Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Madden 10 Team/Division Previews

This is a great resource from EA Sports leading up to the release of the game.


It includes each team's overall rating, full roster rating, a preview of the team's strengths and weaknesses, and a sweet video for each division in the league.

Screenshots of Madden 10 Web Management Tool

These are some pics of how the web management tool will look. Hopefully they will roll this out before the game launches. As I said before, I think this feature (being able to control every aspect of your team and RUTS2 from the web---except playing the actual games) is awesome. Enjoy the here.

Friday, July 24, 2009

HHS and UT Alum Representin' Well

Madden 10 lead designer Ian Cummings (on the right) and another Madden designer show TJ Houshman -- what's his name -- who's boss on ESPN today! Nice! TJ outta be happy with his very generous 10th overall WR rating.

Madden '10 Demo Available for Download

The Madden '10 demo (according to Operation Sports) is available for download in the PS Store. I think if you pre-order the game at GameStop they give you a code to download a "full game" demo, but the regular demo is very short quarters. The demo features a game between the Cowboys and the Giants, in the snow, at Giants Stadium. Have at it!

As of now, we still have 5 teams confirmed for RUTS 2, with hopes of adding up to 3 more teams, max.

EDIT-----The demo for Madden isn't out until July 30...unless you preorder from Gamestop. If you preorder, they give you a code to DL it starting yesterday (July 23).

Monday, July 13, 2009

New RUTS logo unveiled

The new RUTS 2 logo was unveiled today at RUTS headquarters.

In a high class move to attempt to move into contention for RUTS sponsorship rights, Chick Fil-A catered the "Logo Unveiling Party" and supplied the RUTS staff with all you can eat chicken strips, Chick Fil-A sauce, sweet tea and peach milkshakes.

"I'm not going to say I stole the thunder away from the logo unveiling," said Coach StuBucksman, sporting a fresh Chick Fil-A sauce mustache from lunch, "but I think I set a new world record for gallons of sauce consumed in one sitting." Chick Fil-A spokespeople are looking into the claim.

In regards to the logo, RUTS commisioner UTVOL54 said he was excited about the new logo and looked forward to customizing it in the coming month, upon the selection of the RUTS 2 teams in the draft, which will be held in late August. "We went with a strong, bold logo, but tried to keep it identifiable and simple," said UTVOL54. "In spite of our switch to Madden's Online Franchise, RUTS will keep the 'Online Dynasty' name, because each of its coaches will set out, starting with Season 1, to become the next, great dynasty among NFL teams."

Thursday, July 9, 2009

RUTS Dynasty Summer Jam Session Show

Simon Mantooth and Dexter Poindexter bring us the 1st edition of the RUTS Off-Season Show, the "RUTS Dynasty Summer Jam Session."

Click here to view the video (or view it below).

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Best of RUTS (Volume 1)

Here, we salute the best players from each of the RUTS 1 Teams (1 offensive player & 1 defensive player from each team), as voted on by the RUTS PR staff. Please make comments if you think some need to be changed.

Clemson Tigers
Offense - Blake Miller, RB (seasons 2, 3, 4, 5)
Defense - Da'Quan Bowers (seasons 1-4)

LSU Tigers
Offense - Mark Ford, WR (seasons 3, 4, 5)
Defense - Harry Coleman, SS (seasons 1, 2, 3)

Florida State Seminoles
Offense - Blake Beck, WR/QB (seasons 3, 4, 5)
Defense - Mike Burnette, DE (seasons 3, 4, 5)

Florida Gators (the robtheblob51 era)
Offense - Percy Harvin, WR
Defense - Carlos Dunlap, DE

Florida Gators (the StuBucksman era)
Offense - Scott Simmons, WR
Defense - Michael Osei, MLB

South Carolina Gamecocks
Offense - Kenny McKinley, WR
Defense - Captain Munnerlyn, SS

Virginia Tech Hokies
Offense - Charles Butler, RB
Defense - V. Chancellor, FS

Georgia Bulldogs
Offense - Knowshon Moreno, RB
Defense - Dan Ellerbe, MLB

Miami Hurricanes
Offense - Graig Cooper, RB
Defense - Demarcus Van Dyke, CB

Nebraska Cornhuskers
Offense - Darrell Webb, WR
Defense - Eric Hagg, CB (for his motivational speech effectiveness)

Best Blog Posts

#1 - Coach StuBucksman's Mysterious Disappearance From Miami Football

#2 - Coach StuBuckman's Shocking News...He's Heading To Gainesville!

