Sunday, May 31, 2009

NCAA '10: What's New In Dynasty Mode?

Finally some dynasty information...share your thoughts and comments if you dare!
Here is the interview/info.

Ok, i just finished reading this interview, and I am pumped about these updates! The "competitive recruiting thing" is awesome, the way they're revamping how good and fast prospects are is way better (and should make cpu games more challenging), and the whole mix and match uniform deal is the icing on the cake for me! I love this idea...unless of course you play with a team like me (LSU) who this feature would have no affect on since we have 1 pant color and 2 jerseys. Teams like FL, Miami, Oregon, Arizona, or even Vandy could have a field day with this!

Edit #2:
I don't think the news on the mix and match uniforms was supposed to be released yet, but oh well. This is going to be great! Here's a message board post by one of the NCAA game designers:

Ah.. it is in the ESPN interview. That stinks! I've been told to keep my mouth shut for months now and it comes out ahead of time!
So there will be preset uniform combos for every team. These are the combos I have personally seen the team wear. But for any I missed, or any wacky ones you want to come up with, you can mix and match your own.
I'm very excited to have been able to get this in. I've been trying to change the uniform system for a few years now, and I know the uniform junkies on this board have been asking for this as well.
It really was a win-win... not only do you get all these uniform options, we were able to get rid of a lot of redundancy which saves both disk space and art time.

Friday, May 29, 2009

New NCAA '10 Video

Ok, the game is really called NCAA 10 (not NCAA '10---with the '), but I refuse to call it NCAA 10 because I think that sounds stupid...the game has been out way more than 10 years. Rant over.

Here is a new EA video, along with a new blog posting. What are yall's thoughts on this "Season Showdown" thing? I guess it's an OK idea, but not sure how much I care about it. Watch the video and I'll offer some thoughts afterwards...

OK, I really hope they don't over-do this whole strategy thing! I mean don't we already use strategy in every game already? I have a feeling that selecting anything other than "Balanced" strategy will lead to some frustration and controllers being slammed to the ground, especially since it will be the cpu controlled players who will be affected by what you choose. I guess it will be risk/reward type of thing. I'm also not keen on the idea of the game showing you what % a play is "set up," thus affecting how effective it will be. We're all football saavy enough to know, but I guess this does help the more casual gamers. I just hope that our defensive players dont act like idiots when someone runs a play that is set up with a high %. The defense needs help in this game...not the offense!

Now, I do like the idea of using the "defensive keys" thing, where you can target "Run Left/Middle/Right" or "Pass"...I think that will come in handy some.

Here is the rest of the EA Blog Post...

Only like 45 more days till the new game comes out.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Week 3 Recap

Tigers Hold Off Pesky Longhorns
End 3 Week Gauntlet of Facing #3, #1, and #4 Teams
#1 LSU - 43
#4 Texas - 29
Player of the Game: Mark Ford (WR) 8 receptions, 268 yards, 1 TD reception

Clemson Rebounds & Pounds Hurricanes
#7 Clemson - 100
Miami - 14
Player of the Game: Forgot to look, oops


Seminoles Sack Boston College
Burnette Sets NCAA Single Game Sack Record
#9 Florida State - 115
Boston College - 14
Player of the Game: Mike Burnette (DE) - 10 sacks

Swamped Again, Vols No Match For These Gators
Coach Stu Coaches Game With Severe Tooth Pain, Toughs It Out

#10 Florida - 70
Tennessee - 21
Player of the Game: Forgot to look, oops

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Top High School Recruit Claims Disrespect; Slams RUTS Coaches

