Friday, July 6, 2012

"Boom!" It's Official, RUTS5 will be playing Madden 13

In an official joint press release from RUTS headquarters and the NFL, it was announced today that RUTS5 will be heading back to the pros and playing Madden 13.

The RUTS Dynasty, entering its fifth year in existence, has played EA Sports' NCAA Football in three of its first four years. This year however, Madden's new features and the desire to keep the league fresh, led the Men of RUTS to forgo another year in college for this year, and jump ship to Madden.

Madden 13's release date is Tuesday, August 28, so RUTS5 will get cranked up in early September, starting with the famous RUTS Team Draft. With Coach StuBucksman retiring from the sidelines this year and joining the OWN Network broadcast team, he will likely be asked to host the draft special. More details to come!

For now, football fans and RUTS coaches will be looking ahead to Season 1 of RUT5...just a few months away!