#3 - Trash Talking Blog Posts on Thursday, January 29, 2009
Blog 1 - Blog 2 - Blog 3 - Blog 4

#4 - Clemson Loses 1st RUTS Game

Best Plays
(I'll need some help on remembering these)

- Florida's Caleb Sturgis nails home a 65 yard field goal to beat Miami as time expires, sending Coach Stu into a tirade of epic proportions.

- In season 4, Nebraska had just scored a TD to take a 4 point lead over FSU. But with 16 seconds left, FSU's WR Greg Talley returned the ensuing kickoff for a touchdown, giving the Noles a much needed win in Lincoln in week 1.

- In season 1, the #1 and 12-0 Florida Gators faced off against the #5 LSU Tigers in the SEC title game. LSU lead 41-35, but Florida, with the ball at the LSU 35 yard line, had one more play to try to pull out the victory. The pass, intended for a streaking Percy Harvin was deflected twice in the end zone, and LSU upset the Gators and crushing their national title dreams. The Gators would get payback against LSU in seasons 3 and 4 in the SEC title game.

- In the final game of RUTS 1, in a game full of huge plays, the LSU defense saved its best for last. With 3 seconds on the clock, and trailing by 6 points, 4 time defending national champion Clemson dropped back for one last pass to win the game. In a scene eerily similar to the play listed above, the Tigers targeted Blake Miller, who appeared to be open, if only for a spilt second. The LSu defense, however, converged on Miller, and backup LSU SS Kendall Hatcher snagged the ball to get the INT and seal the national championship for LSU.

- In another "WHEW" season 5 (week 11), Clemson had the ball inside the FSU 5 yard line. The game was tied and the Tigers were running down the clock in attempts to kick late FG to win the game and clinch their spot in the ACC title game. Clemson took a handoff up the middle, but the FSU defense jarred the ball loose. The ball laid on the ground momentarily before a Clemson offensive lineman scooped it up, barely giving the Tigers a first down, and more importantly, possession of the ball. A few plays later, Clemson would kick the game winning FG as time expired.

(Feel free to add more plays in the comments section)

Best Games (Feel free to add some more!)

Season 4 - Kickoff Return At The Horn
#4 Florida State - 24
#12 Nebraska - 20
Player of the Game: Greg Talley (WR) - Game-winning kickoff return TD with 16 sec. left

Season 4 - RUTS only human vs. human game to go to overtime
#23 Nebraska - 24
#2 LSU - 21
Player of the Game: Pierre Powers (RB) 9 carries, 116 yards, 2 rushing TDs

Season 4 - Clemson's 2nd ever loss
#7 LSU - 19
#1 Clemson - 13
Player of the Game: Josh Jasper (K) - 4/4 FGs

Season 3 - Sturgis Breaks Stu's Heart
#11 Florida - 26
#8 Miami - 23
Caleb Sturgis (K) - 4/4 FGs, Game winning 66 yard FG as time expired

Season 2 - Hokies Hand Clemson 1st loss
#20 Virginia Tech - 42
#2 Clemson - 31
Player of the Game: Charles Butler (RB) - 16 carries, 80 yards, 1 rushing TD; 4 receptions, 108 yards, 2 TD rec.

Season 4 - Gators Upset LSU Again
#1 LSU - 22
#10 Florida - 31
Co-Players of the Game: Will Hill (SS) - 6 tackles, 2 INTS

Season 5 - RUTS 1's Last Game; A New Champion Is Crowned
#1 LSU - 34
#2 Clemson - 28
Player of the Game: Dee Dee Johnson (WR) - Back-to-back KO Returns for TDs