"Delicious" DeAngelo Valentine, the #1 rated high school prospect in the 2013 football recruiting class went on a tirade on his weekly radio show this week. Claiming "unfair, unethical, and downright nasty disrespect," Valentine sat next to his agent, Mel Kiper III, and slammed the head coaches at LSU, Florida, Florida State, and Clemson.
Valentine, the #1 overall prospect according to Rivals,, ESPN, and Recruiting for Dummies, is a star tailback/WR/QB for the Pomona High School Lunatics in Pomona, California. Entering his senior season, Valentine had the four schools at the top of his list.
"Man, that's where I wanted to be," said Valentine, fighting back tears. "I wanted to play at all of those schools. Clemson as a freshman, LSU as a sophomore, FSU my junior year, and then transfer to Florida as a senior. I heard Coach Stu gives his seniors a sweet rap mix tape when they graduate, now I have to miss out on all of it."
These schools, who will disband their football programs after season 5 offered no comment, other than to say via the RUTS PR office that "recruiting for season 6 is a waste of time. Mr. Delicious needs to move on."
Valentine, who has been clocked at 4.08 in the 40-yd dash, with acceleration ratings of 115 and estimated overall rating at 99.9, could have been RUTS's best player ever. He admits that he had his sights set on breaking all RUTS records on both sides of the ball.
"Scott Simmons won the Heisman Trophy as a freshman last season," said a tearful Valentine. "What he did would pale in comparison to the clinic I would have put on, starting in season 6."
"These coaches are an embarrassment to football recruiting and should never be allowed to coach in an NCAA 09 Online Dynasty ever again after this season. You don't ever, ever, ever, ever disrespect "Delicious. Ever!"
Valentine named TCU, BYU, Utah, and Rutgers as the leading candidates for his services.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Week 2 Recap

New Tiger On Top
LSU Blasts Clemson; Ends Tigers' Long Home Winning Streak
#3 LSU - 47
#1 Clemson - 9
Player of the Game: Jordan Jefferson (QB) - 21/22 passing, 368 yards, 2 passing TDs; 1 rushing TD

Game Notes & Quotes:
- Behind its new spread attack, LSU took a 3-0 lead on its first drive, which amassed almost the entire 1st quarter, and never trailed in the game.

- Clemson responded on its 1st drive by driving into the LSU red zone, but LSU LB Kyle Prater soared majestically into the air to pick off a Kyle Parker pass to stop the drive.

- After incompleting his 1st pass on the game's opening play, Jefferson completed 21 straight passes, including 3 deep passes over 70 yards.

- LSU posted the number "5" all over its locker room the week leading up to the game, including putting Clemson Coach utvol27's quotes on the doors of all of the bathroom stalls in the LSU football complex (both mens and womens restrooms). "The only 5 we were concerned about was beating Clemson by 5 touchdowns," said LSU Coach UTVOL54. "Mission Accomplished, and then some."

- LSU jumped Alabama to take over the top spot in the latest Coaches poll, and is the only undefeated RUTS team remaining. But experts agree that Clemson, with only 1 user game remaining (week 11 vs. FSU) may have a clearer path to the title game than any of the remaining RUTS teams.

- "Are we 38 points better than Clemson?" asked Coach UTVOL54. "No way. But I think we shocked the nation today, and maybe even surprised ourselves a little bit. When we come to play, there aren't a lot of teams who like to look into the eye of the Tiger."

Seminoles Strike Back
Manuel Leads Nole Offense Into Season 5 Win Column
#9 Florida State - 113
Virginia - 13
Player of the Game: EJ Manuel (QB) - 16/19 passing, 514 yards, 11 TDs, 0 INTs

See Ya Sooners! Gators Shutout Big 12 Foe
Florida's Defense Strangles Oklahoma From Start To Finish
#10 Florida - 41
#14 Oklahoma - 0
Player of the Game: Jeff Demps (RB) 10 carries, 70 yards, 1 rushing Td; 2 TD receptions

Heisman Watch
1. Simmons (WR, FL)
2. Beck (WR, FSU)
3. Manuel (QB, FSU)
4. Jefferson (QB, LSU)
5. Ford (WR, LSU)

Friday, May 22, 2009

Week 1 Recap: Two Instant Classics To Kick Off RUTS Season 5

Wow! What a week! Two instant classics between the 4 remianing RUTS players. Both home teams escaped victoriuosly, by the skin of their teeth!

