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Exclusive Interview Reveals Much About Clemson Football


This is an exclusive interview of Clemson coach utvol27 by Clemson alum, former Miss South Carolina, and current Access Hollywood host, Nancy O'Dell, as the 3-time defending national champion Tigers prepare for a 4-peat.

NO: Coach utvol27, thanks for joining me today for this exclusive interview. We will have to hurry as Ryan Seacrest may cut us to commercial break at any time. He is ruthless....and kinda sexually frustrated....but I digress. I'm so proud to see what our Tigers have accomplished the last 3 years. So how does it feel to be going after a 4th straight national title?

Cu: I'm really excited about this team and I can't wait to get season 4 started! We've got playmakers returning all over the place. We didn't lose many alot of seniors, however, we will have to replace QB Willie Korn and FS Spence Adams, who left early for the NFL. But we've got some players who are waiting in the wings that will step and be just fine. RB Blake Miller returns, and we've got some more speed to compliment him. Replacing 4 All-Americans in the secondary is tough, but I know DB coach Stewie Griffin, whose coaching tactics many consider a bit odd, (probably because of his unusual upbringing) will have his boys prepared because of his dire need for victory. The winning attitude we've established carries on in these younger players. They don't know what it is to lose, so I feel confident that we will march on just as we have been doing.

NO: How have you established this winning attitude in your program?

Cu: It all starts in workouts. Strength Coach Papa Pump, who might I add was cleared of providing steriods to our players, works these boys to the brink. They are so well conditioned and used to the difficult workouts, that when game-time rolls around, they know there is no challenge that cannot be overcome. Our staff and players have such great chemistry that we all feed off each other and persevere through difficulties.

NO: So you start of season 4 of your career ranked #1 in the coaches poll, and #3 by Sports Illustrated. What's your thoughts on that?

Cu: Those people can put us wherever they want right now. They're just trying to make a buck. What counts is at the end of the year, where are we ranked? The last 3 years, we've finished #1, and that's where I fully expect this team to finish as well.

NO: It's obvious the amount of charisma and confidence you have brought to your job. You have re-energized a program could not quite get over the hump before your arrival. You are never afraid to stand behind your players and publicly state your mind. Now it seems your brother, LSU coach UTVOL54, has copied your strategy. What do you make of his recent title prediction on PTI?

Cu: Ha! I saw that interview! Shenanigans.....that's all I can say! He can't even make the title game! He's building a good program there, but I think it bothers him that little brother has stolen the spotlight. It is flattering in a way when people copy you. though That's what happens in football. People copied the West Coast offense ever since Bill Walsh created it. Now they are copying my program as a whole. It does make me feel all tingly inside. But I still remain hungry. Clemson football is a beast, and we are out looking to devour our next meal. As the rap song goes....."Weeee ready, Weeee ready, Weeee ready.......for ya!" Yeah, that's right coach Stubucksman, we got rap too!

NO: Sounds like fighting words to me!

Cu: Sure is!

NO: (laughs). Oh, I'm ready for football season now! So how do you stay hungry and manage to motivate your players to achieve so much after they have already won 3 straight titles?

Cu: We continue to demand so much of them, on and off the football field. I won't hesitate to kick someone off the team if they do the wrong things. And also, those 3 titles are in the past. Winning a national title does not guarantee you another one. We make sure the players know that each season is a new start for every team, and if we are the one that will rise to the top, we have to outwork all the other teams. I've been blessed to be around players that are coachable and have a desire to continue to win. I think this year, we have a lot of seniors who are anxious to leave Clemson having won a national title every year they were here.

NO: Well, coach, thanks for joining me, and good luck in Gainesville in the season opener vs. #2 Florida! I'll be watching intently!

Cu: Thanks, Nancy! We will be ready, and we will make our fans proud! We are ready to get the season under way and deliver some bone crunching hits, just like we've done in years past!

In a related story just hitting the wire, Nancy O'Dell and Coach utvol27 were spotted on a romantic date in LA last night, when former President Bill Clinton saw them and joined for a photo. utvol27 and O'Dell were able to escape the paparazzi quickly after, leaving the scene in this batmobile-esque vehicle. No official word on the relationship status between the two.

Clemson Tops the Poll in ESPN the Magazine

ESPN the Magazine Top 10:

1. Clemson
2. LSU
3. Florida
4. Florida State
5. Nebraska
6. Tennessee
7. Ohio State
8. USC
9. Notre Dame
10. Michigan

ESPN proclaims Blake Miller the Heisman Front-runner and has a story about coach utvol27 and how the NFL is already knocking on his door.

2011 Sports Illustrated College Football Preview

These special SI covers hit store shelves today...

The Florida State Seminoles ar SI's pick to take home the 2011 BCS National Championship. The Noles return a plethora of talent on both sides of the ball including standout WRs Bert Reed and Blake Beck. Beck is the more dynamic of the two, as he also doubles as the FSU QB in its now famed "Tomahawk Package." The Noles defense is lead by pre-season All-American FS Nick Moody and possibly the top group of LBs in the nation. FSU will be tested early, with games at Nebraska and at home against LSU, not to mention it rivalry tilts against Clemson and Florida. But we think, even with one loss, the Seminoles have what it takes to learn from last season's title game loss, and end up with the crystal ball at season's end. "I feel really good about our team, says coach cjohnchavis. "If we can get solid play at the quarterback position, then I like our chances. Obviously Clemson is the team to beat until someone, anyone, can beat them. But I feel good now that the guys have that BCS game experience under their belts."

The #2 Florida Gators are loaded with speed, talent, and rap skills from top to bottom. New head coach StuBucksman has taken charge of these Gators and demanded nothing but the best since his arrival. He's revamped the Gator offense, and expect a lot of the same hard nosed, pound the rock principles he taught at Miami to find its way to The Swamp this season. Florida tailback Jeffrey Demps will need to prove he can stay injury free and be a full time tailback in the SEC after spending most of last season playing slot WR. The Gators also boast the arrival of three true freshmen speedsters RB Zach Frye, RB Jonathan Ingram, and WR Scott Simmons. Look for all three to make an impactas early as week 1 against the 3-time defending national champion Clemson Tigers. The Gators defense will be relied on heavily in the early going, which will allow new QB John Brantley (who replaces the benched Carlos Phillips) to get his feet wet before the rough SEc schedule hits. New Gator strength coach Hacksaw Jim Duggan has impressed StuBucksman with his hard nosed demeanor and ability to toughen up the men in the trenches. If the Gators can manage to knock of the LSU Tigers twice this season, they could find themselves in New Orleans playing for the big money.

The Clemson Tigers find themselves in familiar territory to start the season. OUT of the #1 spot. For the 4th season in a row, the Tigers will need to prove the doubters wrong and march its way into the top 2 to earn a 4th consecutive national title. Clemson boasts the nation's best defense and its turnover ratio has been the difference in several wins and losses throughout the past 3 seasons. Star tailback Blake Miller gives the Tigers a speedy compliment to starting tailback Andre Ellington, and both will need to carry a heavy load to pave the way for a new starting QB. Coach utvol27 will have to keep his team poised, as it opens with 3 consecutive away games to start the season, in addition to closing the season with 3 consecutive user games against RUTS opponents. Smart money says don't bet against the Clemson Tigers, but with so much parody in college football, and a tough schedule, we think it's someone elses turn. The Tigers will finish near the top, but have to settle for a regular BCS bowl for first time in RUTS history.

