defense Sets New NFL Record with 13 sacks in 1 game

Favre Sticks It To Packers in OT, Big Day for AP and Percy
Player of the Game: A. Peterson (RB) - 20 carries, 202 yards, 1 TD

Antonio Gates (TE) - 7 rec, 152 yds, 1 TD

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

AFL Legacy Downloadable Content

Read the full article here - Madden '10 AFL Legacy Pack

On September 24, Madden 10 will release downloadable content (for $6.99 in the game's "Madden Store") where we can access the AFL uniforms and other throwback content. This might be a really cool feature, even though it sucks to have to pay for it! RUTS teams like the Patriots, Titans, and Chargers would get access to the throwback AFL uniforms that those teams will be wearing for a few games this season. I'm not for sure if I will buy it yet, but I think it might be a really cool addition to the game.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Week 3 Scoreboard

4th Qtr Surge Leads Cards Past Peyton and the Colts
Warner and Vick Each Have Impressive Passing Performances
Player of the Game: S. Breaston (WR) - 6 receptions, 176 yards, 1 TD

Patriots Dominate Helpless Falcons
Brady's Knee Getting Better Each Week
Player of the Game: T. Brady (QB) - 28/36 passing, 378 yds, 4 TDs, O INTs

Vikings Comeback to Sprint Past Niners
Despite Struggling Passing Game, Peterson Pounds the Rock
Player of the Game: A. Peterson (RB) - 17 carries, 193 yards, 3 TDs

Chargers Lose Overtime Heartbreaker to Miami
Trip to Pittsburgh Looming Next Week
Chargers Player of the Game: P. Rivers (QB) - 16/27 passing, 234 yards, 2 TDs

Cowboys Charge Past Panthers
Player of the Game: T. Romo (QB) - 23/30 passing, 269 yards, 2 TDs, O INTs

Steelers' Passing Attack Slices Cincy's Secondary
Steelers Build Confidence for Next Week's Battle With Chargers
Player of the Game: B. Roethlisberger (QB) - 16/30, 323 yards, 4 TDs

Titans Offense Continues To Lead Team In Meadowlands Victory
Player of the Game: C. Johnson (RB) - 21 carries, 135 yards, 3 TDs; 71 receiving yards, 1 TD


Adrian Peterson (Vikings, RB) - 17 carries, 193 yards, 3 TDs

Friday, September 4, 2009

Week 2 Scoreboard

Cardinals Top Jags for 1st Win of 2009 Season
Coach Stu's 1st week of mandated Chick Fil-A ban goes well
Player of the Game: M. Jones-Drew (RB) 5 receptions, 108 yards, 2 TD rec.,

Titans Dominate 4th Qtr To Earn Comeback Win
RB Johnson falls 25 yards short of NFL single game rushing record
Player of the Game: C. Johnson (RB) 21 carries, 271 yards, 4 rushing TDs; 1 TD reception

Despite Turnovers, Chargers Hold Off Pesky Ravens
Jacobs Getting More Cozy In New Offense
Player of the Game: B. Jacobs (RB) - 23 carries, 62 yds., 1 TD; 5 receptions, 74 yds

Dallas Gets Huge Win In New Stadium's Debut
"Them Poor Fools Didn't Stand A Chance" says Coach utvol27
Player of the Game: J. Witten (TE) 8 receptions, 131 yds. , 1 TD

Steelers Bounce Back With Clutch Windy City Win
Slot man McDonald Earning Respect and Accolades From Teammates
Player of the Game: S. McDonald (WR) - 5 receptions, 120 yds.

Rookie Stafford Outplays Favre as Lions Shock Minnesota
Favre's 4 INTs Create A New "Schism" in Vikings' Locker Room
Vikings Player of the Game: A. Peterson (RB) - 13 carries, 131 yds., 1 TD

New England's New Season
Coach CJohnChavis Fires Up Defense In Victory Over The Jets
Player of the Game: T. Brady (QB) - 24/41 passing, 315 yards, 2 TDs, 0 INTs

Chris Johnson (Titans, RB) - 21 carries, 271 yards, 5 total TDs

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Report: Sources Confirm Coach StuBucksman's Whereabouts During Team's Week 1 Loss