Last Second FG Lifts Clemson Over Florida
Tigers Stay At #1; Await #3 LSU Next Week
#1 Clemson - 23
#4 Florida - 21
Player of the Game: Quinn Riley (K) - 3/3 FGs, long of 55 yards, Game winner with 8 seconds left


LSU Comes Back Early, Hangs On Late Against Seminoles
Jefferson Impresses In Debut At QB; Tigers' Defense Forces 3 Game-Changing Turnovers
#5 LSU - 35
#3 Florida State - 30
Player of the Game: Jordan Jefferson (QB) 14/17 passing, 238 yards, 2 TD passes; 2 rushing TDs

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Coach cjohnchavis sends UTVOL54 a note

Tallahassee, FL - Seminole Coach cjohnchavis sent his opponent's head coach a nice letter detailing how impressed he was with the development of the Tiger players. Included with the letter was an autograph from NFL HOF coach Marv Levy.

Updated Season 5 Schedules

(Chavo...I may have your games against OSU and Notre Dame flip flopped, I can't remember)

RUTS Season 5 logo released; Cover Athletes Interviewed

Yesterday, the official RUTS season 5 logo was released to the masses. The logo, which took on a different turn from previous seasons' versions, consists of a white background with beautiful scenic palm trees and paint splatters. Florida head coach StuBucksman called it "lovely" and a "work of art, a true masterpiece."

For the first time ever, the logo highlights four of RUTS most dynamic players, shying away from previous versions that featured only team helmets. Florida RB Jeff Demps, LSU WR Mark Ford, Clemson RB Blake Miller, and Florida State DE Mike Burnette were chosen to be the face of RUTS this season.

After the announcement, RUTS's new sideline reporter/supermodel Marisa Miller sat down with each athlete to get their take on the logo and the upcoming season.

Marisa Miller: Let's start with you Blake. What does it mean to you to be featured on this year's RUTS logo? And why do you wear such a hideous number? What true star wears #38?

Blake Miller: It's a huge honor. This ranks right up there with winning national titles and crushing FSU's hopes and dreams every season. It just goes with the territory of being famous and practically unbeatable. As for me wearing #38, it makes me look slower than I am, so it fools opposing defenses. It's ugly, but it gets the job done.

MM: Mike, how do you feel about Blake making those comments about your Seminoles?

Mike Burnette: Hogwash, I say. We've come up just short for a few years in a row now. Our time is coming when we will not be beaten by Clemson! I predict season 6 will be our year.

MM: Silly Mike, there will be no season 6 of RUTS version 1.0.

MB: Exactly Marisa. Exactly.

MM: Well Mike, what do you think about being the only defensive player on this year's logo?

MB: It's a huge honor. I take pride in terrorizing offensive tackles. They are slow and unathletic. I am the new "freak"...move over Javon Kearse. I'm excited about breaking more records this season, and my goal is 30 sacks. Anything less would be uncivilized.

MM: Lofty goals indeed Mike. Now, Jeff, you wear #28 in RUTS, but the logo shows you wearing #2. What gives? We initially thought the logo was a picture of your teammate, backup RB/fast QB Zach "French" Frye.

Jeff Demps: Well, I've petitioned Coach Stu to switch my number to #2. "French" is a good player, but I think I deserve the single digit number. Coach Stu came in last season and really improved our team's style and put us on par with the LSU's of the world. Gone are the days of ankle socks, un-taped shoes, no helmet visors, and elbow pads. The next step Coach needs to make is to change my jersey number. #28 isn't as nasty as that awful #38 Blake wears, but I need that #2. "Duece Demps" they'll call me.

MM: Excellent points Duece, I mean Jeff. I don't want to jump to any conclusions. Now, moving on to Mark. As a 6'6, 220 lb star WR who runs a 4.16 40-yd dash, how are you going to adjust to having a new QB under center this year? Will Jordan Jefferson be able to get you the ball?