The boys on the bayou are back and louder than ever. A tremendous off-season landed the Tigers with 8 5-star recruits, coupled with last off-season's #1 recruiting class, the Tigers are loaded with more speed and depth than ever on the offensive side of the ball. However, LSU will be looking to replace five departing seniors on defense, which may prove to be its achilles heel. Coach UTVOL54 has uncharacteristically pumped up this team to the media and fans, even going so far as to gaurantee a national championship on "PTI" last week. We like the coach's swagger. We also love the ridiculous talent the Tigers have on offense. They should be able to be balanced and keep opposing defenses on their heels. The determining factor for this team will the play of its defense and its ability to remain poised in tough games to start the season (vs. #5 USC, at #4 FSU, at #12 Nebraska). If the Tigers can somehow start the season 4-0, then a week 6 rivalry showdown looms, as the Gators march into Death Valley. Beating Florida twice this season looks difficult, if not impossible, but don't tell that to Coach UTVOL54 and his players. They won't believe you!

The Nebraska Cornhuskers made a huge statement last season: THEY ARE BACK! The defending Big 12 champions are back and better than ever again this season and will lean on veteran offensive stars QB Kyle Spano, RB Roy Helu Jr, and WR Pierre Powers for firepower this season. Combined with speedy true freshman WR Darrell Webb, the Huskers will be more explosive and dangerous. Their team speed will be put to the test early though, as they open the season against Florida State and Florida in weeks 1 and 2, and host LSU in week 4. Preseason All-American CB David Whitmore will have to lead the defense against these dangerous offenses in the early part of the season. But, look for Nebraska to pull an upset or tow out of its hat. Coach ccut has been know to put his play makers in the best spots possible to succeed, and will do whatever it takes to get the ball in their hands. The Big Red Machine aka Children of the Corn aka Lincoln Loonies will be out to prove they aren't just a one hit wonder. "We will be ready to tak on anybody, anywhere," says Coach ccut.

LSU, FSU Cut Players in response to Criminal Charges

Houston, TX - Following an altercation that resulted in serious injuries to at least four bystanders, Houston Police have arrested several former members of the Florida State and Louisiana State football teams. The incident occurred around 3 AM at a post-prom party following the Sam Houston High School prom. A horde of college football players attended the party including members of Florida State, Louisiana State, Louisiana Tech, Houston, Texas, Texas A&M, Alabama, and Tennessee.

Police Chief Brick Busser told the media that problems started at the party after FSU Fifth Year Senior Kicker Justin Walden propositioned the date of LSU DE Signee Albert Robertson. Robertson and Walden got into a physical altercation by the pool. Busser said "The altercation really escalated quickly. Things really got out of hand. We can't confirm it at this time, but we believe one of the high school kids tried to kill someone with a Trident. No one knows who it was, it appears the culprit is laying low for awhile, maybe has a safe house to stay at. At this time he's probably wanted for attempted murder."

All in All, 30 Players have been dismissed from the LSU and FSU. LSU dismissed 17 players following the incident. "It's a shame that these young men thought they had to go to an after-prom party to hunt for girls," said UTVOL54. "Everyone knows Baton Rouge is the Panama City of the bayou, they could have stayed in town and had the pick of the litter." ................."Plus the corndog cologne smell is really only popular here, they should have known they weren't going to pick up any ladies out of state.".........."i felt it best for the team to go ahead and release them from their scholarships as players. However, we have re-assigned them as student managers and film guys. We will have the very best student manager/film guy intramural team that money can buy!"

FSU Coach cjohnchavis was not as forgiving as coach UTVOL54. The Seminole leader dismissed Walden and twelve other players involved in the incident. In a statement released this morning cjohnchavis stated "actions such as these cannot, must not, and will not be tolerated. It casts a bad light on everything we are trying to do at this university. The actions are criminal, and involved poor decisions by young men who were at a place they should not have been. The young men who are signees and have not joined the team, will also be dismissed. "

Criminal charges have been filed against eleven players involved. Walden has been charged with a felony Propositioning of a Minor, public intoxication and misdemeanor assault. LSU players, Robertson, and CB Barnett were charged with misdemeanor assault. New Tiger signees McClain and Willis were cited for underage consumption. FSU had six other players charged. TE Tim Carter, DE Craig Walker, and DE T.J. Hill were charged with disorderly conduct. Signees Mark Davis, Jerrell Lewis, and Eric Doty were charged with underage consumption. Houston police have not ruled out other misdemeanor charges against anyone at the party.

Coach Lane Kiffen also commented on his players' involvement. Kiffen stated that no players would be dismissed and "I really think this will help our recruiting in Texas. It's like we are saying that were here to raid your state, so get used to it. I'm really pleased." Coaches at Houston, Texas, Texas A&M and Alabama had no comment.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Season 4 Heisman Watch & Pre-Season All-Americans

Pre-Season Heisman Watch
1. Bert Reed (WR, FSU)
2. Mark Ford (WR, LSU)
3. Blake Beck (WR, FSU)
4. Blake Miller (RB, Clemson)
5. Pierre Powers (WR, Nebraska)

Pre-Season All-Americans
1st Team---
HB - Bo Outlaw, LSU
WR - Bert Reed, FSU
WR - Blake Beck, FSU
MLB - Michael Osei, FL
CB - Ben Martin, FL
CB - Xavier Brewer, Clemson
FS - Nick Moody, FSU
Ret - Blake Miller, Clemson

2nd Team---
QB - Jarrett Lee, LSU
WR - Mark Ford, LSU
WR - Pierre Powers, Nebraska
CB - David Whitmore, Nebraska
SS - Jerimy Finch, FL

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Possible Off Season Altercation's Chris Moe is reporting that there are arrest reports filed for Florida State and LSU players connected with a fight at a post-prom party in Houston, TX. No names have been released, but Moe will follow up when he has more information.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Coach UTVOL54 Appears On "PTI"; Predicts National Title

In a Babe Ruth-esque move, LSU Coach UTVOL54 appeared on ESPN's Pardon The Interruption this afternoon. During the show's "Five Good Minutes" segment, UTVOL54 announced to the world that his Tigers are the team to beat for the 2011 National Championship.

"No defense in America can match our depth and speed on offense," he said to shocked hosts Tony Kornhieser and Michael Wilbon, who often try unsuccessfully to get guests to offer bulletin board material.

"I dare anyone to look at our depth chart at QB, RB, WR, TE, and O-line and not be scared of looking into the eye of the Tiger. Go ahead, take a gander!"

Kornheiser asked UTVOL54 if he was worried about the possibility of facing arch-nemesis/best buddy Coach StuBucksman's Florida Gators twice this season, to which UTVOL scoffed, "add up the total combined scores of our previous 3 RUTS games. 134-44, Tigers. Enough said."

Wilbon questioned whether or not LSU could run through its gauntlet of a schedule unscathed, especially since the Tigers will be replacing five key defensive stars.

"Look," UTVOL54 said, "my players will be ready. Our motto this year, "ON A MISSION" is from the 1980s Young MC song, Bust A Move. Its lyrics sum up my thoughts:

"You're on a mission and you're wishin'someone could cure you're lonely condition
You're lookin for love in all the wrong places
No fine girls just ugly faces."
"That means we have ugly, snot nosed dudes on defense," said UTVOL54. "No fine girls, so we'll be tough."

To close the segment, while Kornheiser and Wilbon were stunned, UTVOL54 went on an epic tirade not seen since Mike Gundy's "I'm a Man, I'm 40!" speech.
"The LSU Tigers are on a mission, plain and simple. Nothing will stand in the way of us hoisting a national championship banner at the end of the season and getting fitted for huge championship rings. Clemson? Old news! Florida? They will pee their jorts in Death Valley! FSU? More like F-S-Poo! Nebraska? Corn is my favorite veggie! To sum it up - we will run through any and all opposition. Mark it down in Sharpie marker, or better yet tattoo it on your butt cheek. Thanks for having me on the show."

