Monday, December 10, 2012

49ers Win RUTS5, Season 1 Super Bowl

On a last second field goal by David Akers, the San Fransisco 49ers (17-1) defeated the previously unbeaten Houston Texans (17-1) 20-17 in the RUTS5 Season 1 Super Bowl in the New Orleans Superdome.

The game was back and forth the entire way and came down to a gut wrenching final drive by the 49ers. Converting a few big 3rd downs led the Niners into FG range, where their Pro Bowl kicker nailed home a short yard FG for the win.

The Texans and 49ers both had great seasons, and NFL expert John Clayton has already predicted a rematch in the Season 2 Super Bowl.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Playoffs: Wild Card Round

Jaguars (8-8) at Patriots (11-5)
Steelers (9-7) at Chargers (11-5)

Giants (8-8) at Lions (13-3)
Cardinals (9-7) at Saints (11-4)

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Playoff Positioning - entering the final week of the regular season

As we enter the final week of the regular season for SEASON 1, here is a look at the playoff scenarios:

1. Houston Texans (first round bye / home field advantage)
2. Baltimore Ravens (first round bye)
3. San Diego Chargers
4. New England Patriots
5. Pittsburgh Steelers
6. Jacksonville Jaguars or Indianapolis Colts

1. SF 49ers (first round bye / home field advantage)
2. Philadelphia Eagles (first round bye)
3. Detroit Lions
4. New Orleans Saints
5. Arizona Cardinals
6. to be determined...

Here is a look at the

Thursday, October 25, 2012

NFL Standings - entering Week 12

Monday, October 15, 2012

Midseason Report - Playoff Scenarios

Now that all teams have played 8 games, let's take a look at the playoff scenarios as they stand entering Week 10:

1. 49ers (8-0) - Division Leader / 1st Rd Bye
2. Eagles (6-2) - Division Leader / 1st Rd Bye
3. Lions (6-2) - Division Leader
4. Cardinals (6-3) - Wild Card
5. Falcons (5-3) - Division Leader
6. Saints (5-3) - Wild Card
 Outside Looking In:
7. Packers (5-4)
8. NY Giants (5-4)

1. Texans (8-0) - Division Leader / 1st Rd Bye
2. Patriots (7-1) - Division Leader / 1st Rd Bye
3. Chargers (7-1) - Division Leader
4. Ravens (6-2) - Division Leader
5. Steelers (6-2) - Wild Card
6. Dolphis (5-3) - Wild Card
 Outside Looking In:
7. Jaguars (4-4)

Friday, October 12, 2012

Coach stinvol returns to RUTS, agrees to multi-year deal with New Orleans

Coach stinvol, a longtime member of RUTS, made a surprising announcement today that after an 8-week hiatus, he is returning to the game he loves. Immediately after this announcement, the New Orleans Saints snagged the coach and signed him to a multi-year deal.

The coach will be on the sidelines this week (week 9) when his team faces Coach UTVOL54 and the NFC East leading Philadelphia Eagles. Both teams enter the game with 5-2 records, but can Coach stinvol coach his team up in just a matter of hours to knock of Michael Vick and the Eagles?

Halfway through Season 1, here are the standings

We are now in Week 9 of season 1. As of this week, here are the standings (click on each image to view a larger version):

As you can see, the undefeated 49ers (8-0) and Texans (7-0) have been dominant so far. Will that continue as we head into the second half of the season?

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

What's Old is New...Stetson Ad Rekindles Brady/cjohnchavis bond

Back in RUTS2, during Coach cjohnchavis's first stint with New England, the rugged, yet sensual men's fragrance, Stetson made the coach and his starting QB Tom Brady the centerpiece for what quickly became the most popular ad campaign in the post-Mad Men era.

Now, the company has turned back the clock, re-releasing the ad in select markets this fall. Better pick up a bottle of Stetson at your nearest Walgreen's soon, they're sure to not last long!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Here it is, the official RUTS5 Team Draft Video

Friday, August 31, 2012

RUTS5 Team Draft Set for Monday

The RUTS5 team draft will begin on Monday, when the draft video is posted on YouTube and on this blog. Last year's draft video prompted many great responses, as many RUTS coaches proclaimed their allegiance for their new team with videos and stories galore. Coach StuBucksman set the bar high with this classic:

Friday, July 6, 2012

"Boom!" It's Official, RUTS5 will be playing Madden 13

In an official joint press release from RUTS headquarters and the NFL, it was announced today that RUTS5 will be heading back to the pros and playing Madden 13.