Mark Ford: That remains to be seen Marisa. We're confident that Jordan can lead us to victory. We have so much speed and depth at RB, WR, and TE, we feel that our new spread attack will do just that...ATTACK...the defense from all angles. Coach UTVOL54 is working on getting the ball in my hands at every opportunity. I'm a do it all kind of player.

Demps: Well I think you're a doo-doo kind of player. There I said it.

(Ford kicks the 5'8 Demps in the balls)

Demps: Ouch!

MM: Enough of these shenanigans! Ok, now I want each of you to describe what you're looking forward to most about RUTS Season 5.

BM: All the ways our team can use "5" in our team slogans. And trying to fit a national title ring on my thumb.

MB: I'm looking to jumping on the Gator logo at the 50 yard line in The Swamp before the game in Week 13. It will be glorious to hear the boos.

JD: I triple-dog dare you Mike. I am most excited about three things... A.) getting two-a-days over so I can get back to shopping for jorts with my boo... 2.)winning back-to-back-to-back SEC titles....and C.) having you interview me, Marisa, at the end of the season so I can teach you the proper way to do the Gator Chomp. A free, hands on lesson, if you will.

MF: That's awfully fresh for a RB who doesn't wear a single digit number. I am looking forward to the opportunity for our coach to choke away another national title opportunity at season's end. Seriously!!?? 3 years in a row? I also want to make all As in my classes and finally teach Mama how to hook up this digital TV box. The digital conversion is only like 2 weeks away!

MM: Thank you gentlemen for taking the time to visit with us. Best of luck on your seasons.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Gimme Five!

Clemson Wants to Claim End-to-End RUTS Dominance

The $5 footlong song can be heard at practice. Pictures of Borat are plastered on the walls. The beloved Christmas song "The 12 days of Christmas" is on a continuous loop on the part that goes "Five Golden Rings." Make no mistake about it, Clemson is in pursuit of #5. That's 5 championships. A handful. Coach utvol27's simple motto for this season..."Gimme Five!" In the final season of the RUTS dynasty of NCAA 2009, Coach utvol27 is making sure his players concentrate on one thing...the number 5. He has repeatedly urged his players that to be claimed a true dynasty, they must finish the job. "We want to be on the same level as the Ming Dynasty, or the 90s Bulls Dynasty, or Xeonshing's China Dynasty Buffet (official Chinese restaurant of the Tigers). And to do that, we have to finish the deal. We must go out on top, in this the last season of RUTS."

Clemson lost some key players from last year's team, but they have plenty of young guys who have been waiting their turn. Will these guys be ready to step up and give Clemson the claim of utmost dominance? Only time will tell. One thing's for sure though, Coach utvol27 has his players focused on that magical number 5. So much so that
Sesame Street has made its way to Clemson. That's right, this season, Clemson is brought to you by the number 5 (as well as the letter V, the Roman numeral for 5). Some think Coach utvol27 has gone a little overboard with the number. But this writer thinks that with Big Bird, Elmo, Cookie Monster, and friends roaming the sidelines providing comedic relief during tense game situations, Clemson is poised to claim #5.

RUTS Season 5 Preview

The 5th, and final, RUTS Dynasty season for the NCAA '09 game is at our doorstep. As is the case each preseason, hope springs eternal for every RUTS team.

Will this be the season that someone.....ANYONE....knocks Clemson out of the top spot by season's end? Will Florida State defensive end M. Burnette continue to terrorize opposing QBs with his deadly sacks? Can LSU 5th year senior Jordan Jefferson take over the helm at QB and lead the Tigers back into national title contention? Can speedy Florida senior QB Carlos Phillips emerge from his redshirt season last year to lead the Gators to back-to-back-to-back SEC titles, and perhaps a shot at national glory?