Phoenix, Ariz. --- It was a landmark day for the Arizona Cardinals. A season after making the franchise's first ever Super Bowl appearance, a young handsome (some might say striking) new face was hired to take over the reigns of the team to get them over the hurdle and win the Super Bowl. Coach StuBucksman, whose previous coaching stints include Hawkins Middle School, the South Carolina Gamecocks, the Miami Hurricanes, and the Florida Gators, was excited to make his first head coaching appearance in the NFL. But something happened on the way to the Week 1 alter. has cited "sources close enough to the situation to smell Coach Stu's farts" that Coach StuBucksman was over-served at a Phoenix Chick Fil-A and passed out in the parking lot, likely due to Chick Fil-A sauce intoxication.
"He was slurpin' away on Chick Fil-A sauce cocktails," said an unnamed Cardinals fan, who witnessed Coach Stu's antics. "I mean I'm a big fan of Coach Stu and that sauce, but what he was doing was borderline disgusting."
Witnesses state that after enjoying a nice, sit down (not drive thru) pre game meal at the local Chick Fil-A with his wife, Coach Stu began accepting free pocket-sized packets of the sauce from fans, who thought the sauce might provide Coach Stu with a healthy and filling in-game snack on the sidelines. Unbeknowngst to the naive fans, Coach Stu didn't know when to say when, and began inhaling the sauce at Usain Bolt-like speeds.
"The next thing we knew, he's got a martini glass full of the sauce and is trying to get the entire restaurant to do the chicken dance on top of the tables," said a 49ers fan, who was in the restaurant. "Things turned sour when he started the conga line that paraded out into the parking lot."
Once in the parking lot, Stu posed for photographs with onlookers and started singing the classic R. Kelly song "The World's Greatest" before collapsing to the pavement in a pool of spilt sauce.
"I have never in my life seen such a display of sheer will and inner-strength to digest so much Chick Fil-A sauce," said a young Cardinals fan. "Plus his stirring rendition of that R. Kelly song gave me goosebumps. It was magical, and he has the voice of an angel!"
Several hours later, long after his team's 24-27 loss to the 49ers, Coach Stu woke up in his Arizona mansion, unable to remember anything about the pre-game meal or the shenanigans that followed.
"Despite my best intentions to support the RUTS 2 official sponsor before my team's game, my actions got the best of me," said Coach Stu in a written statement released by the Cardinals today. "I'm not here to make excuses, but that sauce is just so dang good. I know now that it's best to wait until after the game to partake in any more CFS cocktails. I would like to thank my team for carrying on without me, and despite them losing to a team with the worst QB in the NFL, I know great things lie ahead for our organization. We will have our revenge against the 49ers, and their [rainbow loving] fans who were chanting "EAT MORE CARDINAL" at the end of last night's game. No one messes with our team, or the Chick Fil-A slogan. Payback awaits."

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Week 1 Scoreboard

Titans' Big Plays Stun the Steel City
Johnson Avoids Sophomore Slump In 1st Game of 2009 Season
Player of the Game: C. Johnson (RB) 11 carries, 150 yds, 2 rushing TDs; 2 receptions, 64 yards, 1 TD reception

Vikings Dominate Early, Cruise To Victory
Favre Struggles, but Peterson Lifts Team in AFC Win
Player of the Game: A. Peterson (RB) - 19 carries, 135 yards, 1 TD

America's Team Claims Dominating Win Over Tampa
Balanced Offense, Stifling Defense Key Cowboy Victory
Player of the Game: F. Jones (RB) - 6 carries, 84 yards, 2 TDs; 3 receptions, 15 yards

Bills Stun Patriots In AFC East Shootout
4th Quarter Surge Shocks New England
Player of the Game: T. Edwards (QB) - 14/22 passing, 182 yards, 1 TD

Chargers' Offense Dominates Raiders
Big Day for TE Gates Pleases Typically Whiny QB Rivers
Player of the Game: A. Gates (TE) - 3 receptions, 133 yards, 2 TDs

Niners Hold Off Cards For Thrilling Week 1 Victory
Coach Stu's Technology Issues Force Him to Miss 1st Game of NFL Coaching Career
Cardinals Player of the Game: K. Warner (QB) 30/41 passing, 304 yards, 2 TDs

......Week 2 begins now and runs through Sunday night, September 6 at 9:00 p.m. EST.