A RUTS Arms Race

Signing Day 2011! Recruiting season has come to an end, and coaches across the national are touting their new batch of players as the top in the country. Four RUTS teams and the Tennessee Volunteers round our our team rankings. A strong showing by the Florida State Seminoles have earned coach cjohnchavis his first ever recruiting title. The Seminoles' recruiting class is highlighted by 7 5 Star players, with Kyle Bonds as the class's headliner. "Bonds really has a chance to step in a play for us from day one. Coach Andrews really wants him to play FS or CB. The guys on the other side seem to think he's got to be a WR. It's a nice problem to have, he can play all over the place." said cjohnchavis.

The LSU Tigers also turned in a highly touted class, leading the way with 8 5 Star players. The Tigers collect the most top 10 players by signing #1 Nicholas Parker, #3 Marcus Robinson, #5 Danny Scott, and #10 Quinton Holt. Coach UTVOL54 commented "Guys who will play right away? That's tough to say without the benefit of Spring Practice, but I'd have to say Danny Scott is the front runner to take the starting SS job. He's got all the ability we are looking for to replace Harry Coleman. " UTVOL54 also mentioned that "we have the best WR class in the country. Honestly I think its better than Florida State's last year." LSU signed Robinson (#1 WR), and Terrance Oliver (#4 WR). However UTVOL54 says "lookout for Dale Johnson from California, he's fast enough to cause some matchup problems."

The Florida Gators made a strong push at the end of the season, closing in the #3 Spot. The Gators add speed and lots of it on the Offensive side of the ball. WR Scott Simmons and RB Jonathan Ingram bring a dynamic brand ball back to the Gator Offense which has dropped off somewhat since Percy Harvin left for the NFL. Coach stubucksman was also impressed with 5 star signee Cole Marshall. Said the coach "Marshall is a big white guy, six foot six or whatever. What I'm saying is the kid played AAU basketball, so he listens to rap music, you know what I mean?"

The Three-peater Clemson Tigers finish up at fourth. The Tigers found some help for their Defensive secondary in a strange place, the West Coast. The Tigers lost much of their Secondary to graduation and early defection to the NFL Draft. While the Tigers have developed some great players to step in, a pair of 5-Star CB's from Washington and California Jamal Poole and Tim Booker could help out from day one.

Lane Kiffen and his Vols squad rounds out the Top 5 with back-to-back strong classes. Kiffen took his recruiting to the next level this year, encouraging signees to sign their Letters of Intent while wearing only a sock, a la the Red Hot Chili Peppers. "I think its great that the Tennessee logo will be in young girls lockers all around the country. That will really help recruiting."

RUTS Team Nebraska and coach ccut continue their resurgence following the Big 12 Title. The Huskers posts the 17th ranked recruiting class and should get immediate contributions from WR Ricky Rice and FS Keith Freeney. Nebraska also pulled a late coup by signing 3 Star WR Darrell Webb. Webb was not rated highly, but was offered by several RUTS Schools.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Simdown to Signing Day

RUTS Recruiting Headquarters - Signing Day 2011 is quickly approaching, and the RUTS Teams are once again dominating the rankings. Early leaders Florida State and LSU have traded the #1 spot several times in our rankings, and it looks as if the Seminoles will retain that ranking as we move along to signing day. Clemson and Florida currently settle in at the third and fourth spots, while Nebraska is a respectable 17th.

A quick glance at the Top 10 reveals that the LSU Tigers may have the elite players of the crop. Coach UTVOL54 has secured commitments from the Nations #1 player Nicholas Parker, #3 Marcus Robinson, #5 Danny Scott, and #10 Quinton Holt. Both Holt and Scott had the Seminoles listed 2nd.

We had one of our recruiting gurus, Trent Snubbs, at the Recent Army High School All America Game and reported that a couple of players stood out. First, FSU commit Kyle Bonds saw some time at CB, where he shined. The Battle between Bonds and Robinson in the East Team practice sessions were fierce. Said Snubbs "Robinson can really fly, the pair of Robinson and Oliver is impressive, but watching Bonds... man that kid has some nice cover skills. I really think Florida State should explore using him at the CB position." Snubs was also impressed with Oklahoma commit HB Adam Hairiston. "No one is talking about this kid as a Top10 player, but he may have been the best offensive player at the game this weekend."

There are no major recruiting battles left in between RUTS teams, however, rumor has it that head coach cjohnchavis was not happy in losing speedy HB Zach Frye to the rival Florida Gators. finishing second on Scott, Holt and Frye has really put a damper on the Seminoles party, however, the loss of Frye freed the last scholarship for MLB Brandon Beck, brother of last year's Freshman of the Year, Blake Beck. Word is also out that FS Keith Freeney and WR Ricky Rice might play right away for Nebraska. Three time champ Clemson will likely continue their practice of redshirt many of their signers. Those moves have seemed to pay off so far.

More news will be coming following signing day when we will be able to get some comments on the record. None of the RUTS coaches have mentioned an unsigned prospects name on the radio like Lane Kiffen, so that news will be forthcoming.

Rivals 2010 Freshmen of the Year

MVF - WR Blake Beck - Florida State
Off - WR Mark Ford - LSU
Def - DE Mike Burnette - Florida State
Special Teams - Ret Keith Jones, Clemson

Rivals RUTS Dark Horse Diamonds

WR Darrell Webb - Nebraska
WR Scott Simmons - Florida
HB Zach Frye - Florida
CB - Gene Burton - LSU
CB Tyrone Collins - Clemson

NCAA '10: Player Pursuit Angles

Sweet! Another NCAA '10 update! This one will hopefully prevent defenders from running parallel WITH the ball carrier instead of making the tackle. Watch the's a huge difference! Let's hope!

Edit---After watching the 2nd and 4th video...I'm pretty sure the dark jerseyed team is Army and they are wearing their Camo uniforms from last season's Navy game. Sweet if these make it in the game! Adam, you can be Army next year in RUTS! Done.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

NCAA '10: Pocket Protection

A new update has been released on NCAA '10. As you may have noticed, they are releasing new information once or twice a week about the new game. I think they said the 1st update on the new "online dynasty"...or RUTS 2.0 as I call it...will come out like April 9.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

NCAA '10: New Camera Angles for Passing

The latest EA Sports Blog Post offer a glimpse of some new features in the passing favorite is this, which has been much needed for a while:

You’ve probably noticed the passing icons are somewhat transparent in the images. New to NCAA Football 10 is the hiding of the passing icons as you run further from the line of scrimmage. If you are looking to run 20 yards backwards and launch a crazy arcade-like pass, we hope you memorized the routes your receivers are running and their assigned button on the controller. Otherwise, you could end up throwing into double/triple coverage and giving the ball away.

Also, the EA Sports folks had a testing day last week for some big time gurus to fly in to EA's headquarters to test the new game and get their feedback. I haven't read it yet, but it looks interesting. Read through the several posts here. You'll have to scroll down the page.

NFL Draft/Transfer Decisions Announced...Off-Season Recruiting Begins

The deadline for juniors to declare for the NFL draft or current RUTS players to announce their decision to transfer was yesterday. A majority of RUTS's key players have decided to come back for their senior (or RS junior) seasons, but a few teams will be looking to replace some talent.

