Thursday, July 31, 2008

League Rules (as of July 31)

These are up for debate until we actually start the league...Please give your feedback and any suggestions you might have.

Team Selection
Players may select teams from the SEC and the ACC or Big XII (based on survey results) only
- 4 teams from each conference if there are 8 participants in the dynasty
- 2 teams must be chosen from each division of the 2 conferences we select
i.e. 2 teams each from SEC east, SEC west, ACC coastal, ACC atlantic)
- If there are 9 or 10 participants in the dynasty, the players with the 9th and 10th pick may select a team from either conference that has yet to be selected

Drafting Teams
Once the league has been set, a draft order will be drawn at random. The player with the number one pick may select his team first, and so on.

Players will be notified via email and the blog of their draft number (and the order of the entire draft). If time permits, the random drawing of the draft order will be filmed on video and uploaded on YouTube (posted on the blog) to ensure users of fair draft order.

The draft will take place via email or the blog on a date to be determined by “replying all” and the commissioner of the league will be responsible for letting everyone know the list of teams picked as the draft goes on. Once teams have been selected, the commissioner will send out an “online dynasty invite” from the game to your online PS3 user name. Each player will need to accept the invitation on the game and select the team you drafted on the game.

- Once a division in the league has 2 teams selected, that division is closed
(i.e. If UGA and Tennessee are selected with the first 2 picks in the draft, no player may select FL, unless there is a 9th player in the league, who may select FL with his pick)

- Sample Draft to illustrate:
1. UGA
2. Tennessee (SEC east closed)
3. LSU
4. Clemson
5. Auburn (SEC west closed)
6. Florida State (ACC Atlantic closed)
7. Miami
8. Virginia Tech (ACC coastal closed)
9. Florida (wild card)
10. Alabama (wild card)

In-Season Rules
In the game, all schedule changes must be changed by the dynasty commissioner. Whenever possible, out of conference games will be scheduled with other users’ teams. Conference games cannot be changed. These policies are dictated by the game setup and not by our league’s rules.

Each user will play 1 or 2 games of the online dynasty per week (depending on league preference)…this means that of each real calendar week, we will play 1 or 2 weeks of our season ---as of now, it looks like we'll start the dynasty playing 1 game per week!!!
- In the dynasty, a user may either play the game head-to-head, or simulate the results if he is unable to commit to a time to play the game
- If, during the season, you have a game scheduled against the computer (against a team that was not selected in the draft), you have the option to either play the CPU head to head or simulate the results. I hope we can just trust that players in the league won’t reset the game if they’re losing to the computer! (Hopefully, with good scheduling, we’ll get to play head-to-head against each other more than against the CPU).

All games from the previous week must be played no later than 9:00 p.m. Sunday. You can play any day/time of the week, but the dynasty season will advance on Sunday nights, so any game or recruiting tasks you plan to do in a given week need to be completed by 9:00 p.m. Eastern time on Sundays. Anything you don't get a chance to do will be simulated by the computer, and the week will advance as scheduled.

If we decide to play 2 games per week as the season progresses, we'll decide on the day of the week (mid-week) we advance the season.

Games will be played with 5 or 6 minute quarters, on All-American skill level.

As you know, the online connection can drop during game play. If this happens during an online dynasty game, unfortunately, the users will have to either replay the game in its entirety or agree to simulate the results. Let’s hope this rarely, or NEVER, happens in the league.

Players can play a head-to-head online dynasty game OFFLINE (on the same PS3/TV) by downloading the game information onto the PS3…playing the game…then uploading the file back to the online dynasty. I'm not sure how this works, but I know it CAN be done on the game.

Survey Results

Last week, you should have all received a survey about some basic rules about the dynasty. This was very helpful in letting me know how you all prefer to have the dynasty set-up. If you haven't taken the survey yet, you can do so HERE.

Here are the results so far: (Survey Monkey won't let me post the link here)

1. How many games per week in the dynasty can you commit to playing? The number of games we play per week CAN be increased or decreased throughout the season. (Keep in mind, some dynasty games will be against the computer, and some will be head-to-head against others in the league)

a) 1 game per week - 3 votes
b) 2 games per week - 3 votes

2. Besides the SEC, which other conference would you prefer to be an option for team selection in our dynasty? (other conference must have a championship game)

a) ACC - 4 votes
b) Bix XII - 2 votes

3. How many minutes would you like each quarter to be in the dynasty?
a) 5 minutes - 3 votes
b) 6 minutes - 3 votes

4. What setting would you like to play the dynasty? (This will be the setting for all games against the computer)
a) Varsity - 1 vote
b) All-American - 5 votes

5. When would you prefer to begin week 1 of the dynasty? (Please note - dynasty will not begin until the ROSTER PATCH has been sent out from EA we'll be able to have complete rosters/player names for all teams)
a)Week of August 10-16 - 2 votes
b)Week of August 17-23 - 3 votes
c)Week of August 24-30 - 1 vote

Welcome to the "Run Up the Score" Online Dynasty

I hope this blog site will give us an easy place to talk trash, share ideas, talk some football x's and o's, and talk more trash. All of the dynasty participants have been invited to makes posts and add comments, so have at it!
- Eric