Now, on to the Season 5 Preview:

#1 Clemson
Until someone proves otherwise, the Tigers are our choice to end the season in the top spot, again. The Tigers must overcome some key losses on the offensive and defensive lines, and will be tested early. However, the Tigers first two games against #2 Florida and #6 LSU are at home, and the home crowd should be raucous and ready to lift Clemson to victory. Junior tailback Blake Miller looks to step into the starting tailback role, replacing departing senior Andre Ellington. Miller is a threat running and catching the ball, and will be tough to stop. QB Kyle Parker emerged as a true leader last season, and his membership in the Clemson University glee club, while initally drawing criticism from teammates, eventually led to a new Clemson Tiger tradition. Parker, after each win, would ask his Tiger teammates to join hands and sing "For He's A Jolly Good Fellow" to head coach utvol27 in the locker room. Surprisingly, no YouTube footage has emerged of this very un-manly tradition. With the key losses in the trenches, we don't expect the Tigers to come out of this season unscathed, meaning another team might join the elite 2-person "We Beat Clemson" club, but by season's end. The Tigers will find a way to sweet talk the BCS officials and be back in Miami for the national title game.

#2 Florida
The Gators are fast! No surprise there. But this year, the speed of the crocidles will be on display like never before. One glance at the RB depth chart strikes fear into the hearys of any opponents, not to mention that word out of Gainesville is that starting QB Carlos Phillips has increased his speed since we last saw him. Phillips, a JUCO transfer from South Dakota State Tech before season 3, led the Gators to an SEC title that year. However, he and new coach StuBucksman butted heads last season, and Phillips was benched for senior John Brantley. "His attitude was terrible," said Coach Stu. "When I got here, all he did was wear jorts and sunbathe. I said, 'Carlos, your laziness is a shame for all white men named Carlos everywhere, you are benched.' So, he redshirted and got even faster and better. Booyah!" Phillips will have a plethora of talented tailbacks to hand the ball too, including speed demons Jeff Demps and Jonathan Ingram, as well as WR phenom Scott Simmons, who became the 1st freshman ever to win the Heisman trophy last season. Simmons also learned to read this off-season, which Coach Stu insists was only a "minor distraction" to the team. Let's face it America, the Gators have all of the tools to win the national title, let alone the SEC title this season. However, their schedule is difficult and includes a likely rematch with LSU in the SEC title game, which knocks the loser out of the national title race. The Gators did it to LSU last season, will the roles be reversed this year?