Clemson Tigers
Brewer, CB (Pro) ---staying in school
Cloy, C (Pro)---staying in school
Adams, FS (Pro)---turning pro
Smith, LG (Pro)---staying in school
Korn, QB (Pro)---turning pro
Washington, P (Transfer to NIU)---staying at Clemson
Capers, TE (Transfer to Kentucky)---staying at Clemson
Harris, TE (transfer to NIU)---staying at Clemson

Florida Gators
Chris Rainey, RB (Pro)---turning pro
Caleb Sturgis, K (Pro)---staying in school
Jirimy Finch, SS (Pro)---staying in school
Hines, WR (Transfer to Vandy)---staying at FL

Florida State Seminoles
Kane, OLB (transfer to Wake Forest)---leaving FSU

LSU Tigers
Bo Outlaw, RB (transfer to Kansas State)---Staying at LSU
Reddick, WR (transfer to Kansas State)---Staying at LSU
Theriot, FB (transfer to Kansas State)---Staying at LSU

Nebraska Cornhuskers
D. Whitmore, CB (Pro) --- staying in school


Recruiting Update

FSU Early Signee, J. Bonds - 5-star, #1 ATH

LSU Signee, Nicholas Parker - 5-star, #1 OLB, #1 Overall Player

As off-season recruiting begins (currently in week 2 of 5), Florida State (22 commits) and LSU (20 commits) are ranked #1 and #2 respectively in the Rivals rankings. Clemson is ranked #3 and Florida is ranked #4 currently, while Nebraska is looking to climb up the charts with many speed burners still left on their board.

RUTS Dynasty recruiting guru cjohnchavis will be providing an in-depth look at the latest crop of diaper dandies soon.

Monday, March 23, 2009

RUTS Shocker: Coach StuBucksman Heading To Gainesville

In a move that can be only categorized as shocking, prepostorous, and Nick Saban-esque, Coach StuBucksman has shocked the world and accepted a 2 year/$750 Million contract to become the next head coach of the Florida Gators. As reported on the RUTS website last week, Coach Stu had been let go by the Miami Hurricanes and rumors swirled as to where he would land.

However, on Saturday night, in a flurry of late night text messages and Ben & Jerry's ice cream binges, Coach Stu was offered and accepted the new position, shocking the entire RUTS Dynasty, Stuart Scott, and most importantly, former Florida football coach robtheblob51.

As you may recall, Coach Stu and robtheblob51 have a storied history, and a former friendship that ended in robtheblob51 making fun of Stu's love of rap music. After the tiff, Coach Stu took a coaching job at South Carolina before leaving for Miami for after 1 season. In his two seasons there, Stu led the Hurricanes to back-to-back 10 win seasons, but a greater calling was in the works all along.

Coach Stu always had an admiration for Florida athletic director Jeremy Foley, and his love of rap music. Even though robtheblob51 led the Gators to 3 very successful seasons in Gainesville, including an SEC title and concensus top 5 ranking this season, Foley wanted more from his head football coach, and he knew it all along.

"I was the mastermind behind this whole deal," said Foley. "Coach Spurrier, at my request, hired Coach Stu at Carolina to teach him the love of the deep ball. Then, I talked Miami into hiring Stu so that he could go to South Beach and hone his rap skills, free-styling techniques, and hip-hop wardrobe. After being there for 2 seasons, the timing was perfect. Rap music is coming back to Gainesville!"

Coach Stu arrives on campus in Gainesville. Fired up, focused, and prepared!

Coach Stu and Gators Mascot Albert E. Gator pose for photos after the press conference.

"I couldn't be more excited,"said Coach StuBucksman at the press conference. "I have never seen so much speed on the field as I have with my new team. As for robthebblob51, I heard that South Dakota Tech State University is interested in hiring him. That chump. They are the only school that hires a coach who listens to Yo-Yo Ma or Zombie Nation."

(No word yet as to whether or not the Gators play South Dakota Tech State Univ. in season 4)

Coach robtheblob51, who was seen clearing his office during the press conference was bitter about how he was fired. "3-0 is all I have to say," he said. "He never beat me in three seasons. And I have already spoken to our kicker, Caleb Sturgis, and told him to never make a 66 yard game winning field goal ever again!"

Both coaches refused to let by-gones be by-gones, but one thing is for sure, the Gator nation is excited about the arrival of Coach Stu. Message boards were clamoring about the hire early Monday afternoon...

"TNSORDBHAWTCTACSTSAOPFVLM" ("The Nick Saban of RUTS Dynasty Because He Always Wants To Change Teams And Can't Seem To Stay At One Place For Very Long Man) is a welcome addition to the Gator family.

I heard he's wearing jorts to his press conference. That's good enough for me!
--GatorTastesLike Chicken

I'm gonna make a change, for once in my life. It's gonna feeeeeel reeeeeal good, gonna make a difference, gonna make it right.
--Michael Jackson

The Gators have always been a staple at the top of the rankings in seasons 1-3, but one has to wonder with a new rap-music-loving coach at the helm, will the Gators take the next step toward a national title, or will they be too fired up and stressed out without thier traditional Kenny G locker room sing-along.
Coach Stu didn't elaborate further on the bitter rivalry with robtheblob51, but he offered some comments on what we could expect from his team next season.
"I promise we will come out fired up. With this speed, I may expand my playbook to 3 or 4 offensive plays next season," he said. "There won't be one single jort-wearing Gator fan in the Swamp that doesn't like the way we play or the way our uniforms will look next season."
Coach Stu was indoctrined to the Gator family early. Basketball coach Billy Donovan invited Stu to his house for a quick game of one-on-one.

And Florida faithful lined up early to catch a glimpse of their new head coach as he entered campus for his welcoming press conference.

The bad news in all of this is that Stu's band "SENSUAL BARBEQUE" is putting its world tour on hold until further notice. No refunds will be given on purchases of the band's tickets, t-shirts, or grill utensils.

Bowl Results and Final Rankings

Thrice As Nice! Tigers Cap 3-Peat In The Desert
Noles' Valiant Effort COmes Up Short, Clemson Celebrates BCS Title Again
#1 Clemson - 24
#2 Florida State - 10
Player of the Game: Blake Miller (RB) - 10 carries, 35 yards, 1 rushing TD; 4 reeptions, 87 yards, 1 TD reception
LSU Takes Out Frustrations On Badgers
Tigers Send Seniors Out In Style
#6 LSU - 58
#15 Wisconsin - 21
Player of the Game: Jarrett Lee (QB) - 33/36, 370 yards, 4 TDs, 0 INTs
Welcome to the SEC! Gators Destroy Undefeated Troy
Rainey Scores 7 TDs in Sweet Sugar Bowl Victory
#9 Florida - 91
#4 Troy - 6
Player of the Game: Chris Rainey (RB) - 10 receptions, 133 yards, 7 total TDs
Huskers Beat Wolverines In Offensive Battle
Coach Ccut Says Huskers Will Make "Huge Noise" Next Season
#21 Nebraska - 50
#5 Michigan - 35
Player of the Game: Curenski Gilleyen (WR) - 5 receptions, 122 yards, 3 TD receptions
Canes Eat Chicken and Bulldogs In Atlanta
QB Marve Has Breakout Game in Bowl Rout For Miami
Miami - 63
Mississippi State - 21
Player of the Game: Robert Marve (QB) - 20/25 passing, 338 yards, 7 TDs
All 3 polls had different thoughts on the end-of season rankings:
1. Clemson
2. West Virginia
3. Florida State
4. LSU
6. Florida
20. Nebraska
26. Miami
1. Clemson
2. Florida
3. West Virginia
4. Florida State
5. LSU
14. Nebraska
26. Miami
BCS Poll
1. Clemson
2. West Virginia
3. Florida State
4. Florida
5. LSU
15. Nebraska
25. Miami

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Sources: Coach StuBucksman Out At Miami

Sources within the Miami Hurricanes' athletic department have told RUTS Dynasty's league office that head coach StuBucksman will not return as the team's head football coach in 2011. The Hurricanes, who play Mississippi State tonight in the Chick Fila Bowl, are in Atlanta for the game, trying to cap of a 2nd straight 10 win season.