The RUTS Dynasty, entering its fifth year in existence, has played EA Sports' NCAA Football in three of its first four years. This year however, Madden's new features and the desire to keep the league fresh, led the Men of RUTS to forgo another year in college for this year, and jump ship to Madden.

Madden 13's release date is Tuesday, August 28, so RUTS5 will get cranked up in early September, starting with the famous RUTS Team Draft. With Coach StuBucksman retiring from the sidelines this year and joining the OWN Network broadcast team, he will likely be asked to host the draft special. More details to come!

For now, football fans and RUTS coaches will be looking ahead to Season 1 of RUT5...just a few months away!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Seminoles Claim 3rd RUTS4 National Championship, 70-10 over Louisville

The Florida State Seminoles capped off another 14-0 undefeated season in RUTS4, defeating #2 Louisville 70-10 to claim the season 4 BCS National Championship. The victory gives Coach UTVOL54 and the Seminoles their 3rd RUTS4 National title in what will likely be the final season of RUTS4. 

Coach UTVOL54 and FSU's overall RUTS4 record is 54-2, with its only 2 losses coming in season 3 to Michigan and USC (in the BCS title game). 

RUTS5 is slated to start in mid/late August.


Monday, April 16, 2012

Final NCAA Football 13 Cover Art Released

Monday, February 27, 2012

NCAA 13 Cover Announced

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Season 4 Schedules Announced

Broken PS3 Threatens Coach UTVOL54's coaching career

On Sunday, while preparing to do some recruiting for the upcoming season, Florida State Coach UTVOL54's coaching career suddenly was staring down the barrel of a shotgun. The infamous "Blinking Red Light of Death" had struck his PS3, just like it did to former Oregon Coach StuBucksman in January.

While Coach UTVOL54 has yet to purchase a new PS3 (he's gladly accepting donations to help fund said purchase), longtime rival and arch nemesis Coach utvol27 has graciously offered to allow FSU to use USC's facilities until a new PS3 is purchased.

Luckily, team doctors at Florida State were able to successfully perform surgery on the PS3 to remove the NCAA 12 football game from the broken system.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Alabama Coach @zeejaydee resigns, grows hair out, to pursue lifelong dream

In a move that many Alabama Crimson Tide fans saw coming for months, third year Head Coach zeejaydee announced that he will be stepping down from his post as head coach in Tuscaloosa. Many fans had been speculating for months why the head coach had been growing his newly-blonde hair out, but now we know.

After leading the Tide to the season 2 SEC Championship Game, Coach zeejaydee just said that he'd gotten the itch to pursue his true passion - reality TV, steroid-enhanced battle games. And what better outlet than the classic gameshow, American Gladiators?

"This is a dream I've had since at least 1989," Coach zeejaydee said in a written statement to ESPN. "I hope some of my players will decide to join me too. I am definitely not closing the door on returning to coaching at some point, but for now, this is an opportunity I can't pass my hair has never looked better. I am also excited about my new stage name of Unmeltable Nitro Ice Storm!"

The move puts the Crimson Tide in a major bind just weeks before National Signing Day. Many speculate that the Tide will go after former Oklahoma Head Coach and recent reality TV failure, Coach Gump. Gump was eliminated from Survivor: Detroit in the show's first 10 minutes after losing a do or die rapping battle.

If Alabama is unsuccessful in luring Gump to Tuscaloosa, then many predict hard times will fall on the program unless a surprise candidate steps up to fill the shoes of the many coaching legends that have walked the sidelines of Bryant Denney Stadium.

Coach zeejaydee isn't looking back though, as he said he's focusing 100% of his attention on the tennis ball cannon challenge!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Coach utvol27 is back on top - BCS Championship Game Recap/Photos

The USC Trojans defeated the Florida State Seminoles 20-17 last night in the Rose Bowl to win the season 3 BCS National Championship. The game was dominated by both teams' defenses and came down to the wire, as expected.

Trojan kicker Andre Heidari kicked a 23 yard FG as time expired to give USC the victory, which halts the Seminoles 2 year BCS title winning streak. Although both defenses set the tempo throughout the contest, the difference in the game was USC's ability to pressure FSU QB Matthew Bryant (4 sacks) and a interception return for a TD in the first quarter. That interception came just plays after FSU (which led 3-0) forced an interception and was looking to build a two-score lead. Instead, the interception gave USC a 7-3 lead, and they tacked on an additional FG to take a 10-3 lead into the locker room.