#3 Florida State
The Seminoles enter this season with a chip on their shoulder and vengence on their minds. Not short of weapons on either side of the ball, this could be the season that coach cjohnchavis's club jumps the hurdle and dethrones Clemson from its perennial reign as ACC Champs. FSU's offense is led by the 3-headed monster of QB EJ Manuel, RB Kendal Pleasant, and WR Blake Beck. The trio have drawn rave reviews coming out of pre-season drills and have even been compared to the Dallas Cowboys Aikman, Smith, Irvin trio of the 1990s. On defense, a star emerged last season in the form of DE M. Burnette, a freak of nature who turned in an NCAA record tying 27 sack season last year. It will be tough to match those numbers, but his mere prescence will make teams adjust accordingly. Burnette has clearly joined the ranks as one of the most dominant forces in RUTS history, and has placed himself in a category with Daquan Bowers and Carlos Dunlap as the most feared defensive ends in RUTS. FSU will be tested early, with a week 1 visit to Baton Rouge. Although the Death Valley crowd will be against them, this veteran offense should be able to handle the crowd noise. Look for Burnette to pressure new LSU Jordan Jefferson all day, and if the Noles can escape victorious, they will be on cruise control until late in the season, when they play rivals Clemson (week 11) and Florida (week 13). If the Noles can win 2 of these 3 games, look for coach cjohnchavis to march his team south into Miami with #1 on their minds come bowl season.
#6 LSU
This is Jordan Jefferson's team now. After starting the first 2 games of his collegiate career in RUTS season 1, Jefferson was benched for freshman Jarrett Lee, and has not started another game since. Until now. Lee's departure sets the stage for what LSu Coach UTVOL54 has termed a "Tee Martin-esque opportunity" to lead the Tigers to the promised land as a first year starter. Jefferson is equipped with a star studded backfield and incredible speed and talent at WR and TE. LSU's RB depth chart is impressive, as starters Bo Outlaw (TB) and Jermaine Osborn (FB) return to the lineup, but speedy and strong backups Ernie Underwood and Tyson Bailey, both of which were #1 RB recruits when they arrived at LSU are making a strong push for early playing time. At WR, Mark Ford (99 speed) and Dee Dee Johnson (98 speed) highlight a group that lacks expereince, but not talent. Look for Marcus Medlock, Mo Robinson, and Theo Oliver to pack a strong punch on what is most likely the most talented group of WRs in the country. During 2-a-day practices, LSU has been tinkering with a spread passing attack, but Coach UTVOL54 would not confirm what exactly the Tigers' strategy will be this season on offense, offering the dreaded line, "we want to get the ball to our playmakers in space." On defense LSU returns many starters and is lead by a talented secondary and SS Danny Scott, who led the team in tackles as a true freshman last season. The Tigers face a murderous first 2 weeks of the season, and with a new starting QB and potentially a new gameplan, it will be tough for LSU to open the season 2-0. Throw in a mid-season visit to The Swamp, and this may be LSU's toughest season yet. But don't count the Tigers out. "We're the current laughing stock of college football," said UTVOL54. Choking away 3 straight title game births will do that. But I like this team and our attitude. We smell like corndogs, and that goes a long way in today's game."

Season 5 Team Schedules

The out-of-conference computer opponents are to be determined. I will get these set early this evening. You may click on the photo above to make the schedules larger.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Burnette Up

Seminole Defensive End Equals "Unbreakable" Record

Phoneix, AZ - Florida State Sophomore Defensive End Mike Burnette tied a 2 decade old record set by Alabama's Derrick Thomas by recording his 27th sack in today's Fiesta Bowl. The Sack was his 3rd of the game and followed a record-breaking 7 sack performance against the Tennessee Volunteers in the last week of the regular season.

Thomas set the record for the 1988 Crimson Tide in 11 Total Games. Burnette tallied his record in 13 games for the Seminoles. "Obviously, my goal next season is to try to break the record in 10 or 11 games" said Burnette.

Burnette had been a backup / situational substitute for the Seminoles until the Fiesta Bowl, where he received his first start. Coach cjohnchavis is expected to use Burnette in a starting roll next season.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Conference Champions & Heisman Crowned

3 And Out! Gators Upset LSU, Crushing Tigers' BCS Dreams For 3rd Straight Year Defense & 3rd Down Conversions Seal The Deal For Gators
#1 LSU - 22
#10 Florida - 31
Co-Players of the Game: Will Hill (SS) - 6 tackles, 2 INTS & The Monkey On LSU's Back (3-0 against LSU)

Tigers Dominate Hokies
LSU's Loss Sends Clemson Back To National Title Game For 4th Cons. Season
#3 Clemson - 91
#7 VA Tech - 3
Player of the Game: Blake Miller

BCS Standings
1. USC
2. Clemson
3. Alabama
4. Oregon
5. Florida State
6. LSU
7. Florida

Heisman Winner ~ Scott Simmons, WR, Florida
First Freshman Ever To Win The Heisman Trophy
Runner Ups -
Beck, Manuel, Gray, Pleasant

Bowl Games
BCS National Title Game ~ #1 USC vs. #2 Clemson

Fiesta Bowl ~ #5 Florida State vs. #18 Texas A&M

Sugar Bowl ~ #7 Florida vs. #14 Houston

Capital One Bowl ~ #6 LSU vs. #22 Northwestern

Monday, May 11, 2009

Conference Title Week

For the third consecutive season, the LSU Tigers find themselves in the driver's seat to play for the BCS National Championship. Tonight (7:45 pm EST kickoff, CBS), the #1 ranked LSU Tigers venture back into the Georgia Dome for a rematch against 10th-ranked Florida. The Tigers will not only have an angry bunch of Gators to tame, but the proverbial 'monkey on the back' will also be fighting to keep the Tigers from winning tonight's game.