A source within the program, speaking on the condition of anonymity and a free years supply of Chick Fila sauce, was unclear whether or not Stu was being fired or was resigning.

Coach Stu has only been the head coach at Miami for 2 seasons, leaving some fans on message boards to label him "South Beach Saban" and "The Nick Saban of RUTS Dynasty Because He Always Wants To Change Teams And Can't Seem To Stay At One Place For Very Long Man," or "TNSORDBHAWTCTACSTSAOPFVLM" for short.

After the Hurricanes' walk-thru practice at the Georgia Dome this afternoon, coach Stu offered only a "no comment" when probed about the situation. Another reporter snapped back "don't you think this all started and ended too fast?" To which Stu quickly replied, "that's what she said."

Rumors about Coach Stu's future at Miami swirled during the team's bowl practice. Stu left the team to go on a "walkabout" and missed the entire two weeks of bowl practice. When he returned, he had grown a glorious, manly beard which Santa himself would envy. Although the beard's magic gave him the hippy voice of Jerry Garcia, the guitar shredding talent of Jimi Hendrix, and the conversation ability of Joaquin Phoenix, Coach Stu seemed to be coaching the Canes harder than ever.

Coach Stu was spotted walking in the South Dakota hills on his 2-week walkabout. No word if he was joined by Sasquatch and Big Foot.

However, over the past 24 hours, the inside source claimed that terms could not be reached on Stu's contract extension at Miami and that his 2nd season in South Beach would indeed be his last. The beginning of the end for Stu, according to the source, was his appearance on the cover of Sports Illustrated's swimsuit issue, which drew critical acclaim from the paparazzi, the media, and co-eds on the Miami campus, but ire from university administration. And once news of Stu's recent absence from Miami practice hit the president's office, it "was only a matter of time before his reign at The U ended," said the source.

RUTS has learned that Coach Stu, while focused on going out with a win against Miss. State, is considering several different coaching and non-coaching options, including the head coaching positions at Texas, Oklahoma State, Texas A&M, or Texas Tech, while also not ruling out leaving the coaching profession behind and taking his fledgling indie-funk-reggae-jam band Sensual Barbeque on the road for its first world tour.

Sensual Barbeque's debut album, "Grill Or Die" has sold a whopping 621 copies

Before getting on the team bus at the Georgia Dome after his team's walk through, Coach Stu did want to mention that "even though Christian "Tiny" Ponder won the Heisman Trophy and has his team playing in the BCS title game, the Seminoles QB still has a small ding dong fitting of a munchkin on the Wizard of Oz."

Stay tuned to RUTS Dynasty's website for more information.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Can FSU Finally Overcome Clemson?

Associated Press - Glendale, AZ

Florida State enters the national championship game with one big question looming: Can they overcome archrival Clemson? Clemson has dominated the series, winning all 3 matchups, since coach utvol27 and cjohnchavis arrived at their schools. In year 1, Clemson prevailed easily with a 41-7 victory, followed by a 27-10 win in year 2, and a 27-21 this season. Florida State has made progress over the years, but has still been unable to top Clemson. Is the grandest stage in college football the place where Florida State scores its first victory over Clemson and a national title at the same time?

Florida State definitely has the talent to win this game. Led by Heisman winner QB Christian Ponder and star WRs Blake Beck and Bert Reed, the Seminoles offense has been potent all year, minus one game. That one game came vs. Clemson. Florida State went to the air early, but Clemson's defense, always opportunistic, forced turnover after turnover, leading to easy scores for the Tigers. After building a 27-7 lead in the 3rd quarter, FSU took to the ground, churning out two TDs before the end of the 3rd to narrow it to 27-21. FSU looked to have the momentum to pull off the upset, but Clemson stymied FSU's momentum and the 4th quarter remained a stalemate, with neither team scoring. Florida State outgained Clemson and moved the ball well, but Clemson, as usual, found a way to win.

Clemson coach utvol27 realizes that while FSU has made considerable strides, his team has still managed to go 3-0 vs. FSU. "Their offense is downright scary," says utvol27. "They have speed all over the place. But we have built a certain toughness and desire within our boys, and they never let up. Whenever things get tough, we pull through one way or another. It's not always pretty. But we have some darn good players of our own, and we don't let up until we get the win. I'm confident that no matter what FSU throws at us in our rematch, we will pull it out. This is another special team, and we are determined to win a 3rd straight national title."

However, FSU may have history on its side. In 1996, FSU defeated Florida in the last game of the regular season, only to have Florida win the rematch 52-20 in the national title game at the Sugar Bowl. As gutwrenching as that loss was to FSU, that should help them realize that they can win this rematch vs. Clemson.

The intensity in this rivalry should result in a ferocious game. FSU is looking to get off the schnide against Clemson. Will this add pressure to the Seminoles, resulting in a tense team come gameday? Or will it serve as motivation to knock off the Tigers? If the current trend in this series stays true to form, expect a very close and exciting BCS National Championship game in Arizona.


FSU - Blake Beck, WR - Beck is an all-purpose threat for the Seminoles. He will line up at QB and WR, and FSU is better with the ball in his hands. He is a threat to score whenever he touches the ball.

CLEMSON - Blake Miller, RB - Miller is a speedster with big play potential. His running and catching ability makes him a serious weapon in all facets of Clemson's offense.


FSU - Turnovers - Clemson prides itself on forcing turnovers, ranking #1 in the country in turnover margin. If FSU doesn't turn the ball over, their chances of winning will go up.

CLEMSON - Running Game - Clemson has struggled running the ball this year compared to past years. Granted, there is no James Davis or CJ Spiller in the backfield. Clemson needs offensive balance to keep FSU's defense guessing, and a solid run game will contribute to this.


FSU - Christian Ponder, QB - "Don't get me wrong, it's an honor to win the Heisman. But there's only one thing I want...a national title. Beating Clemson for the first time in my career to get it would be a dream come true. I must redeem myself for the struggles I've had against them."

CLEMSON - DaQuan Bowers, DE - "All you media guys keep talking about how we gon' stop Ponder this and how we gon' tackle Beck that. I'm tired of hearing all this garbage. We done did it once this year, and we gon' do it again."

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Ponder ponders accolades, second chances

Manhattan, NY - Christian Ponder couldn't help but feel overwhelmed in the lobby of the Plaza Hotel following the Heisman Trophy presentation Saturday. The fifth-year senior QB joined Charlie Ward and Chris Weinke as the only Seminoles to bring home the Heisman hardware. Ponder's win caps an unlikely story. Ponder was considered the third best QB in Tallahassee when he arrived. The problem was, heralded recruits Xavier Lee and Drew Watherford stood in the way. Said Ponder, "I had to wait my turn. That's not really a surprise at a place like Florida State. Charlie Ward waited, Weinke, none of those guys were four year guys."

But Ponder came close. After winning a heated fall camp battle with Weatherford in the 2008 season, Ponder became the first starting QB for new coach CJohnChavis. Thing progressed slow until a change in the system allowed Ponder to spread the ball around to Preston Parker, Bert Reed and most recently Blake Beck. The new system allowed Ponder to break the NCAA record for passing yards in a single game and a season in 2009. Still the jury was out. Many analysts called Ponder a "system" QB, who had trouble posting good numbers in big game. Ponder finished second in the Heisman voting and was named an All-American following the 2009 season.

Still, Ponder felt he had something left to prove. After lengthy thought and prayer, Ponder decided to return to Florida State for a fifth season. The signal caller had already received his Bachelors Degree after 2 1/2 years at FSU. With the extra time, Ponder decided to finish work on an MBA and complete mission trips to the Philippines, Cambodia, Vietnam, South Africa, Somalia, Serbia, and Detroit. "Visiting Detroit, seeing how those people lived, it really gave me some perspective."