 The momentum turned FSU's way in the second half and it looked as if the Seminole magic would prevail. ON USC's opening drive, the Seminoles forced a fumble (which USC miraculously recovered - see video highlights) on its own 5 yard like, and the Trojans punted on 4th and 27 from their own end zone. The Seminole offense finally got on course and tied the game 10-10 when Bryant connected with WR Kenny Shaw on a TD pass. Just two minutes later, after the Seminoles forced a fumble an option pitch, FSU added another TD to take a 17-10 lead with just over a minute left in the 3rd quarter. 

From there, it was all USC, as the Trojans came up with a clutch, 4th quarter performance. Coach utvol27 turned to Heisman winning RB Dillon Baxter and the RB carried the load. Baxter carried the ball 25 times for 148 yards on the night, and a majority of those carries/yards came in the 4th quarter. Baxter led the Trojans down the field, but the drive stalled inside the FSU 10 yard line. Facing 4th and Goal from the 8, and trailing 17-10 with 4:46 left in the game, Coach utvol27 gambled and went for the TD. RS Freshman QB Tim King found Baxter open the end zone, and the RB made a leaping TD catch to tie the game at 17-17. 

The USC defense came up huge once again on the ensuing drive, sacking Bryant on 3rd down to force the Seminoles to punt inside their own 10 yard line with 2 minutes remaining and all 3 timeouts at its disposal. 

Once again, the Trojans leaned on Baxter, and the running back bruised his way little by little downfield. USC's passing game was virtually ineffective all night (as King went 4/7 for 20 yards), but Baxter's running was all it needed on this night. The Trojans ran the clock down inside 1 minute, and with all of FSU's timeouts gone, USC ticked the clock down and called timeout on 4th down with 2 seconds remaining.

Heidari lined up and drilled the 23 yarder right down the middle, and pandemonium reigned on the Rose Bowl field. A dejected Seminole team watched in silence as the Trojans did the Peanut Butter Jelly dance with their head coach at midfield.

Both of these teams are expected to contend for the BCS title again next year, as FSU loses only 11 seniors and USC loses 13. Season 4 will be right around the corner, and with Texas, Michigan, LSU, and Miami lurking close behind, along with the uncertainty surrounding the Oregon, Oklahoma, Alabama, and Washington programs, it's going to be another nip and tuck, competitive season for sure!

Game recap:


The mighty have fallen! USC ends FSU's national championship streak! An improbable 4th quarter comeback and a... well, there's no other way to put it... "ballsy" 4th and goal TD pass and game winning field goal lead the Trojans back to glory!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Trojans vs. Seminoles --- for all the marbles!

We're just a few hours away from the season 3 BCS National Championship Game, live from the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, CA.

Tonight's game pits the 12-0 and #1 ranked USC Trojans against the 11-1 and #2 Florida State Seminoles. This game is a rematch from the season 2 national title game, which FSU won 48-20. That game was tied 13-13 though early in the second half before the Seminoles pulled away.

The story of last year's game was defense, and that may hold true again this year, as both teams have dominant defensive units. The Seminoles shredded the Trojan OLine last year to the tune of 9 total sacks in the game, so you can bet that Trojan Coach utvol27 will be making protecting freshman QB Tim King a focus tonight.

The Seminoles have the nation's top ranked defense, but they will have their hands full containing Heisman Trophy winner Dillon Baxter, whose running skills have paced the Trojan offense all season.

Last year's game was played in the Seminoles' home state, in Miami, while this year's game in being played just miles away from the USC campus. Even with the close proximity, Florida State fans have flooded Las Angeles with fervor.

The unbeaten Trojans enter the game as the home team and are listed as a 1.5 point favorite. As in many of the past games between these two sibling coaches, we look for this game to come down to the wire. The key, we think will be which team controls the down and distance on offense, protects the football, and limits critical QB sacks.

Are the Trojans ready to stake their claim as the best team in college football once again? Or will the Seminoles earn a 3rd consecutive BCS crown?


Friday, February 3, 2012

USC Running Back Dillon Baxter wins season 3 Heisman Triphy

319 carries
2,516 rushing yards (7.8 ypc)
36 TDs
0 Fumbles
21 receptions
319 receiving yards
4 TD receptions

Season 3 Bowl Games Announced

Welcome to Bowl Season!

=============== #1 USC Trojans (13-0) ===============
#1 USC will face #2 Florida State in the BCS National Championship.