In week 14 of season 2, LSU took a #1 ranking into Miami for a showdown with Miami. The Hurricanes used a steady dose of its patented "Hurricane Pain Train" to beat the Tigers 34-31, crushing the Tigers' national title dreams. And again, last season, in the SEC title game, a 9-3 Florida team overcame an early 10 point deficit to upend the #2 ranked Tigers, keeping them out of the national title game.

Will the 3rd time be a charm for LSU? Will they be able to overcome Florida's unprecendented speed on both sides of the ball, as well that silly monkey who wreaks havoc on sports stars everywhere.

"We know we've got to play well to win tonight," said LSU coach UTVOL54, whose team beat Florida 38-20 in week 6 of this season. "Florida is playing well, and had a tough loss against FSU last week, so they will be fighting for their lives tonight. It's all about that SEC title, and the bottom line is, the winner will be going bowling in New Orleans (Florida the Sugar Bowl, LSU the National Title Game in New Orleans), and the loser will be heading to see Mickey Mouse at the Capital One Bowl."

Coach UTVOL54 is probably right, as #4 Alabama has all but wrapped up an at-large birth in a BCS bowl game.

The keys to this game will be LSU's ability to contain Florida freshman sensation Scott Simmons, both on offense and on special teams, and Florida's ability to limit turnovers and createconfusion for LSU 5th year senior QB Jarrett Lee.

#3 Clemson defeated #7 Virginia Tech in the ACC title game 91-3 last night. Now, the Tigers have to wait and hope that a) they either vault past #2 USC or b) Florida beats LSU. Otherwise, Clemson may have to settle on watching the national title game for the first time in RUTS history.

Clemson Coach utvol27 has even placed an incentive on the market for the Gators if they can succesfully knock off LSU, giving Clemson a sure birth in the national title game again.

The drama will unfold tonight in the Georgia Dome. LSU is a 5 point favorite, but when it comes to these two teams...always expect the unexpected. And beware of that crazy monkey, who may pop up at any moment in tonight's game to thwart LSU's bid for a national title game birth.

"We're well aware of the monkey and his tendency to fling poo at us," said UTVOL54. "This time, we will be ready with poo of our own to fling back."

Friday, May 8, 2009

Week 13, 14 and 15 Recaps

Week 13

Tiger's Chow On Pork
LSU Honors Graduating QB Lee By Passing Every Play
#1 LSU - 105
Arkansas - 14
Player of the Game: Jarrett Lee (QB) - 39/40 passing, 387 yards, 8 TDs, 0 INTs

Noles Hang On For Sunshine State Rivalry Victory
Force Key 4th Down Fumble On Gators' Final Drive
#7 Florida State - 28
#6 Florida - 24
Player of the Game: Kendall Pleasant (RB) - 20 carries, 114 yards, 1 TD

Outside Looking In? Tigers Dominate Irish
But 3-Time Defending Champs Fall To #3 In BCS
#2 Clemson - 42
#11 Notre Dame - 17
Player of the Game: Andre Ellington (RB) - 22 carries, 113 yards, 2 TDs; 4 receptions, 38 yards

Week 14

Coach cjohnchavis and Noles End Kiffin Era at Tennessee
FSU's Defense Gives Best Defensive Show in RUTS History
#6 Florida State - 114
Tennessee - 3
Player(s) of the Game: M. Burnette (DE) - 10 tackles, 8 TFLs, 7 sacks, 3 forced fumbles
J. Swaggert (DB) - 4 INTs, 4 TDs