Ponder entered the 2010 season as a heavy favorite to post more big numbers, however, many members of the media predicted that Ponder would continue his habit of coming up small in big games. Ponder had thrown some inexplicable interceptions in losses to LSU, Miami and Clemson as a sophomore, and was off his game in another loss to Ole Miss. Ponder seemed to answer his critics early on. Finding Reed and Beck, along with A.J. Alexander and Greg Talley, The senior QB led his team to wins over Texas, Nebraska, Miami, Florida, and USC. However, the doubters awoke following his performance against the #1 Ranked Clemson Tigers. Ponder threw three interceptions, including one of the Seminoles' first offense play. The poor showing put the Seminoles in a 27-7 hole which they struggled to get out of before falling 27-21. The loss was the third straight for Ponder against the Tigers. "What made it worse was watching Blake out there throwing the ball with the game on the line" added Ponder. The Seminoles had turned to Blake Beck on the final drive of the game after the Tigers stifled the Seminole passing attack.

However, Ponder still has one more chance to leave his mark on college football. The Seminoles seemed destined for the #2 spot following the Clemson loss. However, an unlikely ally, the Florida Gators, put the Seminoles in the BCS Title game with an upset of LSU in the SEC Championship. "Florida was a really strong team when we played them, but we really didn't expect this opportunity" said Ponder. What remains to be seen is what Ponder and his Seminoles will do with this opportunity. But if Christian Ponder's track record is any indication from winning the starting QB job, to returning to school and capturing College Football's top prize, the senior QB just might make the most of it.

RUTS Dynasty Dream Team (seasons 1-3)

After 3 glorious seasons in RUTS Dynasty Commisionner Haag and Vice-Commisioner Nunley are pleased to annouce the RUTS Dynasty Dream Team. This team of gridiron greats are, in our opinion, the BEST of the best from the 1st three seasons.

QB -
Christian Ponder (FSU)
Tim Tebow (FL)

RB –
James Davis (Clemson)
C.J. Spiller (Clemson)
Trindon Holliday (LSU)
Graig Cooper (Miami)

WR –
Percy Harvin (Florida)
Kenny McKinley (South Carolina)
Preston Parker (FSU)
Bert Reed (FSU)

TE –
Sam Wheeler (Virginia Tech)
Jared Cook (South Carolina)

DE –
Da’Quan Bowers (Clemson)
Carlos Dunlap (Florida)

LB –
Brandon Spikes (Florida)
Kavell Conner (Clemson)
Darryl Sharpton (Miami)

CB –
Wondy Pierre-Louis (Florida)
Chris Chancellor (Clemson)
Byron Maxwell (Clemson)
Marcus Gilchrist (Clemson)

FS –
Major Wright (Florida)
Kam Chancellor (Virginia Tech)

SS –
Harry Coleman (LSU)
DeAndre McDaniel (Clemson)

K –
Caleb Sturgis (Florida)

K/P Returner –
Trindon Holliday (LSU)
Kenny McKinley (South Carolina)

Coach -
utvol27, Clemson

Strength Coach -
Million Dollar Man Ted Dibiase (Miami)
Golddust (LSU)

Honorable Mention (the next best thing a.k.a. the "day-dream team")
Jarrett Lee (QB, LSU)
Knowshon Moreno (RB, UGA)
Charles Butler (RB, VA Tech)
Chris Rainey (RB, FL)
Marcus Sims (FB, FSU)
Terrance Toliver (WR, LSU)
Pierre Powers (WR, Nebraska)
Ricky Sapp (DE, Clemson)
Jasper Brinkley (LB, South Carolina)
Kelvin Sheppard (LB, LSU)
Danelle Ellerbe (LB, UGA)
Jai Eugene (CB, LSU)
Chris Hawkins (CB, LSU)
Crezdon Butler (CB, Clemson)
Joe Haden (CB, Florida)
Demarcus Van Dyke (CB, Miami)
Captain Munnerlyn (SS, South Carolina)
Myron Rolle (SS, FSU)
Spencer Adams (FS, Clemson)

Season 3 Post-Season Awards

Heisman Trophy Winner
***Christian Ponder QB, Florida State***
2. Bert Reed WR, FSU
3. Graig Cooper RB, Miami
4. Mark Ford WR, LSU
5. Blake Beck WR, FSU

1st Team All-Americans
QB - Christian Ponder, FSU
RB - Graig Cooper, Miami
WR - Bert Reed, FSU
CB - Byron Maxwell, Clemson
CB- Xavier Brewer, Clemson
FS - Major Wright, Florida
SS - DeAndre McDaniel, Clemson
K - Richard Jackson, Clemson
P - Josh Jasper, LSU
Ret - Blake Miller, Clemson

2nd Team All-Americans
WR - Blake Beck, FSU
WR - Mark Ford, LSU
LG - Keith Williams, Nebraska
C - Jim Barrie, Florida
RG - DJ Jones, Nebraska
DE - Daquan Bowers, Clemson
DE - Carlos Dunlap, Florida
DT - Ben Martin, Nebraska
MLB - Michael Osei, Florida
CB - Marcus Gilchrist, Clemson
CB - Chris Hawkins, LSU
FS - Spencer Adams, Clemson
SS - Harry Coleman, LSU

Freshman All-Americans
WR - Blake Beck, FSU
WR - Mark Ford, LSU
DE - Mike Burnette, FSU
DT - Jason Walden, FSU
Ret - Keith Jones, Clemson

EA Sports Post-Season Awards
Maxwell Trophy (best overall player) - Christian Ponder (QB, FSU)

O'Brien Trophy (best QB) - Christian Ponder (QB, FSU)

Doak Walker Trophy (best RB) - Graig Cooper (RB, Miami)

Best WR - Bert Reed (WR, FSU)

Thorpe Award (best DB) - DeAndre McDaniel (SS, Clemson)

Lou Groza Award (best kicker) - Richard Jackson (K, Clemson)

Best Punter Award - Josh Jasper (P, LSU)

Best Returner Award - Blake Miller (RB, Clemson)

RUTS Awards
QB Rating - Christian Ponder, FSU ~ 217.2

TD Passes - Christian Ponder, FSU ~ 65 TDs

Fewest INTs thrown (for starting QB) - Carlos Phillips, Florida ~ 8 INTs

Rushing Yards - Graig Cooper, Miami ~ 1,366 yards

Rushing TDs - Graig Cooper, Miami ~ 25 TDs

Longest Run - Graig Cooper, Miami ~ 77 yards

Receptions - Bert Reed, FSU ~ 103 catches

Receiving Yards - Bert Reed, FSU ~ 1,687 yards

TD receptions - Bert Reed, FSu ~ 22 TDs

Longest Catch - Terrance Toliver ~ 99 yards

Pancake Blocks - Maurkice Pouncey, Florida ~ 16

Most Pancakes Eaten - Coach StuBucksman ~ 321.87 pancakes

Tackles - Harry Coleman, LSU ~ 93 tackles

Tackles for loss - Carlos Dunlap, Florida ~ 23 TFL

Sacks - Carlos Dunlap, Florida ~ 12 sacks

Interceptions - Demarcus Van Dyke ~ 10 INTs

Pick Sixes - (tie) Demarcus Van Dyke, Miami & Chris Hawkins, LSU ~ 4 Pick 6s

Longest INT return - (tie) Demarcus Van Dyke, Miami & Marcus Gilchrist, Clemson ~ 105 yards