=============== #2 Florida State Seminoles (12-1) ===============
#2 Florida State will face #1 USC in the BCS National Championship.

=============== #3 Texas Longhorns (10-2) ===============
#3 Texas will face #5 LSU in the Rose Bowl.

=============== #5 LSU Tigers (11-2) ===============
#5 LSU will face #3 Texas in the Rose Bowl.

=============== #6 Michigan Wolverines (11-2) ===============
#6 Michigan will face Baylor in the Alamo Bowl.

=============== #12 Oregon Ducks (9-3) ===============
#12 Oregon will face UNLV in the Las Vegas Bowl.

=============== #14 Miami Hurricanes (9-3) ===============
#14 Miami will face #16 Michigan State in the Capital One Bowl.

=============== #15 Alabama Crimson Tide (8-4) ===============
#15 Alabama will face #18 Ohio State in the Outback Bowl.

=============== #18 Oklahoma Sooners (8-4) ===============
#18 Oklahoma will face Kansas in the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl.

Pac 12 Thriller! USC kicks game winning field goal as time expires to beat Michigan 17-14 & advance to BCS title game

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Seminoles survive scare from LSU, move on to BCS title game with 27-17 comeback win

It was yet another thrilling game in this rivalry series! At the game's final horn, the #2 Florida State Seminoles outlasted #3 LSU 27-17 to advance to the BCS National Championship game to face the winner of #1 USC/#5 Michigan. 

LSU came out ready to play, and behind a tremendous game plan by Coach cjohnchavis, the Tigers marched down the field on their opening drive, eating 5:10 off the clock to take a 7-0 lead. On FSU's first play from scrimmage, RB Devonta Freeman was stripped by mammoth DT Michael Brockers and LSU recovered. Florida State's touted defense held its ground, and held LSU to a FG, but at the end of the 1st quarter, it was all LSU 10-0. 

Florida State answered with a long drive of its own, but Coach cjohnchavis's defense came up with 3 crucial stops inside its own 5 yard line, and held the Noles to a FG. The score held, and at the end of the first half, LSU led 10-3 with Florida State set to receive the kickoff.

The third quarter belonged to the Seminoles. FSU struck quick behind two deep passes and scored its first TD of the game when Matthew Bryant found James Wilder in the endzone. Wilder made a shoestring grab, and the game was tied 10-10. After sacking Mettenburger on LSU's first play on the ensuing drive, Freshman CB Robert Morrison stepped in front of a pass, picked it off, and raced 22 yards to the end zone to give FSU a 17-10 lead. The Noles tacked on a 53 yard field goal  later in the quarter to score its 20th straight point in the game. FSU lead 20-10 at the end of three quarters, but LSU was not finished yet!

LSU did a great job of sticking to their 1st quarter game plan, using a balanced running and passing attack to march back down the field. With 4:16 left, the Tigers converted a huge 4th and goal play from the 8 yard line, as Mettenburger found Avery Johnson in the end zone for the second time in the game. The lead was trimmed to 20-17, with over 4 minutes remaining. 

Florida State converted a few first downs on the ensuing drive, eating some time off the clock, but LSU's defense held firm. With just over 2 minutes left in the game, FSU faced a 4th and inches from its own 42 yard line. Without hesitating, Coach UTVOL54 sent his offense back on the field. The Tiger defense read the play well, but FSU senior LG Bryan Stork knocked off the LSU DT just enough to spring FB Jaron Brooks  to daylight. Reminding many SEC fans of Tennessee fullback Shawn Bryson's fullback dive run against the Florida Gators in 1998, Brooks raced 58 yards to the end zone. With 2:08 remaining, Florida State led 27-17.

LSU marched back down the field quickly, and many fans in the Georgia Dome thought a TD, and onside kick, was forthcoming. However, FSU senior CB Xavier Rhodes intercepted a Mettenburger pass and raced down the field inside the LSU 10 yard line before being tackled. 

FSU took a few knees to run the clock out, and earned a 27-17 victory. The FSU players held red roses into the air, celebrating their 3rd straight trip to the BCS National title game, this time in the Rose Bowl in Pasadena. 

"It was a tremendous effort by our team," said coach UTVOL54. "Our guys didn't give up after falling behind 10-0. Give LSU a ton of credit, they played extremely well and had a great game plan. I'm happy our defense and offense both responded to answer the challenge."

LSU appears to also be headed to the Rose Bowl, most likely against current #4 Texas, but that will be decided soon.