BCS Standings as of Conference Championship Week
1. LSU
2. USC
3. Clemson
4. Alabama
5. Oregon
6. Florida State
10. Florida

Heisman Watch
1. Simmons, WR FL
2. Manuel, QB, FSU
3. Beck, WR FSU
4. Gray, QB UGA
5. Pleasant, RB, FSU

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

This Should Be NCAA '10 Cover

Week 12 Scoreboard

#2 LSU - 42
Ole Miss - 17
Player of the Game: Jarrett Lee (QB) 25/37 passing, 315 yards, 4 TDs

#7 Clemson - 38
#13 Nebraska (cpu player) - 17
Player of the Game: Andre Ellington (RB) - 28 carries, 114 yards, 1 TD

#8 Florida - 77
Miami - 28
Player of the Game: John Brantley (QB) - 21/27 passing, 393 yards, 6 TDs

BCS Standings

1. LSU
2 (tie). Clemson
2 (tie). USC
4. Alabama
5. Oregon
6. Florida
8. FSU
20. Nebraska

Heisman Watch
1. Simmons, WR FL
2. Manuel, QB, FSU
3. Beck, WR FSU
4. Gray, QB UGA
5. Pleasant, RB, FSU

EA Sports Bowl Predictions

BSC National Championshionship ~ #1 LSU vs. #2 Clemson
Fiesta Bowl ~ #7 Florida State vs. #15 Texas A&M
Capital One Bowl ~ #6 Florida vs. #13 Ohio State
Cotton Bowl ~ #20 Nebraska vs. #15 Georgia

Friday, May 1, 2009

NCAA '10 Dynasty Updates

The latest EA Blog addressed a lot of updates made to Dynasty and Online Dynasty in NCAA 10.
Read it here.
My thoughts---the changes they made to recruiting sound great! This will hopefully make the computer teams better, more well-rounded, and not allow RUTS teams to have all the fastest players. Let's face it, we all have way too many guys who run under a 4.2 40-yd dash.

Week 11 Recap

Tigers Take Down Tide
LSU Becomes First Team In History To Beat #1 Teams in Back-to-Back Weeks
#4 LSU - 32
#1 Alabama - 22
Player of the Game: Jermaine Osborn (RB) - 8 carries, 97 yards, 1 TD; 3 receptions, 43 yards

Clemson Survives ACC Classic Against Seminoles
One of RUTS's Best Rivalries Goes Down To The Wire
#7 Clemson - 28
#6 Florida State - 24
Player of the Game: Blake Miller (RB)
Game Notes and Quotes:

- Clemson had 20 first downs to FSU's 5 on the game, and the Tigers had double the offensive yardage the Seminoles racked up.

- Clemson time of possesion was 17 minutes to FSU's 7.

- FSU's defense and special teams were tremendous in the game. The Noles scooped up a fumble and returned it for a TD (and also picked off 2 Clemson passes) and also sprinted down the field for a kickoff return TD in the 2nd half.

- In the 1st Qtr, FSU RB Kendal Pleasant raced outside for a 41 yd TD run. I had a couple picks that hurt, but I moved the ball very well when I didn't turn it over.

- Clemson scored in early 4th quarter to go up 21-17, then FSU returned the kickoff for a TD to go ahead 24-21. Clemson got the ball back, then drove all the way down and scored the game winning TD with 52 seconds left to win 28-24.

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Gators Punt Return TD streak ends in SEC Victory
#10 Florida - 70
South Carolina - 28
Player of the Game: Scott Simmons (WR) - 4 TD receptions

Huskers March Past K-State
Huge Battle With Clemson On The Horizon
#14 Nebraska - 43
Kansas State - 33
Player of the Game: R. Rice (WR) 2 TD receptions

BCS Standings
1. Texas A&M
2. LSU
3 (tie). USC
3 (tie). Clemson
5. Alabama
8. Florida
9. FSU
13. Nebraska