Most FGs - Richard Jackson, Clemson ~ 17/17 FGs

Kick Return Avg. - Tate Forcier, Miami ~ 36.3 yards per kick return

Longest Kick Return - Keith Jones, Clemson ~ 102 yards

Punt return Avg. - Steve Cook, Miami ~ 31.4 yards per punt return

Longest Punt Return - Greg Talley, FSU ~ 93 yards

Conference Champions Crowned...Bowl Games Set

Run Rainey Run! Gators Upset LSU To Win SEC Title
Florida Only Throws 4 Passes, Spoil LSU's BCS Title Dreams
#2 LSU - 26
#13 Florida - 31
Player of the Game: Chris Rainey (RB) - 17 carries, 169 yards, 1 TD

Tigers Shut Out Canes
Secure BCS Title Game Rematch With Seminoles
#1 Clemson - 26
#20 Miami - 0
Player of the Game: Byron Maxwell (CB) - 3 tackles, 2 INTS, 126 total INT return yards, 1 TD

Twice As Nice!
Huskers Dominate Rematch With Sooners, Win Big XII Title
Nebraska - 35
#4 Oklahoma - 10
Player of the Game: Eric Hagg (CB) - 8 tackles, 3 TFL, 1 Sack, 1 INT

Season 3 Bowl Games Announced:

BCS National Championship
#1 Clemson vs. #2 Florida State
(This marks the 1st time in RUTS history a user/user game will determine the champ!)
Sugar Bowl
#9 Florida vs. #4 Troy
Fiesta Bowl
#21 Nebraska vs. #5 Michigan
Capitol One Bowl
#6 LSU vs. #15 Wisconsin
Chick Fila Bowl
Miami vs. Mississippi State

Friday, March 13, 2009

Conference Championship Week

Championships will be crowned. Hearts will be broken. Dreams will be made and crushed. This is American Idol...I mean, RUTS Dynasty Conference Championship Week.


Nebraska vs. #4 Oklahoma

Coach ccut leads his Big Red Huskers into the Big XII Championship Game matchup with #4 Oklahoma. This is a rematch from Week 11 of this season, when the Huskers upset undefeated Oklahoma 38-35, and pits two old-school rivals vying for conference supremacy. Coach ccut has the Huskers on the brink of a major turn around in just 1 season at the helm. Despite losing big in week 14 to Miami, look for Nebraska to look to freshman sensation Pierre Powers for big plays and another upset. If this happens, we expect Nebraska Athletic Director Tom Osborne to lock Coach ccut into a multi-year contract right away. Rumors have been swirling around the message boards that the Texas Longhorns, who are looking for a new head coach after Coach zeejaydee mysteriously vanished mid-season, may come full-steam in an attempt to lure the young coach to Austin. Coach ccut has not gone on record to address the situation, only saying that he is focused on winning the conference title. A source close to the situation has also told ESPN that Coach Ccut may be a candidate to take over for Bob Stoops at Oklahoma, if the Huskers upset the Sooners this week. The question is, will either TX or OU be able to match Nebraska's rumored offer of 6 years, $321 million?
Predicted score---- Nebraska 35, Oklahoma 28

#1 Clemson vs. #20 Miami

This is the first matchup between the Hurricanes and the Tigers this season, and it's a dangerous matchup for Clemson. The Hurricanes are riding a wave of momentum after thumping Nebraska last week and have nothing to lose in this matchup in Tampa. Clemson had to come from behind against Penn State, but we expect the Tigers to be prepared and ready in this one. Miami has finished strong for the past 2 seasons, and knocked off #1 LSU in week 14 of last season. The Hurricanes will have an uphill battle to defeat the Tigers, but with senior RB Graig Cooper plowing through defenders, anything is possible. Clemson's opportunistic defense will make it difficult on Miami's offense though.

The normally talkative Coach StuBucksman seems to have taken a media hiatus and has quieted his trash talking late in the season. When asked about this week's game, Stu glared at the camera, his fully grown beard flowing in all its glory, and said "I've really gotta take a dump."

Clemson is no stranger to big time games, having played two #2 vs. #3 games already this season. Look for this game to be extremely close, but it's hard to bet against the Tigers. A win puts them into their 3rd consecutive national title game. In this one, we expect Miami's ground game to make this one interesting, but Clemson's defense, which is an interception creating machine, will force Miami QBs Robert Marve and Knox Knunley into some tough situations. Look for Clemson to win this one, but we won't be surprised if it comes down to the wire. If Miami can establish any sort of passing game to prevent them from being 1 dimensional on offense, this one could have upset written all over it.
Predicted score------Clemson 27, Miami 21

#2 LSU vs. #13 Florida

Here we go again! LSU and Florida wil meet on the RUTS gridiron for the 6th time in RUTS history this week, again for the SEC title. LSU defeated the Gators in Gainesville 38-24 in Week 7 of this season and have won 4/5 in the series. Florida will look much different this time out though, as they will be playing with star RB Chris Rainey, who was injured in week 7. Florida's defense is one of the fastest and best in the nation, and always make it tough for LSU to move the ball. Despite a loss to rival FSU last week, the Gators will come into this game with revenge on their minds, and just like Miami, have nothing to lose. #2 LSU has everything to lose, and will have to fight the urge to play conservatively in this title matchup.

Revenge of another sorts will be on the Gator's minds as well. In season 1, LSU defeated then #1 and undefeated Florida in the SEC title game to spoil the Gators' national championship dreams. Don't think the Gators won't be looking to spoil the Tigers' run this season.

LSU is without its backup tailback Jermaine Osborn, who has slowly emerged as the Tigers 2nd option at tailback this season. Look for LSU to take a shot or two deep early to try to soften up Florida's stingy defense. LSU was able to connect on two deep TD passes in the week 7 matchup, which proved to be crucial scores.

This one should be a hard fought matchup. Both teams are familiar with each others' styles and rosters, so we don't expect there to be many surprises in this one, just a hard fought, slugfest featuring two of the fastest and most talented teams in the country. With that said, we think LSU will pull out a close victory, and move on to the BCS National Title game against the Clemson Tigers.
Predicted score ----- LSU 31, Florida 27

Every RUTS team plays this week, except for #3 Florida State. Coach cjohnchavis used the off-time to do the unthinkable and shopped for some attire from his favorite two teams this week. A loss by either Clemson or LSU puts the Seminoles in the national championship game! If a Seminole can show some love for the Hurricanes and Gators, you know it's gonna be a crazy week!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

More NCAA '10 Info: Custom (Freakin') Conferences!!

This is awesome news!! In theory, we could have a RUTS Conference next year!
And, a mystery revealed for all of you LOST fans out there...this guy, as he reveals in the EA blog update, could be RUTS Online Dynasty's version of "Jacob"...he created online dynasty! We should all buy him a beer!
You can click the link above to read more about this update!

Week 14 Scoreboard

Week 14 News:
  • #10 Troy (12-0) receives 1 first-place vote in the Coaches Poll
  • Clemson loses backup tailback Mike Cole for the season with a strained back.
  • Clemson's star OLB, Stanley Hunter is listed as Questionable for the Tigers ACC Title Game against Miami
  • LSU's backup tailback Jermaine Osborn was carted off the field against Ohio State and has a broken vertebrae in his back. He is out for the season.
  • Miami is riding a 6 game winning streak into next week's ACC title game
  • LSU (#1) and Florida State (#2) remain at the top of the Rivals Recruiting rankings with 16 and 15 commitments respectively

Close Call In Happy Valley!
Tigers Score 21 Unanswered To Cap 4th Qtr. Comeback
#1 Clemson - 42
Penn State - 24
Player of the Game: Willy Korn (QB) - 28/37 passing, 322 yards, 4 TDs

LSU Runs Away From Buckeyes
Tigers Must Beat Gators To Clinch BCS Title Game Birth
#2 LSU - 42
#4 Ohio State - 14
Player of the Game: Harry Coleman (SS) - 16 tackles, 5 Tackles for loss

One for the Ages! Noles Hold Off Gators In Downpour
FSU Waits, Hopes for Clemson or LSU To Be Upset
#3 Florida State - 28
#7 Florida - 21
Player of the Game: Brandon Paul (RB) - 5 receptions, 104 yards, 2 TDs

Cooper Delivers Fatal Dose Of Hurricane Pain Train
Miami's Momentum Carries Them Into ACC Title Game Against #1 Clemson
#23 Miami - 56
#20 Nebraska - 14
Player of the Game: Graig Cooper (RB) - 18 carries, 120 yards, 4 TDs; 4 receptions, 39 yards

BSC Standings
1. Clemson
2. LSU
3. Florida State
4. Oklahoma
5. Notre Dame
13. Florida
19. Miami

Carlton Banks Dance Academy Heisman Watch
1. Christian Ponder (QB, FSU)
2. Bert Reed (WR, FSU)
3. Graig Cooper (RB, Miami)
4. Blake Beck (WR, FSU)
5. Mark Ford (WR, LSU)

Monday, March 9, 2009

Week 14 Prognostications & Bowl Predictions

Like a fine wine, your favorite t-shirt, or the smell of Coach StuBucksman's shoes after a nice jog, Season III of RUTS keeps getting better with age. We enter the final week of the regular season with more excitement than an Ed Orgeron Hummer commercial. Along with the conference championship week, this week will go along way in clearing up the bowl picture and BCS national title game.

Bragging rights galore are on the line, with 4 RUTS teams facing off in rivalry games. Florida/Florida State goes without saying, but few remember the Nebraska/Miami rivalry, dating back to the 1980s. #1 Clemson head north to Happy Valley to face the Penn State Nittany Lions, while #2 LSU hosts #3 Ohio State in a huge out-of-conference tilt to close out the regular season.
#6 Florida @ #3 Florida State
This Sunshine State battle is back and better than ever. Bragging rights, recruiting territories, and national title hopes are on the line as the Gators chomp their way into Doak Campbell Stadium. The Gators, who have jumped up to #6 in the BCS, have a chance to slip into the title game with upsets against FSU this week and LSU in the SEC title game. The Noles' only blemish this season is a 6 point loss to top-ranked Clemson, but when they're at their best, it's tough for anyone to stop the high powered passing attack of Christian Ponder and the speedy crop of WRs in Tallahassee. Look for the Noles to come out running the football with talented sophomore Kendall Pleasant following the blocks of the hog-mollies up front. If FSU can stay balanced in this game, it could keep the outstanding Florida defense guessing.
The Gators are fighting for their lives and will be tough to take down. Florida's speed, talent, and tremendous special teams play gives them a chance in any game they face. Look for Coach robtheblob51 to get tailback Chris Rainey the ball at every opportunity. Florida's defense, led by safeties Major Wright and Jirimy Finch will need to have big games against the Noles relentless passing attack.
With much at stake in this game, we look for both teams to come out fighting. But, in a close game, the Seminoles will come out on top of the Gators 28-24.
#17 Nebraska @ #22 Miami
The Huskers bring the Big Red army to South Beach this week. Traveling with a flock of rowdy fans looking for any excuse to escape the thriving metropolis of Lincoln, Nebraska, Coach ccut's confident squad has one thing in mind...embaressing Miami on their home field on senior day.
"We are going to ruin Miami's senior day," said Coach ccut. "Graig Cooper spells his name funny, and we are going to embarress him on national tv in his last ever home game."
The normally subdued Coach ccut hinted that his team, vastly underrated all season, is looking to show the nation what a ticked off bunch of corn-fed boys can do to South Beach's finest. "This will be a beat-down of titanic proportions," he said. "I compared it to what the Stay Puft Marshmellow Man did to New York City in the 1985 hit "Ghostbusters,"...only Coach Stubucksman and his team of thugs will not be able to melt us with their pro-ton packs. I don't even think they make pro-ton packs anymore."
When StuBucksman heard of these comments he went on a tirade that the media labeled as "Mike Gundy-esque" and finished by stealing a line from Ricky Bobby. "Coach ccut, I'm too drunk to taste this chicken! I play for keeps," Stubucksman said.
"Those fat cornhuskers and their husky jeans are going down," said Miami CB Demarcus Van Dyke. "And Pierre Powers is going to get a lesson in the manlihoodationalism. What kind of a name is Pierre?"
Miami fans on the message board CaneFansForKnoxKnunley have responded in unison to nebraska's challenge and have vowed to show up in full force at Dolphins Stadium this week. They've also been quick to point out that Miami owns Nebraska, citing these 2 games as reference:

1984 Orange Bowl -

"The Nebraska team wants to bring up history," said Miami message board addict I_heart_Stu. "Our Canes and our beloved Coach Stu will bring back the Hurricanes of yester year by showing these Huskers, yet again, how we roll on South Beach."

"These Canes are dilusional," said Pierre Powers. "Van Dyke can't stop me! I'm going to give him a lesson in TD dances, starting with showing him how I can do The Carlton on the U in the middle of the field after my first score."

Trash talking aside, much is at stake for both teams. If Miami can get a passing game going to compliment its great running game, look out. However, if Nebraska can keep Miami one dimensional, it could be a long day for the Canes. The RUTS PR staff likes this one to come down to the wire, but a late turnover will be the deciding factor....Nebraska 35, Miami 31 in one of the best games of the season.

BCS National Title Game - #1 Clemson vs. #2 LSU

Chick Fila Bowl - #22 Miami vs. Mississippi State

Sugar Bowl - #6 Florida vs. #5 Oregon State

Fiesta Bowl - #17 Nebraska vs. #13 Troy

Orange Bowl - #3 Florida State vs. West Virginia

Week 13 Scoreboard

Bacon Anyone? Tigers Defense Stifles Hogs
#2 LSU - 59
Arkansas - 17
Player of the Game: Mark Ford (WR) - 5 receptions, 114 yards, 3 TD receptions; 1 Kickoff Return TD

Go West Young Man! FSU Crushes Trojans in LA
Noles Still Alive In Title Chase, But Gators Come Chomping Next
#3 Florida State - 63
#8 USC - 39
Player of the Game: Christian Ponder (QB) - 29/35, 473 yards, 4 TD passes; 1 rushing TD

Huskers Outlast Buffaloes to Clinch Big 12 North Title
Week 14 Trip to South Beach Will Be No Vacation
#21 Nebraska - 45
#24 Colorado - 28
Player of the Game: Pierre Powers (WR) - 11 receptions, 188 yards, 3 TD receptions; 7 carries, 23 yards, 1 rushing TD; 6/7 passing, 57 yards

Canes Pull Away From Pesky Cavs
StuBucksman Hints At Secretly Hurting Pierre Powers Before Nebraska Game
#22 Miami - 76
Virginia - 27
Player of the Game: Graig Cooper (RB) - 24 carries, 153 yards, 4 rushing TDs; 7 receptions, 101 yards, 1 TD reception

BCS Standings
1. Clemson
2. LSU
3. (tie) Ohio State
3. (tie) Florida State
6. Florida
17. Nebraska
22. Miami

Carlton Banks Dance Academy Heisman Watch
1. Bert Reed (WR, FSU)
2. Christian Ponder (QB, FSU)
3. Griag Cooper (RB, Miami)
4. Mark Ford (WR, LSU)
5. Blake Beck (WR, FSU)

Friday, March 6, 2009

NCAA '10: Super Sim Updates

I will try to keep posting these updates when I see them online. This one looks pretty cool!

Also, in this interview, the game designer confirms what I've thought for a while...when you Super Sim the game on NCAA 09, your team is more prone to injuries.